Cadbury recalls Chinese-made chocolate

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Cadbury says it has recalled its Chinese-made chocolates from Australia after tests "cast doubt" on their safety.

At Cadbury's head office in Birmingham, company officials said the deadly chemical melamine was found in tests carried out on several of its products made at its Beijing plant.

"As a result of these tests... we have received results that cast doubt on the integrity of a range of our products manufactured in China," a statement said.

"As a result we believe it is appropriate to take a precautionary step to withdraw from the market, all of our Cadbury chocolate products that were manufactured in our Beijing plant... pending further supply of fresh products."

The chocolates being recalled in Australia are Cadbury Eclairs and bulk packets of Dairy Milk chocolate.

More Cadbury chocolates are also being recalled in Hong Kong and Taiwan.

It is the latest fallout from the toxic milk scandal, which has sickened some 53,000 Chinese babies.

Calls placed to the company's Asia headquarters in Singapore have not been returned.

In the statement, Cadbury said all of its Chinese suppliers have been cleared by the mainland government's testing regime.

The 11 brands recalled include Cadbury Eclairs and bulk packets of Dairy Milk chocolate, the statement said. No other brands have been affected, it added.

The products are the latest in an ever-growing list of China-made foods and drinks that have been removed from stores here and across the world since the scandal was first exposed earlier this month.

Four children have died in China after drinking milk or milk products laced with melamine, which is usually used in making plastics.

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