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Restaurants feel salmonella scare: '
The people are afraid, the people are terrified'
December 5, 2005
Kingston Whig-Standard
Jordan Press
The outbreak of salmonella linked to bean sprouts has hurt more than just the victims of gastro-intestinal distress. It has also meant a drop in customers for many Asian restaurants in Kingston. John Tse, owner of Golden Star and Chinese Palace restaurants, was cited as saying he's seen a steep decline in business - about a 30-per-cent drop, adding, "Has it hurt us? Yeah, big time. The people are afraid, the people are terrified."
Tse was further cited as saying he figured it would take about three months or longer for his business to return to normal levels.
Customer fears stem from the over 500 of cases of salmonella poisoning the province has experienced in the past few months. Since the initial outbreak, the city's public health unit has asked restaurants to stop serving bean sprouts until the situation is sorted out. Many restaurants The Whig-Standard spoke with said they have removed it from their menus. For restaurants that aren't based on chop suey dishes, the damage has been minimal.
Kin Chow, owner of China Doll Restaurant and Tavern on Princess Street, was cited as saying most of his customers don't seem worried about contracting salmonella - some still come in ordering bean sprout dishes -- and like Lee, he has to explain why customers need to choose a different dish.
The story adds that without bean sprouts to put in dishes, some restaurants have had to work harder at filling out vegetarian plates. Laurie Louie, who helps manage the New Garden Restaurant, her father's restaurant on Division Street, was cited as saying that dropping bean sprouts from the menu has made things more labour intensive and that workers have to slice and dice other veggies to fill plates, adding, "It hasn't really decreased our business, it's just made it a little more inconvenient. ˇ¦ My concern is after all this is over, will people still be scared about salmonella.

Outbreak Information
12/05. [UK] Facts behind the parasite infecting the north
[Australia] New outbreak of salmonella
Giardiasis - UK (Wales)
Valley leads state in food-borne illnesses
Food poisoning puts two in hospital
Stomach bug outbreak: is sewage to blame?
12/02. Alert of tainted beef came a month after report
Lettuce the likely culprit in new hepatitis A cases
Shigella sonnei outbreak due to unpasteurised milk curds
Hepatitis A outbreak in a group of Danish tourists
Large outbreak of S. Typhimurium DT104, the Netherlands
E. Coli in recalled Safeway product led to four hospitalized
110 people ill with stomach bug
Child remains on dialysis with E. coli
16 are sick from bad bean sprouts
Two confirmed cases of salmonella from bean sprouts

Japan to reopen border to U.S. beef in mid-Dec.
ambassador says
by John Gregerson on 12/5/2005 for
Japanese Ambassador to the United States Ryozo Kato indicated to members of the American Meat Institute that Japan will reopen its market to U.S. beef in mid-December, now that the public comment period on Japan's risk assessment of U.S. beef has ended. With the Japanese government due to announce conditions for resuming importation of U.S. beef, AMI also discussed with Kato the need for both countries to move promptly on the issue of Japan's so-called 21-month rule, which would only allow U.S. beef product from younger animals.

110 people ill with stomach bug [UK]
Households have been told water should be boiled before use
Source of Article:

Q&A: Cryptosporidium
Public health officials say 110 people in north Wales have now contracted a water-borne stomach bug.
Some 70,000 households in Gwynedd and Anglesey will have to boil water into the new year while the source of the bug, cryptosporidium, is traced. However, deputy chief medical officer Mike Simmons, said he was much less worried about this outbreak than the "massive" E.coli one in south Wales. People have been told to boil water or buy bottled water until 9 January. The source of the cryptosporidium infection has still not been traced although the Cwellyn reservoir at Rhyd-ddu in Gwynedd has been constantly monitored since the outbreak was first confirmed a week ago. more information

Job Information
12/05. Sanitation Supervisor - Food Processing - WI-Green Bay
12/02. Quality Systems Manager - Carrollton, GA
12/02. Laboratory Technician - Broomfield, CO
12/02. Lab Technician - CA-Sonoma
12/02. Quality Assurance Assistant - Food Industry - Brooklyn, NY

Recall Information
12/05. Allergy Alert Issued on Chocolate Chip Chewy Granola Bars Due to Mispackaging
[UK] Morrisons withdraws cream profiteroles
12/02. Undeclared soy protein in COAST TO COAST WINNIPEG RYE BREAD
12/01. Ground beef products sold at Andy's Valleyview IGA, ALTA, may contain E. coli 0157
12/01. Missouri Firm Recalls Meat Lunch Makers Products For Possible Listeria Contamination

USDA/FDA Information
Production Information on Post-Lethality Exposed Ready-To-Eat (RTE) Products
FSIS Makes Key Personnel Appointments
Questions and Answers on Avian Influenza ("Bird Flu") and Food Safety
BSE; minimal-risk regions and importation of commodities
Allergens -- Voluntary Labeling Statements
Guidance for Industry: Guidance for Records Access Authority Provided in Title III
Food Additives Permitted for Direct Addition to Food for Human Consumption; Vitamin D3

General Food Safety news
12/05. Bird flu update 5 December 2005
Sioux City Iowa Sees Major Rebirth In Breakthrough Food Tech
12/05. Ont. Introducing bill to protect drinking water
12/05. [Ireland] One closure order served in November
12/05. Restaurants feel salmonella scare
12/05. Not safe enough
12/05. Avian influenza: food safety issues
12/05. Banned: Sydney Harbour prawns too toxic to eat
12/05. E. coli is 100% preventable, but it still takes its toll
12/04. Parents issue warning about E. Coli
12/04. Food reg calls for release of cancer study data on aspartame
12/04. Japan said to reopen border to U.S. beef in mid-December
12/04. EU moving toward ending ban on British beef
12/04. Japanese poultry company investigated for skewing bird flu t
12/04. British meat fraud investigation expands amid criticism
12/04. A wasting disease 'hot spot'
Water bug victim's eight-year ordeal
12/03. State finds claims of raw milk's benefits hard to swallow
Small raw-milk dairies run afoul of regulations
Product Safety At The Core
No Bird Flu Risk From Properly Cooked Poultry And Eggs - FAO
U.N. Reassures Meat Eaters Over Bird Flu Fears
Whole bacterial organism fingerprinting of foodborne pathogen
12/02. Crisis Management in the Food and Drinks Industry
Former sandwich supplier indicted
12/02. Producers brace for bean sprout backlash
12/02. Processed Fruits and Vegetables (CCPFV)
12/02. List of specialised Committees and Task Forces - CAC - Codex
12/02. United, UGA to offer produce industry food safety workshop
12/02. When eating your vegetables makes you sick
12/02. Project could detect bioterrorism
12/02. Euro Freeze investigation sparks EU-wide food alert
12/02. Are Food Allergies a Growing Threat?
12/02. 'Fatal Kiss' Puts Spotlight on Food Allergies
23rd BSE case confirmed in Czech Republic
EU on course to end UK beef ban Friday
Japan Officials Study Public Comments On U.S. Beef Report
Mad cow” case confirmed in Luxembourg
New Peptide Antibiotic Isolated From American Oyster
12/02. [Wales] E.coli inquiry to look at issue of school meals
12/02. Consumer connection vital in restoring faith in food industry
12/02. Undercooked food
12/02. Food regulator calls for further measures to lower PCBs
12/02. Washing fruits and veggies not foolproof against illness
12/02. Publication of call for experts
12/01. McFarlane promoted to retail food safety post at Tyson
12/01. Food Safety for Your Family
12/01. FAMI-QS Quality Standard Granted for All DSM Nutritional
12/01. Publication of call for experts
12/01. Food Contact Materials - Emerging Issues
12/01. Illegal poultry shipment intercepted
12/01. Tetra Pak stops using ITX printed cartons in Europe

'Fatal Kiss' Puts Spotlight on Food Allergies
Doctors Consider Why More Children Than Ever Have Allergies

Nov. 30, 2005 ? French Canadian newspapers are calling it "Un Baiser Fatal" ? a fatal kiss.
Source of Article:
Moments after Canadian teen Christina Deforges kissed her boyfriend, she went into shock. She was rushed to a hospital, where she died four days later. She was allergic to peanuts, and her boyfriend had eaten a peanut butter sandwich hours before kissing her. Doctors say the situation is not as far-fetched as it might sound.
"When someone eats a peanut butter sandwich you will often have peanut left in the mouth," said Dr. Hugh Sampson of the Mt. Sinai School of Medicine. Michelle Risinger, who is allergic to peanuts, once kissed a boy who had just eaten a cookie with trace amounts of peanut. "My throat closed. It's a tight, tingling sensation. Then my body swells with hives," Risinger said. more information