Research Student Reports Carb/Disease Connection


October 10, 2:44 PM

by Linda Duffy

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The Allison Herald brings us an article about Celine Roi, a Ryerson University public health program graduate. Celine, only 23, will have her research in to carbohydrates and disease published in the Canadian Medical Journal.

Celine is quoted in the article as saying, “I found out that with the pathogen I used (Vibrio parahemolyticus), you’re more likely to get severely sick if you eat anything high in carbohydrates,” she explained. “Most scientists couldn’t figure it out.”

Celine is right. Despite mountains of evidence that carbohydrates have a negative impact on our health, it is definitely something most scientists can't figure out. Even with the release last year of "Good Calories Bad Calories" by Gary Taubes, which follows the destructive trail of sugar and carbohydrates through modern society, a majority of health professions are keeping their heads buried firmly in the sand.

Thankfully, Celine and others like her will continue to expose the evidence that high carbohydrate intake isn't just something that can make you chubby, it is hazardous to your healthy.


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