Pa. seizes tainted raw-milk products from Cumberland County farm

By Eric Veronikis


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The state Department of Agriculture seized cheese, fluid raw milk and other dairy products from Mark S. Nolt's Cumberland County farm during a recent investigation, department Secretary Dennis Wolff said in a statement.

The products taken form the Newville farm tested positive for campylobacter contamination, Wolff said.

The cream is made of raw milk. Farmers must obtain permits to sell raw milk and raw milk products, which are not pasteurized. Farms that sell raw milk are inspected by the state to reduce health risks that can be caused by unpasteurized products. Nolt did not have a permit to sell raw milk or raw milk products, according to the department.

Nolt would not comment on the situation.

Campylobacter is a bacteria infection that attacks the intestines and can affect the bloodstream and other organs, according to the department. The infection is a common cause of gastroenteritis, which can cause vomiting and diarrhea.

Campylobacter is particularly dangerous to pregnant women, children, the elderly and those with week immune systems, Wolff said.

No illnesses have been reported from Nolt farm customers. Individuals who drank raw milk or ate raw-milk products from the farm and become ill are advised to contact their doctor. If you have consumed any of the raw-milk products and don't become ill, you are not advised to contact your physician. The department recommends individuals to dispose of any raw milk products from the farm.



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