Food Safety Microbiology Textbook
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Program of Course

History of Food Microbiology
Bacteria/Yeast/Mold/ Virus

Growth Factors for microorganisms
Instrinsic/Extrinsic Factors for microbial growth
water activity/pH//Temp/Oxygen
Gram Negative bacteria
Coliforms/Fecal Coliforms
Gram Positive bacteria
Spore forming bacteria
Lactic acid bacteria

Importance of Spore forming bacteria in food

Details for Foodborne pathogens
Pathogenesis and importance of
STEC and E. coli O157:H7
Salmonella/Listeria monocytogenes/Staphylococcus aureus
Bacillus cereus/Clostridium

Media preparation/Petrifilm
Detection Methods
FDA BAM methods
Rapid Detection Methods

DNA Based methods
Immunoassay Based methods

Total microorganisms
Foodborne Pathogens

Control Methods
Hurdle Technology to control pathogens

Feedbacks from previous classes for
FoodHACCP Certified Food Micro Course

Instructor has outstanding knowledge of subject and does a great job presenting. I highly recommend this course. I was impressed with the amount of topics instructor was able to cover. Instructor presented the course material in a concise easy to understand manner.
James - The Hershey Company
Very interesting information presented well. I learned a lot. I would recommned this seminar to others
Robert- POM Wonderful
A great Course that covers the most pertinent points of food microbiology as applied to food safety. Lots of real life examples are used to back up the information and opinions provided. The instructor does an Excellent job of highlighting the most important points.
Kendon - Waters Corperation

Instructor took his time to make sure everybody understand, he also used real life senarios to help present the course. Very interesting
Dawn - Hilmar Cheese Company
I found this is a great course and a wealth of knowledge. It is a very informative and many interesting topics are covered.
Bick - Avure technologies Inc.
Instrcutor was incredibly knowledgeable and clear in his lectures. Information was very detailed. Overall, this class was very informative and well structured.
Eric - Red Robin

Very Interesting and learned so much about the pathogen and food microbiology. It also helped cleared out some questions. Instructor is very knowledgeable.
Teresa - JFC International Inc.
Impossible to cover so many territory in 8 hours. However, this seminar was Excellent.
John - StonePoint
Great class and Great Presentation
Kelli - Costco
Good attention. Narrowed on topics that were helpful in understanding issues.
-Annie - Costco
I enjoyed the class.. Lot to cover
- Lawrence - Food Protection services

Excellent Presentation!!!. Instructor is an excellent presenter, both with material and presentation. Unlike other presenters, Instrocutor took his time to make sure everyone understand the complicate concepts. I would recommend this course for anyone who works in the food industries from harvesting to producers to food preparers.
- Carol - Babcock Lab.
Instructor did a great job covering a large amount of information in a short amount of time.
-John- Ocean Spray
I thought the overall class was Extremely informative and the presentation was easy to follow.
- Kate- Ocean Spray
Passionate!!! Concise !!! Well Educated
-Tony - Hitching Post Products.
A lot of relevant information presented. Instructor clearly knows the materials and delivers well.
-Derek - Crestone
Group Baking Company

Excellent Course!!! Instructor is very knowledgable. Well Prepared and makes the class interesting.
- Mavra Marti - Kerry Inc.
Good Summary of Lots of materials in short period time. Good examples and visualization of pathogens and process.
- Michael - Food Protection Services.
Materials are helpful and several parts I will be able to use. Class is excellent for microbiology concept.
- Frank - Frank O'Sullivan Consult
Excellent Presentation, very informative. Instructor is very knowlegable of the Topic.
- George - Basic Food Flavors
Thank you.. Nice Class, Lots of information for 1 day course. Enthusiasm is great!!!!!
- Tina - TiPrice & Associates
This is excellent course for People without a background of microbiology. Excellent Information. Good Answers for Questions
- Fernando - Basic Food Flavors
Very good review, Increased my information for Microbiology related to Food Safety/Quality
- Fred - Outwest Meat Co.

Instructor is obviously very knowledgable in his field,
Great Job
- Nicole - TARGET
Instructor was great it is well organized and very informative
- Nolberto - MICHELSON LAB.
There was a lot of information covered very imformative
- Monique - TACO BELL
It was an excellent class
Instructor is well educated on food microbiology
- Amanda - PRIMUS LABS
The class was a great experience and provided so much good information
- Joel - US Marine Corps.

A great class, I will recommend to others
- Antonio - MIZKAN
I learned a lot of new things
Excellent Seminar, very useful information
- Jose - PERRICONE JUICES and more...

TEXT book for Food Safety Microbiology


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Hershey Company
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Lallemand Specialties
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Michelson Laboratories Inc.
Universidad del Esta
Costco Wholesale
DPI Specialty Foods
Safeway, Inc.
Roka Bioscience
Baugher Ranch Organics
POM Wonderful
SAGE Food Safety Consultants, LLC
Tampico Spice Co., Inc.
Babcock Laboratories, Inc.
Trident Seafoods
The Morning Star Packing Company
Firestone Pacific Foods
StonePoint Global Brands
Waters Corporation
Freshwater Fish Marketing Corporation
United Sugars Corporation
Penn Dutch Food Center
Paramount Farms LLC
Panda Restaurant Group, Inc.
Ocean Spray
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The Wendy's Company
Trident Seafoods Co.
Hilmar Cheese Company
Babcock Laboratories, Inc.
Sanitation Specialists
QFC - Commissary
United Sugars
Red Robin Gourmet Burgers
POM Wonderful
Tampico Spice Co., Inc.
SK Food Group
Madigan Healthcare system
Moroni Feed Company
manna foods, llc
Nippon Trends Food Service,INC.
Kentucky Food Safety Consulting
bioventure centre pte ltd
Avure Technologies Inc
Panda Restaurant Group, Inc.
Food Protection Services
Tampico Spice Co., Inc.
Sanitation Specialists
Crestone Group Baking Company
US Army
Curt Maberry Farm, inc.
Rain Crow Ranch - American GrassFed Beef
Tanner's Fresh Fish Processing
Diana Food USA
Griffith Laboratories
Amy's Kitchen
Tetracore, Inc.
Peeled Snacks
Trident Seafoods
Ocean Spray
Costco Wholesale
JFC International Inc.
Tuskegee University
Pizza Hut, Inc. / YUM! Brands
Indiana Packers Corporation
Sealed Air
Neogen Corporation
Kraft Foods
Mars Chocolate
Indiana Packers Corporation
Life Technologies
Leprino Foods
University of Surrey
Micro Imaging technology, Inc
Tate and Lyle
BD Medical Products Pte Ltd
Sargento Foods
EnviroLogix Inc.
Regal Springs Trading
Bell Flavors & Fragrances, Inc.
Baptista's Bakery, Inc.
Greater Chicago Food Depository
Addiction Foods Ltd.
Regal Springs Trading
Donlevy Laboratories
Nellson Nutraceuticals
Isola Imports, Inc.
Regal Springs Trading
Donlevy Laboratories
Sokol & Company
NEC Soft, Ltd.

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