Hospital official questions food-safety database

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Posted: 10/29/08 9:13AM

A new online database that shows eight Nova Scotia hospitals have food-safety violations may give the public the wrong impression, a hospital official says.

Of the 12 hospitals inspected, eight were cited for violations.

Terry Billard, food service manager for the Capital District Health Authority, said the violation for Hants Community Hospital is too general.

"It would have been nice if it could have been narrowed down a little bit more so that the public would have had a better understanding of what that incident was. This is very open and leads you to use your imagination on what might have been the issue at hand," she said


Billard said the violation refers to an incident during the Maple Leaf meats recall, when an invoice identifying a case of meat wasn't immediately available because it was being sent to the head office in Halifax.

Mike Horwich, the province's director of food protection, said hospitals and facilities that deal with sick people fall into a high-risk category that requires strict monitoring.

Horwich said the health districts have always co-operated with food inspectors and corrected problems quickly. As for the violations listed on the website, he said it's possible many of them have been fixed and inspectors just haven't been back yet to those hospitals.


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