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Chile-Meat and fish food poisoning crisis

Source of Article:  http://www.farminguk.com/news/Chile-Meat-and-fish-food-poisoning-crisis.9312.asp


Chilean health authorities admitted on Friday, that they have a serious outbreak of literiosos, which has caused 5 deaths so far this year and 91 reported cases.
The cases were all in the capital of Santiago, which has sent shock waves through the food trade community.
The 5 deaths, include a toddler and a baby it has been reported.
The 91 cases reported, include over 40 pregnant women, as the dreaded disease is more potent in pregnant ladies.
The 91 cases are all in the same district, however the food responsible has not yet been identified, therefore a re-call at this stage is not possible.
Chile has recently had problems with pork, that was exported to South Korea, which called for a ban on pork exports.
Similarly there have been problems in the salmon farming industry, causing many fish farms to be closed.
Listeriosis is food poisoning, that has a particularly harmful effect on children, old people and pregnant ladies.




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