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9/26/ 2009
Newsletter ISSUE:369

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Food Safety News

09/11. EFSA issues long-awaited herbal product safety guidelines
09/11. Vilsack to media : Call flu 'H1N1', not 'swine flu'
09/11. If things are so bad, then why does our life expectancy keep increasing?
09/11. What exactly is it that the Senate wants?
Food (Safety) Fight industry blog on
09/11. Registry needs clearer guidelines

Shellfish poisoning: what are the odds?
09/11. Farmers first link in safe food supply chain
09/11. Government of Canada Takes Action to Improve Food Safety
09/11. and sprouts
09/11. HHS and USDA unveil new food safety consumer Web site (
09/11. Idaho, E. Oregon onion growers invest in food safety

Acrylamide: The consumer health scare that isnt
09/10. Chicken Consumption and Use of Acid-Suppressing Medications as Risk Factors for Campylobacter Enteritis, England
09/10. IFT press book addresses produce safety
09/10. Essential oils from common spices may protect against contamination
09/10. Only 13 percent of consumers know safe burger temp: survey (

A question about the FDA's Reportable Food Registry
09/10. The only thing the President missed tonight in the Health Care Speech - Real Health Care Reform Requires Safe Food
09/10. A less dire view from CDC on non-O157:H7 shiga toxin producing E. coli
09/09. Non-O157 Shiga toxin producing E. coli - A CDC perspective
09/09. North Carolina urging corn aflatoxin tests
09/09. Form of mad cow disease spread by manure: study

Fatal Botulism Blamed on Leaky Valve
09/09. Fat Duck Was Slow to Report Scare, Health Agency Says (Update1)
09/09. Disease-causing Escherichia coli: 'I will survive'
09/09. AFBF: Antibiotic Ban Would Compromise Food Safety
09/09. R-CALF: Group Implores Senate To Reject House Version Of Food Safety Bill
09/09. Sebelius Announces New Food Safety Web Site

09/08. California poised to decide on BPA ban
09/08. What exactly is it that the Senate wants?
Food (Safety) Fight industry blog on
09/08. Verocytotoxin-producing Escherichia coli O26 in raw water buffalo (Bubalus bubalis) milk products in Italy.
09/08. Non-O157 Shiga toxin producing E. coli - A CDC perspective
09/08. FDA Seeks Comments on Reducing Acrylamide Levels in Food
09/08. Public Meetings Explain Salmonella Egg Shell Final Rule
09/08. Could Shuttle Bring Home Salmonella Vaccine?
09/08. Could Salmonella Bacteria Kill Tumors?
09/08. Non-O157:H7 Shiga Toxin E. coli - Human Disease, Vectors and Outbreaks

09/07. FDA Launches Registry to Help Prevent Food-Borne Outbreaks
09/07. Food Safety & Standards Authority of India plans to introduce new regulation for procurement of raw materials
09/07. Irradiation still not widely accepted for food safety
09/07. Thermo Fisher Scientific Wins Food Safety Innovation Award for its Melamine Detection Program in China
09/07. Pew-Commissioned Poll Finds Large Majority of Americans Want Stronger Food Safety Rules
09/07. FDA requires faster food safety reporting
09/07. Op-ed By William D. Marler JD - Real Health Care Reform Requires Safe Food
09/07. Japan: Pepper Lunch to stop business with meat processing cooperative
09/07. FDA Offers New Way for Industry Reporting of Possible Food Poisoning Cases
09/07. China: Mengniu Rebounds After Tainted Milk
09/07. UK: Veterinary Residues Committee annual report published

09/04. Testing must improve to detect supplement contamination
09/04. Action on acrylamide: Interactive timeline
09/04. Are statistics on food allergies exaggerated?
09/04. US: FDA seeks data on acrylamide
09/04. Food safety to wait on health care reform
09/04. Task force launched to promote food safety in Los Angeles
09/04. Food safety inspections, violations rise at South Florida stores
09/04. UK: Indian restaurateurs banned for life after food bug outbreak
09/04. xcuse Me Waiter, There a Frog in My Pepsi
09/04. New Spinach Safety Rules May be on The Way
09/04. UK: Consultation launched on new BSE regulations

09/03. Research shows US consumers unaware of acrylamide
09/03. Kellogg plant halts production on listeria discovery
Non-GMO Seal Identifies Foods Mostly Biotech-Free
Getting Real About Our Modern Food System
Chinese consumers react sharply to H1N1 fears
09/03. Allen Brothers: A family’s commitment to quality and food safety (Safety Zone industry blog on
09/03. Food safety concerns among global consumer trends of 2009 (
Produce in Public: Spinach, Safety and Public Policy
Another Victim of the 2006 Dole Spinach E. coli O157:H7 Stands Up - Lawsuit to Follow
Salmonella Osteomyelitis in New-onset Diabetes Mellitus
Pew-Commissioned Poll Finds Nine in Ten Iowa Voters Support More Government Oversight
CDC: Pot can be a food-borne illness factor
Produce in Public: Spinach, Safety and Public Policy
FBD: India to soon establish Food Safety Special Courts
New Video Demonstrates How Technology Ensures Safety in the Food Supply Chain
Harkin calls for tougher food-safety enforcement
Most Americans Not Overly Concerned About Food Safety
NSF International Celebrates Food Safety Education Month
Harkin hopeful Senate will pass food safety bill
Dubai: Municipality launches 'Safe Kitchen' campaign
National Pasteurized Eggs Increases Access to Safe Pasteurized Shell Eggs

Outbreak News
09/11. Fat Duck's oyster supplier bites back
09/11. UK: Colchester oysters blamed for restaurant diners' sickness
09/11. India: Catering Manager held in food poisoning case on train
09/10. Sutton baby struck down by salmonella caught from pet snake
09/10. Salmonella outbreak in onions linked to local company
09/10. UK: Family says holiday food made them sick
09/10. India: Seventy passengers fall ill after having food on train
09/10. 300 people ill in suspected food poisoning in E China city
09/10. Fat Duck food poisoning caused by shellfish contaminated with sewage, report suggests
09/08. Ship passengers contract norovirus
09/08. UK: Parents lash out after son gets salmonella on holiday
09/08. UK: Fury at reopening of Wrexham E.coli probe fish bar
09/08. Tens of Crimean children still in hospital with food poisoning

09/04. India: 60 students take ill in school
09/04. Crimea: Prosecutors open criminal case on food poisoning of children in Dzhankoi kindergartens
09/04. Over 80 children hospitalized with food poisoning in Ukraine
09/03. Wisconsin Woman Severely Sickened by E. coli in Spinach Forced to Sue Companies to Recover Massive Medical Expenses
09/03. UK: Llay chip shop identified as likely source of E-coli outbreak
09/03. Wisconsin Woman Severely Sickened by E. coli in Spinach Forced to Sue Dole, Natural Selection Foods, Mission Organics and Pic-n-Save
09/03. Greece: Six-year-old dies after eating souvlaki at fete
09/03. North Korea cancels friendly with Oman

Recall News
09/11. ALLERGY ALERT - Undeclared milk in certain APPLETON CHOCOLATES DARK CHOCOLATE TRUFFLES (3-packs only)
09/10. Steinbeck Country Produce and Ocean Mist Farms Recall Salmonella-tainted, Mexico-grown Green Onions
09/10. Pennsylvania Firm Recalls Chunky Grilled Steak with Vegetables Canned Soup Product That May Be Under-Processed
09/10. PREMIER ORGANICS Issues Nation Wide Recall For ARTISANA RAW TAHINI Because of Possible Health Risk
09/10. UK: Whittard of Chelsea withdraws three tea products
09/10. EXPANDED HEALTH HAZARD ALERT - Certain Sliced Ready-to-Eat Deli Meats May Contain Listeria Monocytogenes
09/04. HEALTH HAZARD ALERT - OCEAN MIST brand GREEN ONIONS may contain Salmonella bacteria
09/03. Georgia Agriculture Department Finds Listeria in Sample of Eggo Buttermilk Waffles at Atlanta Plant
09/03. UK: Asda withdraws Wiltshire style ham
09/02. UK: Asda withdraws Wiltshire style ham
09/02. UPDATED HEALTH HAZARD ALERT - Certain Sliced Ready-to-Eat Deli Meats May Contain Listeria Monocytogenes
09/02. Listeria discovery prompts Eggo recall
09/02. Listeria fears prompt recall of frozen meals
09/02. PETRI BAKING Products Issues Allergy Alert On One Code Of Stop & Shop Molasses Cookies
09/02. Michigan Firm Recalls Ready-To-Eat Meal Kits For Possible Listeria Contamination
09/02. TEXAS COFFEE Company Recalls Red Pepper Because of Possible Health Risk
09/02. Voluntary Prodcut Recall: Chef Pierre Gourmet Lemon Meringue Pie, Day Code 9159 Only
09/02. Voluntary Product Recall: Steinbeck Country Green Onions
09/02. OCEAN MIST FARMS Announces Precautionary, Voluntary Recall of 1,746 Cases of Iceless Green Onions


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