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9/26/ 2009
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Food Safety News
09/25. French plant boosts customised capacity for microbiological control
EFSA rejects report on BSE risks from sausage casings
09/25. Is it time for a single food agency? ?Part 1 (Safety Zone industry blog on
The Uglier Side of Lettuce
Shocker: A Restaurant Owner Apologizes for Foodborne Illness Outbreak
Spices May Lessen E. coli O157 Toxin
Outbreak Victims to Sue OK Restaurant
FDA Sends Out 6 Food Warning Letters
Food Recalls: Onus is on Manufacturer

Food Safety Education Month Winds Down
Hearings on Leafy Green Safety Begin
Public Health Importance of Non-O157 Shiga Toxin- Producing Escherichia coli (non-O157 STEC) in the US Food Supply
Raw milk risky, local health officials warn
Microwaving Hot Dogs May Decrease Pathogens
Ask The Nutrionist: Distillers' Grain, Cattle, E. coli O157:H7
Monsanto Loses Ruling over Genetically Altered Beets
Cancer causing?

Sensitivity to aspartame probed
Advocate slams food safety plan at USDA hearings in Monterey
Suit: Meatpacker Used 'Downer' Cows for 4 Years
UK: Pesticide Residues Committee annual report published
UK: Report of specified risk material and other BSE control breaches for August 2009

Nationwide food recall system unveiled in US
Nationwide System to Speed Product Recalls Unveiled by Food Marketing Institute and GS1 US

09/23Rapid Recall Exchange
09/23. China's food companies undergo inspections
Schwan's Ice Cream Salmonella Outbreak
$12 Million Set Aside for PCA's Victims
Raw Milk Dropped In Florida
Food Safety and recalls of your kids' food - What the GAO has to say
About Botulism - An Updated Resource - Botulism Blog

Rowley boy to speak to Congress about allergies
Health Canada to consider mustard a priority allergen in proposed regulations
Slaughter seeks new study on animal antibiotics
FDA awaits more input on traceability solutions
Sweetener aspartame to be investigated for possible side-effects
GMO beet foes say US court rules against Monsanto
Hearings begin on nationwide standards for produce safety

Strawberry season starts with a lesson on food safety
Feds lax in telling schools of recalls
National Pasteurized Eggs Expands Product Offering; Launches Food

India: Groundnut exports to EU decline 94% on strict quality norms
09/22. Korea: `MBC Program Distorted Facts on Mad Cow Disease`
09/22. Most of the world infectious diseases have jumped between humans and animals. Medical response is dangerously inadequate
09/22. FDA: new rules to reduce Salmonella from eggs
09/22. National Leafy Greens Marketing Agreement could harm local, family-scale and organic growers
09/22. Keeping your dinner plate safe
09/22. Chinese top legislature sends work groups to inspect food safety
09/22. Delays reported in securing recalled foods from our public schools
09/22. Paralytic Shellfish Poisoning shut mussel and clam harvesting in Oregon
09/22. Survey reports food safety costs doubled for California leafy greens growers

09/22. ABA Journal Shines Spotlight On Food Safety Regulation
09/22. FDA Must Set Salad Standard, Group Says
09/22. UK May Mandate E. coli Reporting
09/22. New Zealand: Overhaul of act puts onus on food outlets to ensure safety
09/22. The Myth About Food Safety Legislation and Small Farmers
09/22. GAO: Feds failed to tell schools of suspect food
09/22. New Zealand: 30-year overhaul aims to clean up food
09/22. Korea: Food Poisoning Germ Found in 20% of Imported Meat

09/22. Post-Chernobyl monitoring reports 2008 published
09/21. Quorn manufacturer faces lawsuit
ABA Journal Shines Spotlight On Food Safety Regulation
09/21. Planning a Fundraiser? Check Food Code First
09/21. Dole Spinach E. coli Outbreak
Malt-O-Meal Salmonella Outbreak
Why Norovirus is #1
What The Restaurant Industry Should Do . . .
JBS Growth Could Carry It To Top In USA
Q&A: Nestle on Food Safety Politics

Former Under Secretary For Food Safety Speaks Up
09/20. Mandatory Recalls? Careful what you ask for
09/20. Reid Promises Family Senate Action
Settlement Reached In Spinach Lawsuit
Food Safety Expert Weighs in on Food Safety Progress and Pending Legislation
New food-labelling proposals tabled by Health Canada
Researchers discovers new way Listeria spreads
09/19. Risk Posed by Non-O157 E. coli Greater Than Recognized
09/19. New US food-safety law could wipe out RP small food exporters
Is that food safe? Log on to find out
Fat Duck diners seek compensation over food poisoning

Outbreak News
09/25. Fresh Produce Suspected in Three State E. coli Outbreak
09/25. FoodTrack Confirms E. coli Investigation
09/25. UK Petting Farm Outbreak Grows
09/25. Bacteria likely to have caused school children's food poisoning
09/25. Cyprus: Bad mayonnaise blamed for food poisoning
09/25. Heston Blumenthal's apology to Fat Duck food poisoning victims
09/23. Canada listeria death stumps officials
09/23. Produce E. coli Outbreak in 3 States
09/23. UK: Food bug alert
09/23. UK: Numbers rise in E.coli outbreak
09/23. UK: 49 ill in 'poison kebabs' scare
09/23. Food poisoning: Death toll rises to 11 in Orissa
09/22. UK: Salmonella outbreak in Hammersmith and Fulham
09/22. E. coli O157 Found in Feces at Petting Farm
09/21. UK: Crawley children infected with E.coli
09/21. PNE Linked To 13 E. Coli Cases In Canada
09/21. UK: E coli sufferers to sue Godstone Farm
09/21. UK: Animals test positive for E.coli [O157]
09/21. India: Medical team to investigate Kandhamal poison' deaths
09/21. India: Death due to food poisoning increases to nine

Recall News
09/25. Price Rite 25 Ct Beef Bouillon is Being Voluntarily Recalled Due to Allergy Alert
09/25. UK: Some Bernard Matthews Chunky Tikka Turkey withdrawn
09/25. Missouri Firm Recalls Sausage Products Due to Mislabeling and an Undeclared Allergen
09/22. Garden-Fresh Foods Issues Allergy Alert On Undeclared Milk in 16-Ounce Archer Farms Potato Salad
09/22. UK: Some Dolmio pasta sauce recalled
09/21. Ohio's Fannie May Confections recalls candy bars
09/21. Garden-Fresh Foods Issues Allergy Alert On Undeclared Milk in 16-Ounce Archer Farms Potato Salad
09/21. Ippolito International, LP Voluntarily Recalls Bunch Spinach Because ofPossible Health Risk Nationwide and Canada
09/21. Better Buns Inc. Issues Allergy Alert on Undeclared Eggs in 22oz Europa Baking Company Brand 6 Pack Knot Rolls
09/21. UK: Asda withdraws Chocolate Delights

Intensified Verification Testing (IVT) Protocol for Sampling of Product, Food Contact Surfaces and Environmental Surfaces for Listeria Monocytogenes
FDA Prevents Two Dairies from Adulterating Animal Drugs and Food
FSIS Receives OPM Approval to Implement Results-Based, Competency-Linked Pay-For-Performance System
Inspection, Sampling, and Disposition of Animals for Tuberculosis | Related Documents
Salmonella Typhimurium Outbreak Updated
Sampling of Low Production Volume Raw Ground Beef Establishments for Salmonella and Escherichia Coli O157:H7
Consumer Alert: Keeping Food Safe During An Emergency

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