DOH finds melamine in products from four Taiwanese companies



Bakers may sue over incorrect naming of businesses as product users


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2008-09-24 01:23 AM

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A spokesman for the Cabinet-level Department of Health said yesterday evening that dairy and health products sent to the DOH for laboratory tests on suspicion of being tainted by melamine from Chinese milk powder have been confirmed to contain harmful levels of residual melamine.

DOH Deputy Director Sung Yen-jen announced the test results at a press conference in Taipei, saying that of the surveyed samples provided by five local companies four companies products failed to pass the tests, and only products from one of the five companies, Tuotai, are considered safe. The companies which failed were identified as Liu Ho Chemical industries, Chia Tai foods, Fan sheng Enterprise, and Sanyi Foods.

Meanwhile bakeries in Taipei County have decided to forego milk powder and only use Taiwanese milk as the scare over tainted dairy products from China spread yesterday the Taipei County Bakeries Association told the Chinese-language Liberty Times.

Not all bakers welcomed the association's decision, saying switching entirely to Taiwanese milk would drive up their costs by at least 20 percent, while business was already down 50 percent because of the melamine scare.

China reported that four children had died and more than 52,000 had been sickened by products tainted with melamine, a protein-rich chemical used in the manufacturing of plastics.

Individual bakers said they had already stopped using Chinese dairy products, instead using milk powder from safe countries like New Zealand, and advertising so to consumers.

Bakers in Taipei City complained about the city government's cavalier attitude to naming names, the Liberty Times reported. Up to 14 bakeries had been named as users of milk powder from China's Sanlu Group, but after tests, none of the bakeries were revealed to have used contaminated products. The businesses were threatening to sue for government compensation over the damage to their reputations.



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