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9/18/ 2009
Newsletter ISSUE:368

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Food Safety News
09/18. No Link Between Brain Tumors and Nitrites and Nitrates, Study Finds
09/18. AMI Calls on USDA to Move Forward With Petition to Allow Carcass Irradiation
09/18. Supplement safety questioned - again
09/18. Health officials address lead in processed venison
09/18. F.S.I.S. urged to move ahead on carcass irradiation
09/18. Solving the E. coli Problem The Cantaloupe Theory - (Safety Zone industry blog on
09/18. Outbreak Tied To Raw Milk Serves As Cautionary Tale, Food Safety Official Says
09/18. Q&A: Food Safety Since Jack in the Box Outbreak

Technology Aids Traceability
09/18. CDC - Update on the Epidemiology of Shiga toxin-producing E. coli in the United States
09/18. Hepatitis myths put Canadians at risk, survey warns
09/18. Deer in mad cow host fear
09/18. Holidaymakers sue First Choice over stomach bugs at Turkish resort
09/18. Shining A Light On Disease: Tracking Light-emitting Bacteria During Infection
09/18. Health Ills Abound as Farm Runoff Fouls Wells
09/18. The Ugly Side of Foodborne Illness
09/18. Vilsack plays up USDA mission to promote produce consumption
09/18. Assisted Living Food Service Managers Learn About Food Recall Procedures

09/18. Check food safety with new Web site
09/17. Amino acids may cut acrylamide, boost flavour
09/17. Chemical industry rejects ies?allegation over BPA bill defeat
09/17. Denmark: Action plan against salmonella to be launched
09/17. Healthcare Reform Requires Safe Food
09/17. FSIS Releases List of Stores With Bad Burritos
09/17. U.S. Should Export CDC's Petting Zoo Rules
09/17. Will H.R. 2749 Kill Small Farms?
09/17. FDA Expands What's In "Warning Letters"
09/17. Officials Unite on Food Safety Message
09/17. Researchers stop Staph, E. coli infections with guava, local spice extracts
09/17. Canada: Listeria compensation deadline fast approaching
09/17. Some of the spice rack most flavorful seasonings may protect against bacteria of deadly food poisons
09/16. Meat additives not linked to brain tumours: Study
09/16. Kellogg plant still closed but no listeria found
09/16. Effect of pre-washing on mercury content of fish
09/16. Monolaurin may be a weapon against food bacteria
09/16. Food safety and recalls (Food (Safety) Fight industry blog on
09/16. Analysis: Oklahoma E. coli O111 Outbreak
09/16. Food Safety Bill Likely with Harkin
09/16. Bad Day At JBS Brings Tragedy To Its Victims

Fish can get mad cow disease says study
09/16. CAST Provides Consumers With Scientific Food Safety Information
09/16. The Myth About Food Safety Legislation and Small Farmers
09/16. Americans Want Tougher Food-Safety Rules
09/16. "Team Diarrhea" Follows a Trail of Sickness Caused by Tainted Food
09/15. EC tables new chemical test for marine biotoxin detection
09/15. Most Americans want tougher food safety rules: Pew poll (
09/15. Industry applauds Canada C$75m food safety overhaul
09/15. Food Safety Acts Compared: HR 2749 vs. S 510
09/15. The Walkerton E. coli Outbreak

California rejects bill to ban bisphenol A
09/14. Bisphenol A: Hearts versus minds
09/14. HACCP expert assumes role as I.F.T. president
09/14. Future Economic and Physical Costs for Victims of Foodborne Illness
09/14. 2006 Spinach E. coli Outbreak Revisited
09/14. Food Safety Hazards Associated with Consumption of Raw Milk
09/14. Raw Milk Debate is set to heat up
09/14. Tomatoes and Potatoes Infected with Late Blight: Are They Safe for Canning?

New U.S. Website to Include Pet-Food Recalls
09/14. Food Safety Hazards Associated with Consumption of Raw Milk
09/14. Vietnam: People raise concerns on food safety law
 09/12. Safety priority No. 1 for safety growers, lobbyist says
09/12. A safe food supply for Asia
09/12. Hamburg: FDA needs bigger role
09/12. Canada Invests $75 Million More in Food Safety

09/12. Egypt's Food Safety Regulations Could Expand Demand for U.S. Ag Products
09/12. UK: Anglian Water Denies Sewage Plant Infected Fat Duck Oysters
09/12. Bozeman firm testing norovirus vaccine
09/12. Harkin ready to tackle food safety bill
09/12. Eight million Vietnamese get food poisoning annually
09/12. Who gets the antibiotics?
09/12. Report examines increase in listeriosis in UK

Outbreak News

09/18. Swan's Island Hepatitis A Outbreak a Mystery?
09/18. Campylobacter Outbreak Expands
09/18. IDPH: Hepatitis A and Chlamydia Up in Iowa
09/18. Tests Confirm That Raw Milk Sales Caused Latest Outbreak of Sickness
09/18. UK: Cafe visitors hit by salmonella
09/18. UK: E. coli probe at nursery

09/18. Welsh E.coli outbreak linked to seaside resort
09/18. UK: Boy, 3, catches swine flu and E.coli
09/18. UK: Salmonella outbreak investigated in West London
09/17. UK: Children are hit by salmonella on summer holiday

09/17. UK: E.coli inquiry shuts second farm
09/17. E-coli infections at PNE fail to trigger alert
09/17. India: 8 ashram school students suffer food poisoning
09/16. A Look At Shigella--One Of The Killers In PNG

09/16. Thirteen People Sickened with E. coli at the Pacific National Exhibition in Vancouver British Columbia
09/16. Increase in stomach illness reported in St. Louis
09/16. DATCP: Outbreak tied to raw milk serves as cautionary tale, food safety official says
09/16. UK: E. coli outbreak linked to PNE petting barn
09/16. UK: Five cases of E.coli have been linked to a restaurant in Tenby

09/16. UK: Another child treated for E.coli
09/16. India: Catering Manager held in food poisoning case on train
09/16. Salmonella Outbreak May be Linked to Lettuce
09/16. Suspected food poisoning strikes 150 at Zambian funeral

09/15. Salmonella Typhimurium outbreak may be linked to shredded lettuce and 124 Illnesses Nationwide
09/15. Lettuce Suspected In Salmonella Outbreak
09/15. Salmonella in Australia Linked to "Pawpaw"
09/14. Godstone Farm and Playbarn in Surrey England linked to E coli in 12 children
09/14. Tasmania: Human threat from sparrow-killing disease

09/14. Health Officials Investigating E. coli Cases; Two Children Infected
09/14. UK: E Coli farm chief defends actions
09/14. Ireland: Verotoxigenic E. coli cases continue to rise
09/14. UK: Mother demands answers over E.coli
09/14. UK: Farm E. coli probe will take weeks

Recall News

09/18. Queen Victoria and Tubby Salmonella Spinach Recalled
09/18. Gilster-Mary Lee Corp. Issues Allergy Alert on Undeclared Almond in 21oz. Great Value Berry Crunch Cereal - Lot Code 07 21 10 N02
09/18. Y.S.Trading Corp. Issues Allergy Alert on Undeclared Milk Allergies in "Crown Cookie" (Choco Sanddo)

09/14. EXPANDED ALLERGY ALERT - Undeclared milk in certain Dark Chocolate Truffles made by the Appleton Chocolates Company
09/14. Muranaka Farm, Inc. Voluntarily Recalls 60 Count Bunched Parsley Because of Possible Salmonella

09/14. Kilwin's Quality Confections, Inc. Conducted Nationwide Recall of Chocolate-Covered Peanuts Because of Possible Health Risk
09/14. California Firm Recalls Beef and Bean Burritos for Possible Listeria Contamination
Retail Consignees For Fsis Recall 049-2009
09/14. Washington Firm Recalls Frozen Sausage Products Due To Undeclared Allergens


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