Irish pork dioxin contamination update

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12/18/2008-The U.K. Food Standards Agency (FSA) has announced that the Republic of Ireland has put in place measures to restore supplies of Irish pork and bacon. This follows last week’s announcement by the Irish government that dioxins had been found in pigs slaughtered in the Republic of Ireland that had eaten contaminated feed.

In the U.K. and the rest of Europe, shops, manufacturers, and caterers that can trace the origin of any pork, directly to a farm that is unaffected by contaminated feed, are able to continue selling their products. This follows confirmation from the FSA of Ireland that checks are in place. In the Republic of Ireland, pork will carry a special label. Any pork on U.K. shelves will have been approved for sale, whether it carries a special label or not.

Products like pizza, sandwiches, and meat sauces that contain less than 20% of Irish pork do not have to be tested or withdrawn from sale. Food businesses will be testing products like pork pies and sausages, which contain more than 20% of Irish pork from affected farms to make sure that they don’t contain illegal levels of dioxins.

U.K. FSA release

EFSA statement on dioxins in Irish pork



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