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Job Information
09/24 Quality Assurance Coordinator for Foods Manufacturing

09/24 Quality Assurance Manager

09/24 Quality Assurance Coordinator - Food

09/24 QA Supervisor/Manager


09/23 Food Production Supervisor - Entry Level

09/23 Food Production Supervisor - Entry Level

09/23 Food Production Supervisor - Entry Level

09/23 Food Technologist

09/23 QA Supervisor

09/23 QA Supervisor

09/23 Quality Assurance Manager - Food Processing


09/22 Validation Specialist

09/22 QA Production/Lab Technician

09/22 Quality Assurance Coordinator for Foods Manufacturing facili

09/22 Aseptic Project Leader

09/22 Future Engineering, Quality and Plant Managers

09/22 Quality Assurance Technician

09/22 Food Quality Assurance Specialist

09/22 Food Quality Assurance Specialist

09/22 Food Quality Assurance Specialist



09/21 Food Quality Assurance Specialist

09/21 Food Quality Assurance Specialist

09/21 Food Quality Assurance Specialist

09/21 Quality Assurance Manager


09/20 QA Supervisor

09/20 Regional Quality Assurance/Sanitation Specialist

09/20 Regional Quality Assurance/Sanitation Specialist

09/20 Sanitation/Production Supervisor

09/20 Quality Assurance Coordinator for Foods Manufacturing facili


09/20 Microbiology Lab Technician

09/20 Microbiologist

09/20 Microbiology Lab Technician

09/20 Snack Food QA Manager -


09/17 QC Manager

09/17 Quality Assurance Coordinator for Foods Manufacturing facili

09/17 Quality Assurance Manager - Food Processing

09/17 Quality Assurance Manager - Food Processing

09/17 Manager of Training and Education - Superior Technical Food

09/17 Quality Assurance Manager

09/17 Quality Assurance Manager - Food Processing

09/17 Microbiology Operations Manager - Exciting Growth Opportunit

09/17 Quality Assurance Coordinator - Food

09/17 Quality Assurance Technician (NonDairy)

09/17 Quality Manager


09/16 Quality Assurance Coordinator for Foods Manufacturing facility

09/16 Director of Safety and Quality Assurance

09/16 Looking for Lab Technicians

09/16 Quality Assurance Manager

09/16 Quality Services Senior Technician


Food Daily Recall Information
09/24. Iowa Firm Recalls Lunchables Due To Mislabeling

09/23. Nabisco Issues Recall for Undeclared Milk in Mini Oreo Chocolate Sandwich Cookies

09/21. Brooklyn Imports, Inc. Issues Allergy Alert on Undeclared Sulfites in "BELWEDER

09/21. Desly International Corp. Issues Allergy Alert on Undeclared Sulfites in "SMAK

09/20. Undeclared wheat in MVK "GLUTEN FREE" MOSTEAK VEGGIE STEAK

09/20. JCM, Ltd. Issues Recall of 972 Jars of Mislabeled Pesto


09/18. Iowa Firm Recalls Pork Products That May Contain Foreign Material

09/18. Wisconsin Firm Recalls Beef Products For Possible E. coli O157:H7

09/16. California Natural Products Recalls Various Beverage Products

09/14. Undeclared egg in HERMES FRENCH BREAD

09/14. Undeclared wheat, egg and sesame seed in PERL'S MEAT PRODUCTS LTD.

09/13. Certain BETTER BEEF brand beef may contain E. coli 0157:H7

09/06. California Natural Products recalls 11 beverages

09/06. Certain raw PISTACHIO KERNEL products may be contaminated with aflatoxin

09/05. BOCCONCINI SOFT CHEESE may contain Listeria monocytogenes

09/02. Spring House Creamery Recalls Creamline Goat and Creamline Cow Milk

New Methods information
09/23. Rapid test 'may change the face of medicine'

09/20. Managing Customer Complaints in the Laboratory

09/20. The New easyMIX an Economic Blender With Quality

09/20. Evaluation of the New VITEK 2 Card for Identification of Gram-Negative Rods

09/20. New Oxoid Medium Enhances MRSA Screening

09/20. Simple and Efficient AXSYM HAVAB 2.0 Assay for Hepatitis A Total Antibody

09/19. Defence Lab Announces Its Latest Rapid Diagnosis Spin-Out Technology

09/19. User-friendly and Cost-effective Solutions to Automate Your Microbiology Laboratory

09/18. STERIS Products Found to Inactivate Prions

09/18. New Milliflex Rapid Microbiology Detection System and AutoSpray Station

09/17. BOC Showcases a Wide Range of Beverage Product and Service S

09/17. Combination of Cranberry and Oregano Extracts May Inhibit Ba

09/14. MTI spears US food testing market

09/14. Arkansas company finds a better way to test water

09/14. UCSC goal: Develop a faster test for toxic algae

09/13. New food safety detection system speeds pathogen detection

09/12. Tumbling Machines use light to decontaminate food

09/10. Inactivation of Escherichia coli O157:H7 and other naturally

09/10. Anderol lubricant aims to aid energy efficiency, food safety compliance


09/06. PURE Bioscience's Silver Dihydrogen Citrate Disinfectant Qui

09/05. eMerge Interactive Announces Shipment of Third Verifeye Carc

General Food Safety Information
09/24. California farmers stay step ahead of proposed FDA salmonell
09/24. 'Another kick in the teeth'; new legislation restricts farme
09/24. Dog food disguised as French pate seized in Israel
09/24. Irradiated foods can curb E. coli
09/24. Variant Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease and plasma products
09/24. Finest in food safety honored today
09/24. New norovirus surveillance system in Sweden
09/24. Japan, U.S. to open negotiations within days on beef ban
09/24. Federal Agencies Vow to Coordinate Response to "Agricultural
09/24. Is Codex doing enough?
09/24. Peanut Protection in Schools
09/24. Allergen Labeling Not As Simple As It Seems - Begin Changes
09/24. Sask agrees to take part in national BSE plan
09/24. White House Creates Working Group on Disease-Causing Prions
09/24. Editorial: Clean, green but not too hygienic
09/24. Dietary dangers
09/24. Bacteria Put D.C. Water in Breach
09/24. [IN, USA] Certified food handler law to take effect January
09/24. Food safety training for Food Service to take place Septembe
09/24. FSAI gets tough against restaurant
09/24. NZ food - it's enough to make us sick
09/23. EFSA to evaluate live tests for BSE
09/23. Inaugural food safety conference
09/23. [Canada] Ministers of Agriculture make progress on key issue
09/23. School support necessary to protect children with life-threa
09/23. CSPI applauds egg safety regulation: proposal could eliminat
09/23. Europe rejects the GE corn that New Zealand accepts
09/23. Grant to fund anti-terrorism training for food production pe
09/23. Bush lobbies for beef exports, Japan shrugs
09/23. FSIS Request Comments for a Risk-Based Verification Program
09/23. UK debates safety of supplements
09/23. Fast food chain Nakau to eliminate 10% of outlets due to BSE
09/23. [Japan] Only 7 prefectures to use looser BSE testing even if
09/23. Consumers, producers criticize gov't over planned looser BSE
09/23. Japan move bodes well for Kansas beef
09/23. WHO issues revised drinking water guidelines to help prevent
09/23. [ID, USA] Health department warns against buying high-risk f
09/23. [India] How to Protect Your Family from Foodborne Illness
09/23. Safe to eat? A CBC News Big Picture
09/22. AMI's Boyle boosts Canadian imports in editorial
09/22. Light tuna
09/22. Rapid Alert System for Food and Feed (RASFF)
09/22. Man accused of leaving feces on produce
09/22. Bush, Japanese Premier Discuss Beef
09/22. EU lifts BSE export ban on Portugal
09/22. EFSA backs move for more rapid live BSE tests
09/22. Sweden beats salmonella
09/22. Biotechnology- A Hot Topic at the 2004 AMI Annual Convention
09/22. AMI Guest Editorial: Loss of Canadian Beef Imports Hurting B
09/22. Scientific American Article Asks 'Bad rap for nitrate?'
09/22. [UK] Gluten-free on tour
09/22. AAO-HNSF: Food Allergies More Common in Kids Requiring ENT P
09/22. BSE Talks Result In Feud
09/22. [USA] Officials battle BSE
09/22. Cow in Nara Pref. confirmed as Japan's 13th BSE case
09/22. Proposal Aimed at Reducing Mad Cow Risk
09/22. Fewer N.S. schools have radioactive water
09/22. Partners With Wynn Starr to Target the Poultry Processing In
09/22. Nothing to sneeze at
09/22. Cider rules at this house
09/22. Here are some points to ponder when preparing food
09/22. Egg safety legislation gives industry cause for concern
09/22. UN urges barriers to food threats
09/22. If The Fight Comes To Food
09/22. FDB officer advises consumers to be mindful of food items, d
09/21. No deal struck over Japan's U.S. beef ban
09/21. Japan-Mad cow
09/21. Drinking-water disinfectant produces toxic compound
09/21. Precautions, within limits
09/21. Training part of battle to keep food safe, Ocala, Fla
09/21. New Egg Safety Rule Deserves Support From Consumers and Indu
09/21. Egg Industry Statement in Response to The Food And Drug Admi
09/21. Farms Should Test for Salmonella in Eggshells-FDA
09/21. Japan is closer to lifting U.S. beef ban
09/21. BC-Protein
09/21. BC communities to fight for food safety
09/21. Church dinners going 'underground': Mayors report community
09/21. Airlines-Unsafe water
09/21. Changes eyed to reduce salmonella in eggs
09/21. Conference to discuss communication strategies for BSE, bird
09/20. Crohn's disease linked to cattle, sheep and goats
09/20. Japanese food industry pressures government to end beef ban
09/20. Is Organically Grown Food Really Any Better For You?
09/20. Join National Scientific Network investigating ABR in commen
09/20. For the lunch bunch, school will hold the peanut butter
09/20. "Free-Range" Chicken—No Guarantee It's Free of Salmonella
09/20. Foodtech 2004: Serious About Food Safety and Production 
09/19. Chief coroner demands high schools do more to protect studen
09/17. Super computer puzzles over BSE: Universities join forces
09/17. BC-Mad
09/17. Meat hygiene directives -
09/17. NMA seeks intervenor status in R-CALF v. USDA
09/17. AMI, other industry associations request elimination of wet
09/17. Take food safety precautions after a power outage
09/17. Study links animal bacteria to Crohn's disease
09/17. United Nations puts its weight behind food safety
09/17. FDA Report on Food Borne Illness Risk Factors Emphasizes Nee
09/17. Japan says difficulties loom ahead before U.S beef imports r
09/17. Province has new plan to battle deer disease
09/17. Salmonella report released
09/17. Study Eyes Salmonella, Typhoid, Monkeypox
09/17. WHO: Improve Capacity to Respond Quickly to Food Contaminati
09/17. DNA tool detects drop in 'good' bacteria for cheese
09/17. Disease hazards common in food operations, FDA says
09/17. Food Safety
09/17. Japan Min: Obstacles Remain Before US Beef Imports Resume
09/16. 2004 Agrologist in Residence public lecture
09/16. Codex Committee on residues of veterinary drugs in foods (15
09/16. Food poisoning a major threat
09/16. EFSA reports on recent activity
09/16. Nation gets a "C" for hygiene in the SDA clean hands report
09/16. August restaurant closures
09/16. Traceability boost: Australias livestock identity plans ma
09/16. Have fun, be aware during fall fair season, Chief Medical Of
09/16. Americans, Western Europeans least worried about food safety
09/16. EU25 backs Codex risk principles
09/16. 2004 Meat Industry Research Conference to Highlight Safety a
09/16. Facility Sanitary Design Workshop to Precede the 2004 AMI An
09/16. U.S. To Develop Three-Pronged Strategy Against Agro Terroris
09/16. NIAA Chief Glenn Slack to Join Other Experts in Animal Disea
09/16. Nut and Peanut Allergy Diet
09/16. National Starch Launches TRUETRACE(TM) Program to Verify Non
09/16. [Canada] BSE relief good news for ranchers
09/16. Alberta starts construction on new Level 3 animal disease la
09/16. Residents with tainted wells hooked up to public water
09/16. Health Tip: Have a Glass of Water
09/16. [Minn, USA] DNR will conduct tests for CWD
09/16. Investigation closes at Carneco
09/16. Living Smart
09/15. Seminar being held in Ireland to deepen EU-US cooperation on
09/15. Genetically modified bacterium as remedy for intestinal dise
09/15. Local poultry processor recognized for food safety
09/15. Food Supply Worries Strongest Outside the West
09/15. Chain of command in food recall process often has weak links
09/15. Saskatchewan may sue Canadian federal government over BSE pl
09/15. AMI lobbies for mandatory animal ID program
09/15. German food agency warns about Shiitake mushroom
09/15. GE tests container security
09/15. Arkansas Deer Herd Gets Clean Bill of Health
09/15. Health ministry vigilant
09/15. [Myanmar] Technical Transfer and Application of Food Test Kits opens
09/15. Rapid test 'may change the face of medicine'