2011 - New Control Methods for Food Safety


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12/29. Food is the medicine!-The cherry juice for better sleep

12/27. Custom Food Products invests in advanced X-ray technology

12/27. 3M and Kraft Foods develop new procedure to ensure meat safety

12/27. Front of Package Labeling: An Exercise in Futility?


12/21. Clemson Prof Gets Grant to Prevent Norovirus in Schools

12/21. Randox Food Diagnostics Enrofloxacin and Ciprofloxacin ELISA Kits

12/20. Laser Etched 2D Coded Storage Tubes

12/19. Pharma Adopts ProtoCOL Colony Counting and Zone Sizing Technology



12/16. BAX® Receives FDA Equivalence for Salmonella Enteritidis in Eggs

12/14. Low-Dose X-ray Irradiation Extends Shelf Life of Asparagus

12/14. Severn Trent Laboratories Now Offers Legionella PCR Testing

12/13. Product labelling key to consumer acceptance of HPP and PEF

12/13. 3M Innovative Molecular Detection System for Foodborne Pathogens

12/12. Mechanism Found That Gives Virulence to E. coli


12/07. New study focuses on arsenic in rice

12/07. Specific Salmonella Detection with Lab M's New XLT4 Agar

12/06. European glass sector toasts rising packaging demand

12/06. P&G Implementing Celsis ReACT Assay at Detergent Plants Worldwide

12/05. New Proficiency Testing Schemes for Veterinary Labs

12/05. The HistoMailer Ensures Simple, Reliable Transfer from Clinic to Lab


12/01. Fraunhofer develops x-ray alternative for food inspection

12/01. New report links cancer-causing arsenic and fruit juice

11/30. USDA to discuss non-O157 Shiga-producing E.coli control methods

11/29. Study: Canned Soup Ups BPA Levels by 1,000%

11/28. New BAX® System Real-Time STEC Assay Suite Now Available Alongside the Oxoid Range


11/25. Affordable Colony Counter Gives Precise Potency Analysis from Raw Data

11/24. Vinegar-use method creates hurdles for listeria

11/23. FDA Submission for Great Basin Corps Molecular C.difficile Assay

11/23. EuPIA issues new guidelines on printing inks in food packaging

11/22. Pathogen detecting method will cut waiting time - developers

11/22. Secure Closure of Sample Storage Tubes


11/17. Simpler, Faster, Automatic Colony Counting with INTERSCIENCE

11/17. Positive Results From MycAssay™ Aspergillus Evaluation

11/15. Staph Plus Latex Kits in Stock....Ready and Waiting to Deliver

11/15. New FDA-Cleared Sensititre® OptiRead™ Fast, Accurate and Automated MIC Plate Reads

11/15. Oxygen-sensitive sensor can challenge MAP - inventor


11/02. PATHATRIXⓒ RIMS Used for Salmonella Screening of Animal By-products

11/01. Mass spectrometry will cover ineffective allergen testing: food safety expert

10/31. Smart phone technology adapted for foodborne pathogen detection


10/28. Celsis ReACT Family Adds New Kit for Quick Detection of Staph aureus

10/28. SDIX´s RapidChek Listeria F.A.S.T. 24-hour Test Awarded AOAC Certification

10/28. New foodborne pathogen identifying method shows "great promise"

10/27. New test can precisely pinpoint food pathogens

10/25. New packaging recovery label bids to bring clarity and consistency

10/25. DNA-based pathogen database can provide food safety assistance ? DuPont

10/25. Data Collection Software Facilitates Food Safety Compliance

10/25. Plex Systems Executive to Present "Four Elements of an Effective Food Safety Management System" at PROCESS EXPO

10/24. Oxygen measuring laser will set new food quality standard - GasPorOx


10/20. Expanded Database Advances Identification Capabilities of the DuPont™ RiboPrinter® System

10/20. bioMerieux VIDAS® L. monocytogenes Xpress and VIDAS® UP Salmonella Gain International Approvals

10/20. Test Your Melons! Lab M Culture Media Efficiently Detect Listeria in Food

10/18. Study suggests FDA underestimated Gulf seafood risk

10/17. PNA FISH® Test Reporting Dramatically Decreases Mortality and Hospital Costs


10/14. Harvard study analyzes Americans' willingness to pay more for food safety

10/14. Researchers trick immune system to 'turn off' food allergy: Mouse study

10/13. Temperature sensitive packaging has 'huge' EU growth potential, Sonoco

10/13. FDA Clearance for 20 Mins Liat™ Influenza A/B Assay


10/07. bioMerieux Increases Pharmaceutical Culture Media Production and Launches LockSure® Plates

10/07. Safe packaging guide will be 'core EU reference', ECMA

10/06. The Science Behind Functional Foods

10/05. New Biochemical Identification System for Streptococci and Enterococci

10/05. New Procedure Helps Enumerate Lactic Acid Bacteria in Food

10/05. Evolving Markets in Raw Milk Consumption Emphasise Need for Routine Testing for E. coli

10/04. DuPont Helps Food Industry Comply with New USDA Food Safety Policy


09/29. 3M/Kraft expect global impact for new lactic acid test

09/27. 3M launches test to monitor lactic acid bacteria in food

09/26. Media Influence on Food Safety Practices


09/23. Revolutionary' food freshness label will transform industry, developer claims

09/23. Thermo Scientific Sterilin Indicator Autoclave Bags Eliminate Need for Autoclave Tape

09/22. Pall's New Sentino™ Microbiology Pump Simplifies Microbial Analysis

09/22. New bacterial strain could boost dextran production

09/21. Roka Bioscience Initiates External Trial for AOAC Certification

09/21. Listeria-busting bacteriophage awaits approval in Australia and New Zealand

09/20. Ball packaging targets new markets with Sebrian canning line

09/20. Packaging placed centre stage in European food waste strategy

09/19. Microbiologics, Inc. Breaks Ground on Corporate Headquarters Building Expansion

09/19. Lab M's Fungal Media Range Suits Wide Variety of Foodstuffs


09/15. Puritan Launches New Environmental Product Line

09/15. Alfa Laval eyes Indian processing growth after sealing baby food line deal

09/14. Siemens Enhances Post-Analytical Workflow Capabilities of Microbiology Testing Portfolio

09/14. Slight decrease in food-borne illnesses, reports CDC


09/06. Active food labels provide dynamic growth engine

09/06. Newfound Hijacked Proteins Linked to Salmonella Virulence

09/06. Black race, African ancestry tied to food allergies

09/05. Cherwell Laboratories Secures Raven Biological Indicators Distributorship

09/05. Data Published on SDIX RapidChek® SELECT™ Salmonella Enteritidis Test System


09/02. Consumers Urged to "cook It Safe" When Preparing Convenience Foods

09/01. Ethics of creating meat in a laboratory

08/31. IBM Boosts Food Safety With Software

08/30. Lab M meets the Salmonella Challenge

08/30. Complete and Convenient C. difficile Cytotoxin Testing Solution!


08/25. Thermo Fisher Scientific Introduces Primary Collection Tubes for Automated Urinalysis

08/25. Faster, Accurate Dosing of MIC Plates for Microbiology Laboratories

08/25. Canada funds packaging research to quadruple fresh produce shelf life.

08/23. IMDx Introduces a CE-Marked Automated Assay for the Detection of C. difficile

08/23. Roka Bioscience Introduces Fully Automated Molecular Solution for Food Pathogen Testing

08/22. Breakthrough natural preservative kills foodborne bacteria - research

08/22. Foodborne bugs can infect plant tissues, immune to external sanitation


08/18. Front Line Against E. Coli Forms in Chicago

08/18. Aspergillus Assay for New BD MAX™ Molecular Testing System

08/18. Olympus VS120 Virtual Slide System for Digitising Slides

08/17. SDIX to Introduce Two New Food Pathogen Testing Solutions

08/17. Report calls for rethink on flexible packaging waste management

08/17. Past 'techno disasters' Matter, think thank warns nanotech supporters

08/16. Mapping the Genomes of E. Coli O104:H4

08/16. Breakthrough natural preservative kills foodborne bacteria - research


08/02. Nestlé and Tetra Pak roll out renewable cap

08/02. New Autoclave has Enhanced Service Support


07/28. Neogen Launches NeoSEEK™ System for Rapid Genomic Detection and Identification of Emerging Pathogens

07/28. Searching Out Spores? Lab M's Water Testing Medium meets ISO Criteria

07/28. Nestlé and Kraft get behind game-changing recycling technology

07/28. Colour-chain metals could support supply chain safety

07/25. Seaweed ingredients may improve quality and safety of foods: Review

07/25. Fast, Economic and Environmentally-Friendly Solution for Refilling Storage Racks

07/25. FDA Clearance for xTAG Respiratory Viral Panel


07/21. Drink-size guidelines in schools present market opportunity for mini-can, says Ball

07/21. ECO plastics raise £24m to aid Coca-Cola recycling venture

07/21. Thermo Fisher Scientific Acquires TREK Diagnostic Systems

07/20. Market Report - Molecular Diagnostics in Infectious Disease Testing

07/20. Acrylamide, labelling regs and skills gap: AIBI steps up its game

07/20. Software switch gives drinks firm flexibility from afar

07/20. RapidChek® Pathogen Screening Solutions To Include Top STEC Types

07/19. Tetra Pak acquires Chaswill Process Technology

07/19. E. Coli Genetic Code Manipulated by Harvard Biologists in Research Effort

07/18. Finland vows to step up arsenic risk analysis as it unveils new method


07/14. SERION ELISA classic Bordetella pertussis Toxin IgG / IgA

07/13. Time-saving Smart products added to Cambio portfolio

07/13. Thermo Fisher Scientific Introduces Medium for Faster Screening of CRE, Including NDM-1

07/11. Safety in Microbial Analytics and Diagnostics

07/11. Final verdict reached on new EU labelling rules

07/11. New antibacterial fruit and veg film targets E. Coli

07/08. BioLaz™ Real-Time Microbial Monitor

07/08. High Throughput EHEC Examination of Stool Samples

07/07. C. diff testing methods matter says new study

07/06. Lighter bottle top could save SABMiller US$12.6m per year

07/06. Dannon to pump almost $90m into Ohio yogurt plant

07/06. Beverage sector target of Sacmi, Oystar technology tie-up

07/05. Sonoco snaps up Robinson paperboard ops to boost Euro foot-print

07/04. Cherwell Laboratories Goes Paper-free on Redipor® Products

07/04. New standard for packaging suppliers will boost food safety, says BSI  

06/30. Man-made meat may be just around the corner, say scientists

06/30. Stuart® Shakes Up Microtitre Plate Incubation

06/29. Active and intelligent packaging in US set for healthy growth - report

06/29. Nordson to buy Verbruggen to tap global flexible packaging potential

06/29. Premier™ C. difficile GDH Receives FDA Clearance

06/28. A hurdle approach may help take the heat out of decontamination

06/28. New process aims to squeeze out more juice and hold in nutrients

06/28. Automated Production of High Quality Blood Agar

06/28. First Test Kit for EHEC Screening Combined with O104:H4 Differentiation

06/27. bioMérieux Launches Groundbreaking Salmonella Detection Technology to Improve Food Safety

06/27. New Liofilchem Antibiotic Disks According to EUCAST, CLSI, BSAC

06/24. Domino expects food safety legislation to open up new opportunities

06/23. Green tea extract shines as antioxidant in active packaging

06/22. Capturing E. coli for Faster Detection

06/22. 24h Specific Detection of E.coli O104:H4 with New CHROMagar STEC-O104 Supplement

06/22. Jumbo Size Sample Preparation for New E.coli Testing Protocols

06/22. Rexam sells beverage closures business to Berry Plastics

06/22. Pulsed UV light cuts peanut allergens by up to 90 per cent – study

06/16. bioMérieux Launches chromID™ Lmono, Rapid all-in-one Solution for L. monocytogenes Testing

06/16. Chromogenic Media to Detect E. coli O104

06/16. Alternative Rapid Tests for the Detection of EHEC

06/15. Printing on food packaging: Siegwerk talks regulatory hurdles

06/15. Mast Offers Molecular Biology Based Assays for VTEC

06/15. Test Kits Available for Detecting E.coli O104 and its Toxins

06/15. Perceptions of food labels have no cultural boundary, says study

06/14. CHROMagar™ STEC to Screen E.coli O104:H4

06/14. New Pathogenic E.coli O104:H4 Test Kit for Pall GeneDisc® System

06/14. TraceFinder routine quantitative LC-MS software

06/14. SEMIA : Screening for Multi-resistant E. coli (including E. coli O104:H4 strain)

06/14. Safety Beyond the Visible

06/13. Food Testing Service Gives EHEC O104:H4 Results Within 24 Hours

06/13. Prepare Your Lab for the EHEC Outbreak

06/13. Active packaging tops MAP for gluten-free bread’s shelf life, study

06/13. Dual compartment PET container taps into on-the-go snacking trend

06/07. M-real increases primary boxboard capacity on mineral oil migration concerns

06/07. Consumers value see-through packaging with simple messages, LFR

06/07. Piercing Salmonella shield could unlock full potential of cold atmospheric plasma


06/02. Increasing shelf-life of marinated fresh poultry with the use of antimicrobials

06/02. DNA techniques to detect fish fraud, even in canned products

06/01. Packaging firms respond to the challenge of food waste

06/01. Investment giant merges packaging companies into two European hubs


05/31. New grease resistant paper grade cuts costs for confectioners

05/31. Meat charging rule changes will hurt but “not destroy” industry

05/30. FSA recommends graded approach to meat inspection charges

05/30. Distillers cut carbon bill by turning whisky by-products into energy

05/30. Bioplastics production shift presents challenge to European dominance


05/26. Food safe detectable/x-ray visible plastic

05/26. Rapid culture method identifies Salmonella species in duck eggs

05/25. Resealable tubular bag offers seal integrity, cost savings and flexibility, company

05/25. Active and intelligent packaging: the future

05/25. Accelr8 4-Hour Test Identifies New Drug-Resistant 'Staph' (hVISA)

05/25. Porex Introduces SQ-EASY® Diagnostic Filters

05/23. bioMérieux Becomes the World Leader in Food Testing with AES Laboratoire Acquisition


05/20. Sweet cleaning claimed for new depositor technology

05/18. Sustainability: A key opportunity for US food packaging firms

05/18. New bakery tray meets biodegradability standard

05/18. New Single Use MALDI Biotarget™ Sample Plates

05/18. Next Generation of Carbon Fiber Centrifuge Rotors Ideal for Microbiology

05/17. Tetra Pak programme cuts Bright Dairy’s costs by 10 per cent

05/17. Sterilin Launch Primary Collection Tubes for Easier, More Efficient Urinalysis

05/16. Radio frequency biscuit drying claimed to boost output by 30%

05/16. New plastic food packaging could replace metal and glass

05/16. Food Microbiology Testing Shows Healthy Growth


05/13. New ice cream mixer promises to slash processing costs

05/12. Electrical processing could boost yields for juice makers

05/12. Dairy UK calls for recycling revolution

05/12. HardyCHROM™ MRSA - an Economical Choice with Faster Results

05/11. Thermo Fisher Scientific Expands Oxoid M.I.C. Evaluator Range to Include Tigecycline

05/11. CE Marked xTAG Simultaneously Detects Up To 95% of Gastrointestinal Infections

05/11. FDA Clears First One-Day Susceptibility Test for MRSA/MSSA

05/09. BAX® Real-Time Assay E. coli O157:H7 Approved by Health Canada

05/09. New Airborne Particle Counter Samples at Two Flow Rates

05/09. Celsis Recognized for Transformative Supply Chain Project

05/09. Mini Centrifuge Sets New Standards for Capacity and Flexibility


05/04. CE Marks for Simplexa™ Tests for Epstein Barr and BK Viruses

05/04. Peristaltic Pump Simplifies Challenging Liquid Handling Tasks

05/04. Easy Determination of Active Microorganisms in Leaching Solutions

05/04. Thermo Scientific Cryogenic Freezers for Ultimate Sample Protection

05/02. Research ranks top ten foodborne bugs

05/02. Study finds ice cream colder that it needs to be


04/29. Combining non-thermal techniques shows E.coli reduction potential - study

04/28. Celsis Provides Guidance to Improve Communication, Streamline Processes and Increase Profitability

04/28. SwabSURE ListeriaP Easy to Use Colour-change Testing System

04/28. Danone leads yoghurt packaging towards bioplastics

04/27. Innovation in dry food packaging

04/27. Pseudalert* Detects and Quantifies P. aeruginosa in 24 hrs

04/27. Lab M Appoints Akralab S.L. as Distribution Partner in Spain

04/25. Apple-based active films combat Campylobacter - research

04/25. Nano-based packaging more acceptable to consumers

04/25. Limited success in lowering acrylamide levels in food, says EFSA


04/21. Mast's Contribution to the Fight against Increasing Antibiotic Resistance

04/21. Company expands active packaging pads into meat and seafood sectors

04/21. Magellan Adds Sepsis Identification Tests from Positive Blood Cultures

04/21. Cherwell Releases New Redipor Prepared Media Price List

04/20. New Whitley Jar Gassing System for Anaerobic/Microaerobic Incubation

04/20. Microbiological Benchtop Incubators now Available Globally

04/19. Thermo Fisher Scientific Introduces Wireless Sample Monitoring Solution

04/19. Magallan and Bruker to Develop Microbiology Tools to Battle Drug Resistance

04/18. PLA coating cuts foodborne pathogens on apples

04/18. vironmentally Friendly Hand Held Mini Drybath


04/15. Environmentally Friendly Hand Held Mini Drybath

04/15. bioMérieux Installs 100th PREVI™ Isola Automated Plate Streaker

04/15. Packaging Film Detects Spoiled Meat

04/14. Arcil launches two form fill seal units for the dairy sector

04/14. The Ideal Food Safety and Microbiological Screening Platform

04/12. Lonza and Roche enter distribution agreement for rapid mycoplasma testing solutions

04/12. E. coli O157 - too important to miss

04/12. ATP Measurement in Fuels

04/12. Leprino Foods ramps up construction of mega dairy in Greeley, Colorado

04/11. Direct detection of antifungal resistance

04/11. EFSA rates Campylobacter-busting techniques


04/07. Packaging innovation projects up for auction at Interpack

04/06. Unique State-of-the-art Service for Microbiological Innovations and Investigations

04/06. New test for detecting counterfeit food products

04/05. Publication of Multicentre Trial Results of MycAssay™ Pneumocystis Kit

04/05. New 96-Channel Handheld Electronic Pipette

04/05. Ceeram Launches New Test Packs for Foodborne and Waterborne Viruses

04/04. Nano-biosensors to boost detection of foodborne pathogens - research


03/31. The foodproof® RoboPrep+ Series - First Automated Food Pathogen Detection System

03/31. ACC Introduces New Chromogenic Endotoxin Detection System

03/30. New 3M™ Petrifilm™ Aqua Plates for Microbiological Testing of Beverages

03/30. Listeria Culture Media from Lab M Suit Variety of Testing Protocols

03/28. Two Fold Software's Next Generation of LIMS Offers Clarity and Flexibility

03/28. Sterilin Launches New Range of Filtration Products - Vast Choice of Membrane Types and Pore Sizes


03/23. RPS Earns ISO 13485 Certification for Quality Management System

03/23. Project to protect consumers from E. coli food contamination

03/22. Collaborative project to protect consumers from E. coli food contamination

03/21. Pipette Tracker™- Total Management System for QC of any Pipette Population

03/21. Complete Range of QC Strains for New EUCAST Harmonized Disc Diffusion Method

03/21. HPP technology boosts burgers’ shelf life and safety, says Cargill


03/17. General Mills seeks out three new heat protection technologies

03/17. Extrusion cooking may lower aflatoxins in peanuts

03/16. RapidChek® SELECT™ Enables Compliance with NPIP Testing Requirements

03/16. Global Food Safety Testing Market Trends & Forecast

03/16. Lab M Grows its Range of ISO Media for Staphylococci

03/15. Oystar to present new yoghurt packing machines at Interpack

03/15. General Mills seeks out three new heat protection technologies


03/10. New AgraStrip® Food Allergen Lateral Flow Test Kits

03/09. AOAC-RI Validation for foodproof E. coli O157 Detection Kit

03/08. ∑-Transwabs® Multiple Body Site Screening for MRSA

03/08. New Biotest RCS High Flow Touch Microbial Air Sampler

03/07. HardyCHROM™ SS, First and Only Chromogenic Media for both Salmonella and Shigella!


03/02. ∑-VCM® Universal Transport for Viruses, Chlamydia, Mycoplasma and Ureaplasma

03/02. Breaking the Mould? - Lab M adds Dichloran 18% Glycerol Agar

02/28. BIOTECON Receives AOAC RI for foodproof L. monocytogenes Detection Kit

02/28. Jenway, Stuart and Techne Customers Benefit from Rapid-response Technical Support


02/24. Microbiologics Unveils New EZ-Accu Shot™ Select

02/24. Microbiological Control of Starter Cultures in Cheese Production

02/23. AOAC Approval for Neogen's Reveal 2.0 for E. coli O157:H7

02/23. New BD FACSMicroCount Flow Cytometry System for Industrial Microbiology

02/21. Haitian Cholera Outbreak Strain Now Available from ATCC


02/17. Faster Test for Salmonella In Eggs Available

02/17. New Colony Counter Makes TVCs and Zone Measurement Fast and Accurate

02/16. Neogen Develops Soleris® Assay to Rapidly Detect Heterotrophic Bacteria

02/16. New Improved Brilliance™ MRSA 2 Agar for Results in Just 18 Hours

02/16. Protect your Manufacturing Environment in Real Time with Instantaneous Microbial Detection™

02/16. Lab M Offers New Boost to Microbiologists

02/14. Businesses Team to Accelerate Microbial Detection and Identification


02/08. Compact, Lab Chip-based, Fully Automated and Fast Toxin ID System for Homeland Security

02/08. ELGA Launches PURELAB® flex 3 & 4 Ultrapure Water Purification Systems

02/08. National Poultry Improvement Plan Approves Salmonella Enteritidis Test

02/08. Antimicrobial and water vapour barrier properties of sago starch films

02/07. FDA Equivalency for PCR Detection Kit for Salmonella Enteridits in Eggs

02/07. Neogen's Rapid Test for Salmonella Enteritidis Receives FDA Approval


02/03. Optimal temp found for tackling E.coli, preserving taste in cured sausages

02/01. Tetra Pak installs new traceability system for Brazilian milk brand

01/31. High pressure processing whips up thicker ice cream

01/31. Rapid culture method identifies Salmonella species in duck eggs

01/31. Assay for detecting environmental Listeria spp


01/26. Simple New Multi-Test System Detects Bacteria in <7 Hours

01/26. New International Catalogue of Culture Media for Microbiology

01/24. AutoPlate® Spiral Plating System - 50% Faster Cycle Times

01/24. Optimize Your Sample Preparation with INTERSCIENCE


01/18. RapidChek® SELECT™ Ensures Compliance with FDA Rule Requirements

01/18. First Commercial Method for Top 6 Non-O157 Shiga Toxigenic E.coli

01/18. AOAC Certification for Premi®Test Salmonella Confirmation and Serotyping


01/12. New Microbiological Benchtop Incubators for Superior Sample Protection

01/12. CLSI Publishes Updated Antimicrobial Susceptibility Testing Standard

01/12. MIT Receives First Production Rapid Microbial Identification System

01/12. High-intensity pulsed light cuts Campylobacter on poultry and packaging

01/10. Dynacare Selects Bruker's MALDI Biotyper for Next-Generation Microbial ID

01/10. Lugol's Solution for Gram Stain - Standard and with PVP Stabilised Solution


01/06. New Nanoparticle Helps Fight Listeria

01/03. Listeria - If Cold is not Cold Enough

01/03. Strengthening Efforts to Reduce Salmonella - in the Poultry Production Chain



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