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More fresh produce linked to Salmonella, CSPI says Source of Article:
11/23/2005-According to the Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI), Salmonella outbreaks caused by fresh produce are increasing, and could catch up to those caused by poultry.
In CSPI's Outbreak Alert! database, which has data on "nearly 4,500 [food-poisoning] outbreaks between 1990 and 2003," produce was responsible for 554 outbreaks, which sickened more than 28,000 people. Over 100 of those outbreaks were due to Salmonella. From 2002-2003, produce accounted for 31 Salmonella outbreaks, while poultry was the culprit in 29 cases.
"Fresh fruits and vegetables are at the center of a healthy diet, so it¡¯s critical that steps are taken to improve their safety," said CSPI food safety director Caroline Smith DeWaal. "FDA should require growers to limit the use of manure to times and products where it poses no risk. And packers and shippers should mark packaging to ensure easy traceback when fruits and vegetables are implicated in an outbreak."

UNITED STATES: USDA searches for leaders in food safety innovations.
Source of Article:
USDA¡¯s Food Safety and Inspection Service is accepting nominations for the 2005 Howard E. Bauman award. The award is the highest food safety honor presented by FSIS and recognizes one or more individuals who have exhibited leadership and a longstanding commitment to improving food safety and protecting public health. The award is named for Dr. Howard E. Bauman, widely recognized for his pioneering efforts to develop the Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point food-safety system. HACCP is the system that is designed to minimize or eliminate the occurrence of pathogenic microorganisms on meat and poultry products. It forms the foundation of the daily inspections that are performed by FSIS program personnel at every federally inspected meat, poultry and egg products plant.
Nominees must be U.S. citizens and only one nomination per person or organization will be considered. Nominations for the Bauman Award will be reviewed by a Nomination Review Committee appointed by the Under Secretary for Food Safety and the Administrator of FSIS. The nomination form is available on the FSIS Internet site Nominations should be sent to Ms. Faye Smith, Special Assistant to the Deputy Administrator, FSIS, Room 331-E, 1400 Independence Avenue, SW, Washington, DC 20250-3700. Mailed nominations must be postmarked no later than December 5, 2005. Nominations can also be faxed to Smith at (202) 690-0550.

Food Handling Practices Uncovered At Restaurants
November 21, 2005
Source of Article:
A Problem Solvers investigation exposed how food is handled at some of the most popular fast-food restaurants in Central Florida. Local 6 showed undercover video at a Subway restaurant where workers were using gloves to avoid contact with food. Workers were also shown wearing gloves a a Moe's restaurant.
Employees at a Kentucky Fried Chicken were videotaped using tongs to grab food. However, no gloves were worn by workers at a Central Florida Taco Bell restaurant. Workers were videotaped throwing lettuce and cheese into tacos with their bare hands. "In fact, they prepare most of your food with direct bare-hand contact, Local 6 reporter Steven Cooper said. "And we see this at more than one Taco Bell.
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Another E.coli bug breakout (UK)
Nov 22 2005
Daily Post
Source of Article:

A DOZEN people have tested positive in a second separate school outbreak of the killer E.coli bug in Wales, it emerged yesterday. More than 350 pupils at a mid Wales school have now been tested for E.coli since the second outbreak was detected at the start of last week. Puffins nursery and the nearby Llanfaes Primary School, in Brecon, were both forced to shut when the first cases were detected. Health officials launched a programme of exhaustive tests on hundreds of children and confirmed the Brecon cases were not linked to the earlier outbreak. More than 170 people have been affected since the first E.coli outbreak spread, initially in the south Wales valleys region. Five-year-old Mason Jones, from Deri, in Bargoed, died in hospital last month after contracting the bug. More than 40 schools have been affected. Health officials with the Outbreak Control Team (OCT) in Brecon said yesterday that Puffins nursery would reopen today. "At 12 noon today there are 12 cases compatible with E.coli 0157 in the Brecon area," an OCT spokesman said. "All the cases are linked to the Llanfaes CP School and Puffins pre-school nursery. There are no linked cases at other schools."

Internet Journal of Food Safety
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Vol 7. 20-28

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Antibacterial Activity of Essential oil from Ocimum gratissimum on Listeria monocytogenes.
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A Survey of Genetically Modified Foods Consumed, Health Implications and Recommendations
for Public Health Food Safety in Trinidad
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Public awareness and Perception to Bio/Food Terrorism in Trinidad, West Indies

Vol 6. 31-34
"Bioavailable" Lead Concentration in Vegetable Plants Grown in Soil from a reclaimed
Industry Site; Health Implications
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An observational study of Food Safety Levels of salt, fat and sugar of soups consumed in Trinidad
Vol 6. 17-22
Microorganisms in Kitchen Spnges
Vol 6. 11-16
Willingness to Adopt HACCP: Goat Producers Survey Results
Vol 6. 5-10
The HACCP Implementation and the Mental Illness of Food Handlers As the 4th Eventual Hazard
Vol 6. 1-4.
A Preliminary Study of Kashar Cheese and Its Organoleptic Qualities Matured in Bee Wax

USDA/FDA Information
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Outbreak Information
11/23. Food poisoning hits chamber luncheon
[UK] Sickness outbreak blamed on virus
Another E.coli bug breakout
Brit-born Texan diagnosed with vCJD
Outbreak of illness closes Portage school
[UK] Heavy rains the cause of E. coli outbreak?
100 kids urged 'take E.coli test'
11/18. Hunt for E.coli infection source
Successful reduction of human Salmonella Enteritidis infecti
E. coli outbreak shuts school
[UK] Guests sick after charity dinner
We can't forget that E. coli kills
E. coli shuts school in the Vale
Family hit as E. coli finds its way into salad mixes
Salmonella Goldcast: Europe
Salmonella Typhimurium DT104 outbreak linked to beef, Norway
About 2,500 Russians suffer from severe food poisoning every
[Zimbabwe] Food poisoning leaves 14 dead in Harare
[Malaysia] The causes of food poisoning

Job Information
11/23. MN-Monticello-Food QA/QC Specialist

11/23. QA Systems Auditor - Food Mfg - NY-Statewide
11/23. Quality Assurance Assistant - Food Industry - Brooklyn, NY
11/23. KY-Statewide-Quality Manager
11/23. QA Supervisor (Food Manufacturing) - Midwest, MN
11/23. Quality Assurance Plant Manager KS-Overland Park
11/23. Quality Control Director - Nashville, IL
11/22. QA Manager - (MK0502) - NJ-Burlington
11/22. OH-Cincinnati-QA/QC Food Science Technician
11/22. Quality Control Manager - Cincinnati, OH
11/18. Baked Goods Quality Assurance Manager in NJ!! - NJ-Central
11/18. Quality Assurance Manager - Louisville, KY
11/18. QA Manager - Food Manufacturing Plant - Des Moine, IA
11/17. Manager, Quality Assurance - NC-Rocky Mount
11/17. QA Manager - Food Manufacturer - CA-San Francisco
11/17. Microbiology Technician -WI-Madison
11/17. Microbiology Technician - PA-Allentown
11/16. WI-Fort Atkinson-QA Analyst II
11/16. PA-Blue Bell-Microbiologists, Research Associates, QA Techni
11/16. Corporate Quality Assurance Manager - FOOD - Aurora, IL
11/16. WI-Milan-QC lab supervisor in Dairy

Recall Information
11/23. Undeclared milk protein in ENGLISH B brand chocolate pecan cookie
11/23. Undeclared milk protein in COMPLIMENTS brand cookie doughs
11/23. Conifer Specialties, Inc. Issues Allergy Alert on Undeclared Sulfur Dioxide
11/23. [UK] Marks and Spencer recalls cakes
11/22. Martin's Famous Pastry Shoppe Inc. Issues an Allergy Alert on Undeclared Wheat and Dairy
11/22. Washington Firm Recalls Ham and Beef Products That May Contain S. aureus Enterotoxin
Undeclared egg and wheat in SERAFINA’S FINE FOODS brand ravioli products
11/18. SAROLI brand NATURAL CERIGNOLA OLIVES may contain dangerous bacteria
11/18. [UK] Iceland recalls egg fried rice
11/17. Novartis Nutrition Corporation Issues Nationwide Recall of One Lot of its Diabetisource®