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NFPA Symposium
Prion Inactivation: Current Technology and Future Research Works needs Symposium.

April 1. 2004.
Washington DC.
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Current Food Safety Informaiton
03/19. Conformational variations in an infectious protein determine
03/19. First United Kingdom-wide study of raw shell eggs and their
03/19. Research finds that proteins alone can infect
03/19. BREAKING NEWS: USDA close to allowing 100 percent BSE testin
03/19. LIVE FROM THE FOOD SAFETY SUMMIT: BSE and bioterrorism take
03/19. USDA's latest BSE response prompts query -- Is this their fi
03/19. Foie gras ban main talking point
03/19. Mad cow testing plan gets mixed response
03/19. Farm quarantined due to cow disease [UK]
03/19. NFPA Says 2004 Advisory on Mercury and Fish Consumption “Sho
03/19. Controlling allergens in food must include processing plants
03/19. Washington seeks funding for mad cow testing site
03/19. CWD finding 'raises questions'
03/19. Experts deny CWD has spread
03/19. Walkerton water managers to face trial for deadly E. coli di
03/19. Microbiology Professor Offers Advice on Keeping Away Germs
03/19. FSA issues shark, tuna warning
03/19. Pregnant women warned about mercury in fish [EU]
03/19. Codex Alimentarius enters the GM labelling debate
03/19. FSA warning on women's fish consumption
03/19. Good news for egg producers
03/19. FDA and EPA Announce the Revised Consumer Advisory on Methyl
03/19. Industry-wide BSE summit slated for late April
03/19. Bio-safety framework preparations under way [Sri Lanka]
03/19. The Regulation of Food Safety and the Use of Traceability/Tr
03/19. Official: No Food Safety Changes Needed
03/19. Closure Orders Served On Five Food Stalls
03/19. FDA and EPA Announce the Revised Consumer Advisory on Methylmercury in Fish
03/19. Backgrounder for the 2004 FDA/EPA Consumer Advisory
03/19. FDA: What You Need to Know About Mercury in Fish and Shellfish
03/19. EPA: What You Need to Know about Mercury in Fish and Shellfish
03/19. Joint Federal Advisory for Mercury in Fish

03/18. Disaster planning, traceback technologies, customer communic
03/18. Proteins alone can spread infections; implications
03/18. UCSF scientists show prion shape affects nature of infection
03/18. Experiments establish 'protein-only' nature of prion infecti
03/18. BC-Mad
03/18. Japan says it will accept BSE-tested U.S. beef
03/18. DeHaven says rapid BSE test approval imminent
03/18. U.S. trade official hints at legal action against Japan
03/18. Japanese meat packers extend full traceability to pork, poul
03/18. Breakthrough in prion research
03/18. USDA vet says mad cow was a downer
03/18. What Is Norwalk Virus?
03/18. Safety guide for food industry
03/18. EU Warns Pregnant Women Over Mercury in Fish

03/17. Gearing Up To Test Cattle
03/17. FSANZ seeks public comment on changes to food standards code
03/17. Britain-Mad cow
03/17. Plan for sharp rise in mad cow testing gets mixed reaction
03/17. February restaurant closures
03/17. Commissioner Byrne visits the US to discuss food safety and
03/17. NCBA statement on USDA announcement to increase testing of c
03/17. Japan, industry, pols offer mixed reactions to USDA testing
03/17. Codex enters the GM labelling debate
03/17. Dioxin levels fall in infant formula
03/17. Process software upgraded
03/17. Higher levels of contaminants in fish oils, finds study
03/17. Shopping for the elusive wild salmon from British Columbia
03/17. S.T.O.P. leader finds grievous errors in USDA's statistical
03/17. Voluntary mad-cow testing lacks punch of surveillance, criti
03/17. New Form [BASE] Of Mad Cow Disease Found
03/17. Experts: Tests could find more mad cow
03/17. Carcinogen found in six water wells
03/17. Trace Minerals Role in CWD Discounted
03/17. Judge Rules Against Bayer on Poultry Antibiotic
03/17. Food Laws Strengthened
03/17. RSSL shows industry HOW
03/17. Avenance Wins Top Gold Hygiene Awards
03/17. Ross Systems Responds to Growing Food Safety Requirements wi
03/17. Captain Zorba¡¯s owner: 'I like clean'
03/17. Closure Orders Served On Five Food Stalls
03/17. U.S. Moves Closer to Poultry Drug Ban
03/17. Survey Finds Many Travelers Risk Food Poisoning
03/17. Public Meeting to Address Codex Committee On Food Labeling
03/17. USDA: Transcript of Remarks From Technical Briefing on BSE and Related Issues

03/16. Prion inactivation: Current technology and future research n
03/16. To test or not to test
03/16. Mad cow dangers exaggerated, says neurologist
03/16. NCBA to hold live satellite town hall meeting: NCBA policy,
03/16. BC-Mad
03/16. Calif. officials nearly fall for H2O hoax
03/16. Report faults EPA for water claims
03/16. International trade and food safety: economic theory and cas
03/16. Food irradiation inspections
03/16. The RUsick2 Foodborne Disease Forum for syndromic surveillan
03/16. City of Toronto Health Unit recognizes Steritech certified f
03/16. Bacteria live in the esophagus!
03/16. ICEID: Dining out linked to stomach distress
03/16. Earth Matters: Standing up for the truth about GM food
03/16. Co-Op Islami brings together experts at 'Knowledge Circle Fo
03/16. Disaster Planning, Traceback Technologies, Customer Communic
03/16. Food safety assured despite TB outbreak
03/16. Retailers must take more responsibility
03/16. Asa Hutchinson, Under Secretary for Border and Transportatio
03/16. Avenance Wins Top Gold Hygiene Awards
03/16. Turkey teas concern coroner
03/16. The transparent burger: Follow that cow! Tracking beef from
03/16. Who's in charge here? The microbes
03/16. Washington State Cattle Industry Faces Carcass Disposal Quan
03/16. Japan Mad Cow Barriers May Bring More Conflict
03/16. Seminar's focus: Food safety
03/16. Montana senator lobbies Japan to ease beef ban
03/16. USDA unveils expanded, one-year BSE testing plan
03/16. Illinois ups financial incentive for ranchers to monitor BSE
03/16. US meat packers demand compulsory BSE testing
03/16. USDA Announces Increase in BSE Surveillance for FY 2004
03/16. USDA steps up BSE surveillance
03/16. Office desks more contaminated than toilets
03/16. Eating lunch at your desk may not be good for your health
03/16. Statement of the American Meat Institute on increased survei
03/16. GRAS: Time-Tested, and Trusted, Food Ingredients

03/15. Mad Cow Surveillance System Criticized
03/15. California ramps up broader, faster testing for mad cow than
03/15. FDA says details on US mad cow blood ban weeks away
03/15. FSA news March 2004 out now
03/15. Closure orders served on five food stalls
03/15. Food inspections
03/15. Tighter EU food controls imminent conference hears: Stronger
03/15. Japan Re-Opens Market
03/15. California seeks to increase state testing for BSE
03/15. Mad Cow Surveillance System Criticized
03/15. State to try to better detect extent of mad-cow diseases
03/15. Baucus, in Tokyo, urges Japanese to lift beef import ban

03/14. UPDATE 1-USDA may detail mad-cow testing plans
03/14. Proposal raises restaurant fees
03/14. Four city inspectors assure 700 eateries keep it clean
03/14. Formula for Failure
03/14. Traceability laws a force of good, says KPMG
03/14. More products named in Sudan safety scare
03/14. Salmon influx attracts EU scrutiny

03/13. FAO conference urged to address food safety issues
03/13. Bill: Restaurants need at least one safety-trained worker
03/13. Maple Leaf adds DNA trace
03/13. Food safety a growing concern in Near East region, says offi

03/12. FDA Head: More Food Inspection Needed
03/12. Isn¡¯t it about time for the EU to overhaul its regulation on
03/12. Food Safety Leaders Launch International Council on Food Irr
03/12. Knowledge is Key; Meat & Seafood Merchandising (March 2004)
03/12. Quotable Quotes
03/12. Congressman asks that private clinic be included in BSE test
03/12. Canadian farmers butchering own meat
03/12. Fancy Coffees Could Trigger Allergies
03/12. A Food Fight Over a Fungus
03/12. Mad cow bills saved in late Senate action
03/12. Mad cow effects ripple through food economy
03/12. Indictment charges man with blackmail
03/12. Analyst: Ag myths abound when it comes to food costs
03/12. 3 out of 4 consumers concerned about food safety

03/11. EPA studies vapors from microwave popcorn
03/11. Buffalo Grill hit by new tainted meat charge
03/11. High bacteria levels found in foul-smelling jug of milk
03/11. Human remains may be in Canadian meat
03/11. Communicable Diseases Surveillance: Highlights for 4th quart
03/11. OzFoodNet: enhancing foodborne disease surveillance across A
03/11. New look ingredients labels highlight allergens
03/11. Survey: Majority of beef packers support private BSE testing
03/11. Prion inactivation symposium scheduled
03/11. Food firms see red
03/11. EU expansion rooted in food safety
03/11. No evidence to prove GM foods are unsafe, says BMA
03/11. Senate OKs Bill to Clearly Identify Food Allergens
03/11. US FDA commends Senate passage of consumer protection bill
03/11. UK Medical Body Says GMOs Unlikely to Harm Health
03/11. Mad cow tests may increase
03/11. Clinic hopes to help test for mad cow
03/11. Health dept. implements electronic disease reporting
03/11. Steritech Offers Food Safety Management Services Brochure &
03/11. EU: Ireland must take food safety seriously
03/11. Is organic better? Maybe, maybe not
03/11. Belgium tops EU salmonella league
03/11. How to Report Problems With Products Regulated by FDA

03/10. USDA green lights Swift, Excel plants to ship to Mexico
03/10. Peel to add DineSafe ratings to its menu
03/10. Wendy's workers photographed bathing in restaurant sink
03/10. Hepatitis and other viruses: What food safety pros need to k
03/10. BC-US-Japan-Beef
03/10. Process validation RTE products
03/10. McGuinty government launches new food safety system
03/10. No plea to food safety charges
03/10. Judge glad place is closed: Eating there was 'frightening,'
03/10. Perspective: an effective BSE control and prevention plan
03/10. Strengthening Food Safety
03/10. USDA to increase BSE testing to 200,000 annually
03/10. Creekstone refutes report that USDA approval imminent
03/10. UK agrees to GM crop, in principle
03/10. Senate Passes Food Allergen Labeling Bill
03/10. Senate-Passed Provisions on Allergen Labeling Reflect Many C
03/10. Dead cow in Hokkaido had BSE
03/10. Japan Clears Suspected Case of Mad Cow

03/09. Supporters of mad cow bills call for Senate action
03/09. Gov. critical of USDA's handling of Mad Cow info
03/09. For some in beef industry, mad-cow disease `almost a windfal
03/09. Feds Plan Expansion of Mad Cow Testing
03/09. Mad Cow Disease Questions And Answers
03/09. Food safety van visits Straughn
03/09. EU to 'Name and Shame' Unhygienic Food Firms, Farms
03/09. Hepatitis A Conference Will Educate About Food Safety
03/09. USDA Using Science for Food Safety, Official Says
03/09. State Holds Seminar On Restaurant Food Safety
03/09. USDA teaches food safety to kids
03/09. Nalgene Bottles May Pose Some Health Risks

03/08. Daschle Says Increased Testing For Mad Cow A Good Move
03/08. Mexican market re-opened for U.S. beef products
03/08. Statement of the American Meat Institute on USDA¡¯s proposal
03/08. QFC's delayed mad cow response draws lawsuit: Family claims
03/08. Food Safety: FDA's Imported Seafood Safety Program Shows Som
03/08. U.S., Canada, and Mexico sign charter on food safety collabo
03/08. Perspective: Why can't U.S. processors go it alone in reopen
03/08. The Food Marketing Institute launches first online food safe
03/08. Japan finds 12th suspected case of mad cow
03/08. USDA says BSE rapid tests to be approved 'shortly'
03/08. Restaurant patronized by stars fined due to the presence of
03/08. Chile aims to export genetically modified fruit

03/07. Food and health in Europe: a new basis for action
03/07. IFPA to spread produce sanitation message
03/07. Legislators want key role for state in preventing spread of
03/07. Japan Clears Suspected Case of Mad Cow
03/07. Dead cow tests positive for BSE in Hokkaido
03/07. SEAL OF APPROVAL: Home-packed pickles get a fare hearing

03/06. Research on cholera bacteria focuses on biofilm formation
03/06. Farmer challenges state law, fights restrictions on raw milk
03/06. Consumers share blame for culinary perils
03/06. Class set for preparing food for fund-raising
03/06. EPA raises awareness of tainted fish
03/06. First Infectious Disease Report Shows Decline In Food Poison
03/06. Stop Eating Small Fish To Avoid Red Tide Poison

03/05. Food safety leaders launch International Council on Food Irr
03/05. Experience of a hepatitis A vaccination project for children
03/05. Manufacturer's recall: false-positive cryptosporidium tests
03/05. Surveillance of cryptosporidiosis in Spain from 1995 to 2003
03/05. Media advisory - McGuinty government to further protect Onta
03/05. Livestock-Tracking System Should Be Voluntary, Official Says
03/05. Mexico Lifts Ban on Many U.S. Beef Products
03/05. U.S. Extends Limits On Canadian Beef
03/05. QFC statement in mad cow suit
03/05. USDA moves to reopen cattle trade with Canada
03/05. EFSA clears GM food crop on safety scale
03/05. USDA To Reopen Comments on BSE Minimal Risk
03/05. UK assesses a GM maize variety as safe for processing and an
03/05. Mad cow still keeps T-bones off Mexico menus
03/05. QFC sued over mad cow case
03/05. Mad cow, wheat on Daschle's mind
03/05. Woman Sues Grocer Over Mad Cow Scare
03/05. Experts: BSE questions still linger
03/05. Vet takes BSE case to Asia
03/05. Manitoba Seeks BSE Task Force Submissions
03/05. Kansas beef firm setting up BSE lab
03/05. Infant Botulism
03/05. Ten Strath businesses take hygiene awards
03/05. Weighing up food allergen ingredients
03/05. Meat 98 percent safe, says food safety head [Canada]
03/05. Japan asks Thailand to ensure food safety
03/05. No plea to food safety charges [UK]
03/05. First Infectious Disease Report Shows Decline In Food Poison
03/05. Four Food Businesses Served Closure Orders In February

03/04. Mad Cow Tracking Eagerly Awaited
03/04. United States set to open comment period on Canadian beef ba
03/04. Statement of the American Meat Institute on announcement by
03/04. Statement by Agriculture Secretary Ann M. Veneman regarding
03/04. Four food businesses served closure orders in February: Basi
03/04. FDA posts Juice HACCP guidance
03/04. Fischler De-Commissioned
03/04. NFPA Country of Origin Labeling Comments
03/04. APHIS Amends Regulations Governing Interstate Transportation
03/04. Mexico Reestablishes Beef Trade With U.S.
03/04. ASA backs Chinese soy move
03/04. Filipino islanders blame GM crop for mystery sickness
03/04. Scientist says no study yet proving GMO safety
03/04. Mexico partially lifts U.S. beef ban
03/04. Official Tells of Investigation Into Mad Cow Discrepancies
03/04. Japan tests cow for BSE
03/04. State Considers Strengthening Food Safety Laws
03/04. Report: Seafood Safety Improvements Needed
03/04. Protect Yourself and Your Family
03/04. FSAI announce February enforcement orders

03/03. Simple steps can keep food-borne illness at bay
03/03. Bushmeat Campaign
03/03. Canadians charge U.S. processors "making a killing" off BSE a
03/03. AMI fires Murphy in wake of BSE controversy
03/03. Toxin combo in fish harms motor function
03/03. Colon bacteria need fibre to feed healthy digestion
03/03. Food Safety and Inspection Service Releases Quarterly Enforc
03/03. OPED: Fighting the herd mentality
03/03. Trade Policies, Rail Service, BSE Issues Headline NGFA's Con
03/03. Study suggests better use of web could improve infectious di
03/03. Food: Reading what you eat
03/03. Study examines whether giving good bacteria reduces infectio
03/03. New Meat Testing Cuts Food-Borne Diseases - US
03/03. Survey finds more stomach ailments among those who eat out
03/03. House Finance approves food safety certification bill
03/03. Poisoned girl's kin win partial redress

Current Recall Information

FDA and EPA Announce the Revised Consumer Advisory on Methylmercury in Fish
Backgrounder for the 2004 FDA/EPA Consumer Advisory
FDA: What You Need to Know About Mercury in Fish and Shellfish
EPA: What You Need to Know about Mercury in Fish and Shellfish
Joint Federal Advisory for Mercury in Fish
Food Safety Regulatory Essentials Training: Course Descriptions and Schedule page
USDA: Transcript of Remarks From Technical Briefing on BSE and Related Issues
GRAS: Time-Tested, and Trusted, Food Ingredients
Veneman Announces Expanded BSE Surveillance Program
Codex Alimentarius Commission: 32nd Session of the Codex Committee on Food Labelling

Public Meeting to Address Codex Committee On Food Labeling
FSIS Constituent Update: March 12, 2004
How to Report Problems With Products Regulated by FDA
Library of Export Requirements: Updated March 11, 2004
FDA Commends Senate Passage of Bill Providing Improved Consumer Protection and Incentives
Guidebook for the Preparation of HACCP Plans and Generic HACCP Models
Compliance Guideline for Meat and Poultry Jerky
Allergenic Products Advisory Committee; Notice of Meeting
U.S. Codex Office "What's New" Page: Updated March 9, 2004
Bovine spongiform encephalopathy; minimal risk regions and importation of commodities

Current Outbreaks
03/19. Tummy bug takes hold [Australia]
03/19. Cholera claims 76 in Mozambique
03/19. Six hospitalised as bug strikes in the Waikato [NZ]
03/18. Source of school outbreak might never be traced
03/18. Hash cake hospitalises teachers
03/18. Officials: Possible St. Louis school food-poisoning outbreak
03/17. Virus sickens hotel's patrons in Las Vegas
03/17. Officials scrambling to determine what sickened 45 students
03/17. Dozens Sick After St. Louis School Lunch
03/17. Students sickened at city school

03/16. Hepatitis A - Russia (Karachayevsk-Cherkessia) (02)
03/16. Food poisoning, clostridial - Croatia (Zagreb)
03/15. Viral gastroenteritis epidemic of 2002 associated with new n
03/15. West Coast oysters responsible for food poisoning
03/12. Salmonella Outbreak Linked to L.A. Eatery
03/11. Fish, so foul! Foodborne illness caused by combined fish his
03/11. Medical officials pin rash of illnesses on oysters
03/11. Six babies die in South Africa after being fed with tainted
03/11. Kucinich released from hospital after being treated for stom
03/11. Food Poisoning Traced to Deer-Soiled Lettuce

03/10. Listeriosis, neonatal - USA (CA)
03/10. 125 MP tribals fall ill after feast [India]
03/09. Kucinich in Ohio Hospital with Stomach Flu
03/08. Warning follows illness of two Marin infants
03/04. Pirates Notebook: Food poisons Davis' debut
03/03. 76 suffer food poisoning at wedding party in China

Current New Methods
03/19. USDA approves rapid BSE test
03/19. IDEXX Laboratories Receives USDA Approval of BSE Postmortem
03/19. Bio-Rad Receives USDA Permit for BSE Test
03/19. Idexx gets USDA OK for animal test for Mad Cow disease
03/18. Nymox reports progress in NXC-4720 E.coli product
03/16. Gloves Put Death Grip on Germs
03/16. 3M¢â Petrifilm¢â Plate Reader

03/15. Meat trace-back system
03/15. Faster Detection of Enterobacter Sakazakii in Infant Formula
03/14. AOAC-RI Approval for DuPont Qualicon BAX¢ç E.coli O157:H7
03/13. VIT- Alicyclobacillus for Rapid Detection of Trace Contaminations
03/12. Cooling process keeps fish and pears fresh and tasty
03/12. GRAS status signals rise in market share for natural food in
03/11. Triple-Pasteurization Plan
03/11. eMerge to Unveil Prototype Hand-Scanning Hygiene System at F
03/11. Taking the tears out: Walla Walla company sells onions prech

03/10. Product of the week: Global Technology Resources offers a tr
03/10. FSIS's new compliance guidelines for meat and poultry jerky
03/10. Dead germs don't mutate - or infect
03/10. USDA, WSU scientists search for BSE test for live animals
03/09. A revolution in traceability
03/08. DuPont Qualicon BAX?system for detecting E.coli O157:H7 cer
03/08. DNA chip sniffs out doctored food
03/08. Vaccine for 'Delhi belly' could save 500,000 lives
03/08. RAPID¢¥Enterococcus Agar Facilitates Chromogenic Detection of Enterococci
03/08. AOAC-RI Approval for DuPont Qualicon BAX¢ç E.coli O157:H7

03/07. New Approach to Controlling E. coli in Pigs
03/07. Diagnostic Reagents Enhance Laboratory Safety
03/06. EPA Approves Colitag¢â E. coli Test System for Drinking Water
03/06. What's on Show from Oxoid at the Parenteral Drug Association SciTech Summit
03/05. New device for arsenic, iron free water [Bangladesh]
03/05. Tracing meat with clever chips
03/04. Antibiotic Alternative for E.Coli in Pigs
03/04. DuPont Develops E.coli Testing System
03/04. Egg safety technology full of potential
03/04. New Approach to Controlling E. coli in Pigs
03/03. Belgian Pasteurization Technology Kills Avian Influenza in Shell Eggs
03/03. Flooring foodborne disease
03/03. Coating process could revolutionise food packaging
03/03. Light-sensitive gloves reduce risk of germ transfer
03/03. Mouthwash Chem A Food Safety Tool
03/03. Safe Foods Corporation Receives FDA Approval for Cecure(TM)
03/02. Edible film protects poultry from Campylobacter
03/02. Hotelympia rewards shell egg food safety and quality applian
03/01. Sprouting safer seeds