Proposed Manitoba bill toughens up food safety

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WINNIPEG — Manitoba Agriculture Minister Rosann Wowchuk says food inspectors will have the power to seize on the spot anything they deem is unsafe to eat under the government’s plan to toughen food safety.

Wowchuk said the Food Safety Act is designed to reduce the chances of last summer’s deadly listeriosis outbreak in processed meats which resulted in the deaths of at least 16 Canadians.

The proposed legislation would see the number of inspectors rise to 10 from the current four and they would check 600 food and drink facilities not covered by federal inspectors.

The Food Safety Act was introduced Wednesday and will take months to wind through the legislative process before it becomes enforceable.

Wowchuk said current legislation deals with food safety on livestock and dairy farms and public health inspections of restaurants and food stores.

The new legislation will see Manitoba Agriculture inspectors take responsibility for inspections of food warehouses, distributors and processors, such as water bottling plants.

Public health inspectors will continue to inspect restaurant and food stores.

Wowchuk said the new act will give inspectors the new authority to seize and destroy a food product they believe is unsafe for consumption without first getting a warrant from a judge.



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