Salmonella in Netherlands beef

The Food Administration says its has found salmonella bacteria in a consignment of beef from the Netherlands.


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A consignment of beef from the Netherlands has tested positive for four different strains of the salmonella bacteria, according to the Danish Veterinary and Food Administration.

The administration’s inspectors found the tainted chuck rib during a routine inspection, in a consignment sent to the Danish Food Company A/S in Holbæk on the capital island of Zealand. The beef has been sold on to five different outlets and agents, all of them on Zealand.

Discard the beef
The discovery was made as part of an intensified regime to inspect foreign meat, according to Henning Knudsen, head of the administration’s department in Ringsted. He says the four strains of salmonella are average strains and not particularly dangerous or aggressive. A salmonella infection could ensue if the meat is not thoroughly cooked.

Symptoms of a salmonella infection are diarrhea, nausea, stomach pains, a high temperature and vomiting. Consumers are advised to discard beef if they have purchased part of the consignment.

Shelf life passed
The 655 kilo consignment of beef bears the production date August 15, with a shelf life until September 14. Samples of the meat were taken on September 11, Knudsen says.

The meat bears the cut designation: Fersk tykkam med kappe (fresh chuck rib) with a lot number of 003410874 and according to the Veterinary and Food Administration has been sold to the following outlets:

Superbest at Centerparken in Valby, TR Kød Engros in Kastrup, Gert Nielsen Catering in Kødbyen in Copenhagen, OMK Knabstrup, Holbækvej in Mørkøv and Bøje Kød Engros in Hvidovre.

Apart from informing the companies concerned, the Administration will also be informing central authorities in the European Union, since the meat originated in the Netherlands.

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