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Food Safety News

08/31. Chicken Consumption and Use of Acid-Suppressing Medications as Risk Factors for Campylobacter Enteritis, England
08/31. China to launch new food safety standards
08/31. Recall Advice for Ground Beef, Cantaloupes .Well, Any Contaminated Food
08/31. State encourages corn farmers to test crops for aflatoxin
08/31. Nothing Simple about Food Dating, Expiration Dates or 'Use-By' Dates
08/31. Primary and secondary cases in Escherichia coli O157 outbreaks: a statistical analysis
08/31. UK: Holidaymaker wins .50,000 after eating contaminated burger
08/31. A year after listeriosis, our food is no safer
08/31. Lawmakers scrutinize food safety regulations
08/31. China to formulate new system of food safety standards
08/31. Keep your eye on food safety
08/28. Media Must Cease Using The Term Swine Flu.When Referring to The Novel H1N1 Virus
08/28. N.A.M.P. conference focuses on E. coli
08/28. Is irradiation the solution to E. coli in ground beef. .Part 2 .(Safety Zone blog on
08/28. Here’s my (radical.) solution to reducing E. coli in beef - (Food (Safety) Fight blog on
08/28. Fish from 291 streams test positive for mercury in USGS survey
08/28. Food Safety Regulators Voice Support for Animal ID System
08/28. Inspection reveals toxins at Cyprus dairy
08/28. Cyprus: Aflatoxin milk might have reached consumers
08/28. Tobacco Plant Helps Sprout Norovirus Vaccine
08/28. Study: increase in drug resistant typhoid fever seen in U.S., mostly due to foreign travel
08/28. For Austin biotech company, space is a great place for vaccine research
08/28. Animal identification offers 'opportunities'
08/28. FDA bill waits in line behind health care
08/28. Canada: Politics trumps food safety
08/28. Invasive healthcare reform takes over massive food safety bill
08/28. Vietnam: Food safety offices often understaffed or even shut
08/28. Food Safety Regulators Voice Support for Animal ID System
08/28. Eastern apple growers ramp up food safety programs
08/27. Processing under spotlight as flaws revealed in shellfish toxin testing
08/27. Raw milk proposals raise standards
08/27. The epidemiology of Guillain-Barre Syndrome in U.S. military personnel: a case-control study
08/27. Australia: Listeria scare sparks chicken products' recall
08/27. Canada: One year later, federal politicians bicker over listeriosis
08/27. On the cutting block: food inspectors
08/27. Ha Noi health inspectors to check safety of moon cakes
08/27. HK food test satisfactory rate reaches 99.4%
08/27. Bahrain: 62 food outlets shut
08/27. UK: Commission report published on hygiene legislation
08/26. Health Canada, Environment Canada find acrylamide poses risk
08/26. Maple Leaf Foods marks one-year anniversary of Listeria deaths
08/26. E. coli prevalence rates similar in natural, organic and conventional beef systems: study
08/26. Australia: Survey shows sushi is safe to eat
08/26. Australia: Listeria contamination in Bruny Island Cheese Company soft cheese
08/26. HP gets into the food-safety business
08/26. Vietnam: Health ministry urges consumers to report food safety violations
08/26. E. coli and Food Recalls: Progress, Really.
08/26. MythBusters: Dishing Up Food Safety Fact From Fiction
08/26. Testing of S. F. food handlers not valid
08/25. New CAST Issue Paper Examines Cloned and Transgenic Animals
08/25. New study exposes high levels of mercury in freshwater fish
08/25. FDA promises BPA decision by end of November'Cruise Ship Virus

Outbreak News
08/31. Swan's Island Hepatitis A Outbreak Kills One, Sickens Several
More E.coli cases linked to Cresselly Dance Camp Wales
08/31. UK: Families take action after children get Salmonella
08/31. Unpasteurized milk linked to illnesses in state
08/28. Scotland: 'No-one to blame' for E coli outbreak that killed grandmother
08/28. Wales: Chip shop 'likely source' of Llay E.coli outbreak
08/28. UK: Two more dance camp E.coli cases
08/28. Listeriosis Strikes Chile Again, Claims Nine Victims
08/28. UK: Solihull family struck with food poisoning on 'holiday from hell'
08/27. Second Denbighshire child contracts deadly E.coli 157
08/27. India: 10 hospitalized of food poisoning
08/27. Zimbabwe: Chipinge Cholera Outbreak Suspected To Be Severe Food Poisoning
08/26. British tourist 'contracted salmonella' in Bulgarian resort
08/26. India: Mango kernel soup kills tribal couple
08/25. Ukraine: Fifty-nine servicemen hospitalized in Bila Tserkva due to food poisoning
08/25. India: 63 hostelites taken ill by food poisoning
08/24. Lingering Nightmare
08/24. India: Four tribals die of suspected food poisoning in Orissa
08/21. E. coli outbreak at Welsh dance camp
08/21. More Hepatitis Cases Linked to McDonald’s
08/20. Vibrio vulnificus: Lebanon man was about to marry in Fla.
08/20. Food Poisoning Wrongful Death Lawsuit Filed in Florida

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