Lead Auditor Course
4days Course

Training Place

ISO 22000 Lead Auditor
August 20-23
- Open

ISO 22000 Lead Auditor
October 15-18- Open

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Day One
Terminology and Definitions
Background, History and Rationale for Food Safety
Analysis of the Contents of ISO 22000
Audit of the Active Foods Corporation (Audit #1)
HACCP and HACCP requirements
Practical Exercise in HACCP and Food Safety

Day Two
HACCP and Food Safety System Requirements
Food Safety Exam
Practical Exercise in HACCP and Food Safety
Food Safety Exam
Review exam results

Day Three
Practical Exercise in HACCP and Food Safety
Food Safety Exam
Review exam results

Preparing for a Food Safety Audit
Audit of Active Foods Document Audits (Audit #2)
Auditing Tips for the Professional Food Safety Auditor
Audit of Active Foods - (Audit #3)
Planning and Conducting Effective Audits
Refining Interview and Note Taking Skills
Food Safety re-examination (If necessary)

Day Four

Audit of Active Foods Dept and System Auditing (Audit #4)
Corrective Action - Initiation and Closure
Refining Audit Interview and Note Taking Skills
Creation of an Audit Report
Preparation and Presentation of a Closing Meeting
Food Safety re-examination (If necessary)

This course is designed for processors who are interested in learning more about the ISO22000e Lead Auditor Course.

This course is provided by an IRCA accredited course training center (ProfessionalFoodSafety Ltd.)

ISO 22000 Lead Auditor course focuses on teaching students an effective approach for auditing food safety management systems. The primary objective of this training course is to instruct food safety auditors in the principles and practices specific to auditing for conformance with ISO 22000:2005, including planning and preparation of the audit, audit practices, and reporting audit findings. Experienced instructors guide students through 3rd Party audits that are required for a management system based on ISO 22000. Students gain necessary auditing skills through a balance of formal classroom tutorials, group workshops, and open forum discussions.

Learning Objectives
Understand the concepts and requirements of ISO 22000:2005
Understand national/international food safety legislation
Understand HACCP principles based on Codex Alimentarius
Understand the roles and responsibilities of the auditor
Apply ISO 19011:2002 and ISO/TS 22003:2007 definitions, concepts, and guidelines
Recognize the principles, practices, and types of audits
Conduct all phases of an external audit (plan, execute, report, record, follow-up, closure)
Prepare and present effective reports

Professional Food Safety Ltd. is providing courses for Professional Food Safety is approved by the IRCA as an approved training center.
Joseph Iwan is one of the instructors
for this course.

Who Should Attend
Managers planning the implementation of ISO 22000:2005
Anyone who may be involved in either the support or actual implementation of a food safety management system or HACCP-based system
Managers or other personnel tasked with managing a food safety management system
Individuals interested in conducting first-party, second-party, and third-party audits based on ISO 22000:2005
Food safety consultants

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