FDA reports progress on Food Protection Plan


By Ann Bagel Storck on 12/2/2008


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Midwest Poultry Federation (MPF)

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has released a report on its implementation of the Food Protection Plan that was launched a year ago. The plan, which outlines strategies for prevention, intervention and response, is designed to address food safety and food defense for both domestic and imported products.

FDA's accomplishments thus far include:

  • FDA is establishing offices in five regions that export food and other FDA-regulated products to the United States: China, India, Europe, Latin America and the Middle East. FDA has already hired staff for its offices in China and India.
  • FDA developed methods to detect melamine and cyanuric acid in feed and feed ingredients.
  • FDA completed inspections of 5,930 high-risk domestic food establishments during fiscal year 2008.
  • FDA has developed a rapid detection method that uses flow cytometry to identify E. coli and salmonella in food, now in use in poultry processing facilities to detect and prevent bacterial contamination during food processing.
  • FDA has enhanced the agency's ability to coordinate a comprehensive response to foodborne illness events by authoring tools used to track emergency response resources and other locations of interest.
  • FDA has signed cooperative agreements with six U.S. states to form a Rapid Response Team to develop, implement, exercise and integrate an all-hazards response capability for food and foodborne illness responses.

The entire one-year summary of progress under the Food Protection Plan is posted here. The Food Protection Plan is available here.


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