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Current Food Safety Informaiton
02/11. Final program set for IAFP 2004
02/11. International Association for Food Protection holds secretar
02/11. Japan says US mad cow probe "incomplete"
02/11. Food company fined for canned mouse
02/11. U.S., Japan To Work To Resume Beef Trade, Zoellick Says
02/11. DENMARK: Hot water reduces acrylamide levels
02/11. Mexico to bar U.S. beef until mad cow controlled
02/11. Washington D.C. IFT to host meeting on CFSAN priorities
02/11. WHO issues herbal medicine guidelines
02/11. FDA declares ephedrine alkaloids adulterated
02/11. Second Farm Infected
02/11. Mandatory animal ID system proposed
02/11. Dutch tighten animal feed laws
02/11. FDA: Feed ban audit shows compliance continues to be outstan
02/11. Mad cow unlikely to fade away silently
02/11. Tax relief for beef producers hurt by mad cow scare
02/11. Daschle wants search for mad cow herdmates reopened
02/11. Korean Attitudes to Beef and Poultry Sour
02/11. Locally raised, grass-fed cattle could solve the mad cow blu
02/11. Shigellosis
02/11. Mad Cow Could Divide Cattle Industry
02/11. FSA launches new hygiene initiative
02/11. FSAI programme to tackle food hygiene standards
02/11. Food safety fight
02/11. Food Importers Bogged Down With Terror Regulations

02/10. BSE Update ? February 9, 2004 [APHIS-USDA]
02/10. FINAL BSE Update ? Monday, February 9, 2004 [USDA]
02/10. U.S. Government Officials Provide Technical Briefing On The BSE Investigation
02/10. 20040209 - Meat Hygiene Directives
02/10. BSE, bovine - USA (WA)(14)
02/10. BC- Mad [Japan]
02/10. The mad cow quandary
02/10. BSE: What to test, not how many tests
02/10. USA: More foreign bans but US confident of containing bird f
02/10. China bans U.S. poultry
02/10. Consumers' Association: additives need clearer labelling
02/10. Database of predictive microbiology posted
02/10. BIRD FLU: U.S. strain different from Asian; Delaware officia
02/10. Parliamentary priorities for Europe include food and feed hy
02/10. EFSA defines its objectives
02/10. Transatlantic pathogen database launched
02/10. Inside AMI: USDA calls a halt to BSE investigation
02/10. AMI Submits Comments to Codex Committee
02/10. Early Fevers May Protect Kids From Allergies
02/10. Internal document offers up bleak assessment of situation
02/10. USDA Ends Mad Cow Probe, Finds No More Cases
02/10. US wraps up mad cow probe without finding many suspected ani
02/10. U.S. stops hunt for BSE among cows imported from Alberta
02/10. USDA's final BSE update
02/10. USDA vets question agency's mad cow lab
02/10. 'Food defense' push boosts FDA budget
02/10. WHO issues guidelines for herbal medicines
02/10. U.S. poultry shares fall as bird flu prompts bans
02/10. Thai Chicken Public Health Low Risk-But Ban Appropriate
02/10. Oats in the safety zone
02/10. EFSA defines its objectives

02/09. New Database Helps Monitor Food Pathogens
02/09. BSE
02/09. Booker Packing sees continuous temperature reporting through
02/09. OIE chapter on BSE requires international reform
02/09. Consumers advised to limit consumption of Paterson's Curse/S
02/09. Japan May Compromise on U.S. Beef Imports
02/09. AUSTRALIA/NEW ZEALAND: Warning issued on honey toxins
02/09. Seafood with mercury affects brain development in children
02/09. Food safety on the EU menu
02/09. Launch event for food safety Network of Excellence
02/09. No mad cows found from Calmar herd
02/09. Readers respond to BSE commentary
02/09. Government crack down on illegal meat and fruit imports

02/08. USDA played ¡®vital role¡¯ in BSE crisis, top food-safety offi
02/08. BSE review panel member cautions: Dosage, incubation issues
02/08. Misleading labelling found on St John's wort supplements
02/08. Food Safety Forum at Foodex Meatex
02/08. Emergency rooms fail test on treating food allergy
02/08. Japan may compromise on U.S. beef imports
02/08. Saudi hospital denies patient has mad cow disease

02/07. Doubling Tests for Mad Cow Doesn't Quiet Program Critics
02/07. Feds Ending Search for Mad Cow Disease
02/07. BSE, CJD, other brain-wasting diseases not created equal
02/07. Labeling standards in review
02/07. Food safety tips
02/07. Meet on carbonated drinks' safety norms [India]
02/07. County restaurant inspector on front lines of food safety

02/06. Mad cow quandary: Making animal feed
02/06. Take their advice
02/06. FDA a big winner in '05 Bush budget: More funds sought for f
02/06. Paper trail on the way
02/06. Fighting food-borne disease
02/06. Mad Cow Quandary: Making Animal Feed
02/06. Panel Advice Criticized
02/06. Japan sticking to trade guns on BSE ban
02/06. GM traces found in UK soyfoods
02/06. U.S. agriculture secretary brushes off experts' warnings abo
02/06. Is American Beef Safe From Mad Cow?
02/06. Study Says Donors May Be Passing Mad Cow
02/06. New quick test means Alberta can ramp up testing capacity fo
02/06. BSE rules, not terrorists, hold up soldiers' beef
02/06. Province receives rapid BSE tests
02/06. U.S. aims at BSE, cattle ID
02/06. Tops, Wegmans no longer getting irradiated beef
02/06. FSAI issues closure orders
02/06. New CEO for Food Safety Authority
02/06. High Mercury Levels Found In Some Supermarket Fish
02/06. Bacteria lingering in body may pose future food poisoning ri
02/06. Food Poisoning Bugs Lurk in Body, Study Shows

02/05. Chlorine levels in water soar: Up 50 to 100 per cent since n
02/05. Most Americans not concerned about getting mad cow disease,
02/05. AMI statement: On the international review team¡¯s report on
02/05. Three food businesses closed in January 2004 [Ireland]
02/05. Loblaw makes food safety a top priority: Sharpens focus amid
02/05. Point, click, then eat
02/05. Japan Won't Lift Beef Ban Unless US Tests All Cows For BSE
02/05. Ban Urged On All Animal Protein For Cattle
02/05. Bush Admin Sees Little Risk of More Mad Cow Cases
02/05. BSE Report Released -
02/05. BSE Briefing Highlights
02/05. Backing for Safety Programme
02/05. NCBA, AMI pan committee's BSE report -
02/05. USDA slams would-be whistle blower's BSE testimony in Washin
02/05. Food safety on the EU menu
02/05. Betaine gets "Safe" status
02/05. Semicarbazide in Brazilian chicken uncovered
02/05. AMI comments in support of national animal ID, trace back sy
02/05. BSE review team¡¯s recommendations need ¡®thorough risk assess
02/05. Peanut allergies on the rise
02/05. Regulation seminars, focus on GM
02/05. Mad Cow Panel Urges Ban on Animal Feed
02/05. Harvard, Expert Panel at Odds Over U.S. Mad Cow Risk
02/05. Mad cow proposals go too far - US cattle officials
02/05. Mad cow has home on U.S. ranges
02/05. 3 Alberta mayors on goodwill tour of Washington state area w
02/05. Panel seeks more mad cow shields
02/05. Japan keeps tough line on US beef after report pans total ma
02/05. U.S. urged to test all 'downer' cattle for BSE
02/05. Hong Kong Beef Consumption Sinks
02/05. NCBA: International Panel's BSE Report Misses the Mark
02/05. JPC blasts govt over food safety norms [India]
02/05. Call to improve additive labels on food
02/05. Food additives 'cause tantrums'
02/05. Stricter food labels planned
02/05. FSAI announces outlets ordered to close
02/05. JPC asks Govt to hurry up with integrated food law [India]

Current Recall Information

Final Rule Declaring Dietary Supplements Containing Ephedrine Alkaloids Adulterated
Food Safety Regulatory Essentials: Course Descriptions and Schedule page
Memorandum of Understanding Between the FDA and Virginia Polytechnic Institute & State U
FSIS Update of Recall Activities, February 9, 2004
BSE Update ? February 9, 2004
FINAL BSE Update ? Monday, February 9, 2004
U.S. Government Officials Provide Technical Briefing On The BSE Investigation
New Database Helps Monitor Food Pathogens

FDA Issues Regulation Prohibiting Sale of Dietary Supplements Containing Ephedrine Alkaloids
FDA Seizes Ephedra-Containing Dietary Supplements From On-Line Massachusetts Company
Library of Export Requirements: Updated February 9, 2004
Dainippon Ink and Chemicals, Inc.; Withdrawal of Food Additive Petition
Foreign Animal and Poultry Disease Advisory Committee
Speeches Page: Updated February 4, 2004
JSR America, Inc.; Withdrawal of Food Additive Petition
FDA Names David W.K. Acheson, M.D., Director of the Food Safety and Security Staff
President Requests Budgetary Increase, Greater Food Defense Role for FDA in FY 2005
FDA's Budget Proposal for FY 2005 Requests Increase for Food Safety

Registration of Food Facility Database Information Verification
36th Session of the Codex Committee on Food Additives and Contaminants
Codex Alimentarius Commission: Sixth Session of the Codex Committee on Milk and Milk
Twenty-sixth Session of the Codex Committee on Methods of Analysis and Sampling
Thirty-sixth Session of the Codex Committee on Food Hygiene
Currently Approved Information Collection (Procedures for Notification of New Technology)
Notice of Request for Extension and Revision of a Currently Approved Information Collection
Statement by Dr. Garry L. McKee on GAO Report on Humane Methods of Slaughter Act
FSIS Unveils New Humane Activities Tracking System
Public Meeting To Address Codex Committee On Milk And Milk Products

Public Meeting To Address Codex Committee On Food Hygiene
Public Meeting To Address Codex Committee On Analysis And Sampling
Public Meeting To Address Codex Committee On Food Additives
President¡¯s Agriculture Budget Proposes Increased Funding To Protect The Nation¡¯s Food
Prior Notice of Imported Food Under the Public Health Security and Bioterrorism Preparedness
Prior Notice of Imported Food Under the Public Health Security and Bioterrorism Preparedness
National Advisory Committee On Microbiological Criteria For Foods To Hold Public Meeting
U.S. Codex Office "What's New" Page: Updated February 2, 2004
OPPD (Policy) What's New Page: Updated February 2, 2004
USDA BSE Update, January 30, 2004

Current Outbreaks
02/11. TOGO: Cholera hits Lome, kills 17
02/10. Outbreak of B.C. ailments sparks raw oyster warning
02/10. Logan student dies of nut allergy
02/10. 2d group of conventioneers was sickened
02/10. Health Department Tracing Source Of Illness
02/09. Shigellosis spreads in Buncombe
02/08. Food poisoning sickens 60 at hotel

02/06. Saudi Man May Have Mad Cow Disease
02/04. Food poisoning strikes down more than 100 workers in Vietnam
02/03. Shigella Outbreaks Linked with Daycare Centers
02/03. 2 in Suffolk Sickened From Salmonella
02/03. Salmonella Cases Reported
02/02. Carnegie Mellon students become ill
02/01. USDA Issues Salmonella Warning
01/29. More test results due today in illness
01/29. 38 die after eating leftover pork
01/29. Food poisoning may have caused deaths

Current New Methods
02/10. BioControl Provides Immediate Hygiene Validation in a FLASH¢â
02/10. An ultraviolet defense
02/09. Shellfish to get check-up from ESR
02/09. New food test approved
02/09. RFID comes of age
02/08. A clearer picture for food safety
02/08. Oxoid Awards for Beer Quality and Brewing Hygiene 2003/2004
02/08. Oxoid Wins FDA Approval
02/07. OXOID Expands Range of Rapid Diagnostic Tests
02/07. Lawmakers request mad cow tissue sample for TSE Scan
02/07. UConn scientists developing bacteria detection device
02/05. Salmonella risk in pork production
02/05. Researchers find protein that could lead to listeria vaccine
02/04. Air Products Makes Strategic Investment in Sterilox Technolo
02/03. Breakthrough in fighting food pathogens
02/02. FSIS revises detection methods for select SRMs
02/01. Simultaneous detection of E.coli and coliforms in Food and W
01/31. Oxoid Rapid Serum Test for E. coli O157 - FREE TEST KITS now