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10/21. AMI Reiterates Request to USDA to Implement Policy that Would Require Companies to Hold FSIS-Tested Control Product

10/21. US meat industry failing on E.coli testing - Senator

10/21. CSPI¡¯s 10 Riskiest Foods Really Aren¡¯t: It¡¯s time to stop misleading the public

10/21. Canada: H1N1 turns up at turkey farm

10/21. Australia ending B.S.E. restrictions

10/21. Non-0157 STECS are adulterants and here¡¯s why

10/21. FDA releases 2007 monitoring data for antimicrobial resistance in retail meat

10/21. Senator Gillibrand Proposes Anti - E. coli Legislation

10/21. Food Safety: Majority in U.S. feel food industry doesn't do enough

10/21. Victims Lobby for Food Safety Legislation

10/21. Leafy Greens Hearings Drawing to End

10/21. Lies, Damn Lies, and Statistics . . .

10/21. A Response to AMI's Misuse of Statistics

10/21. Two Recalls, Two Reactions

10/21. Warning Issued to Soy, Tofu Maker

10/21. Should Irradiation be adopted as another method of minimizing bacterial contamination on animal carcasses?

10/21. A family that takes food allergies seriously

10/21. Trigger of deadly food toxin discovered

10/21. Food Experts Serve Up Answers For Consumers

10/21. Victims Lobby for Food Safety Legislation

10/21. FSIS needs better recall process

10/20. USDA Confirms Novel H1N1 in Minnesota Pigs; AMI Assures Consumers That Pork is Safe

10/20. Sen. Gillibrand proposes food safety overhauls

10/20. China packaging firm reaps rewards from food safety law

10/20. U.S. Catfish Industry Launches Campaign Urging USDA to Ensure Safety of Imported Catfish

10/20. New cattle vaccine may make food, water safer for human consumption

10/20. Raw Milk Advocates Plod Through States

10/20. FDA Acts to Reduce Raw Oyster Poisoning

10/20. Marler Clark Foodborne Illness Victims Meet With White House to Push for Food Safety Reform

10/20. UK: 'Ban on children touching farm animals'

10/20. The FDA's pistachio safety measures

10/20. Senate to Hold Hearing on Food Safety

10/20. India: Coke fined Rs 1 lakh for fungus in soft drink bottle

10/20. Area farmers markets weigh raw-milk debate

10/19. Raw Milk Outbreaks do happen

10/19. FDA to combat vibrio vulnificus in oysters by requiring further processing

10/19. Upgrading the safety and quality of sausages // 19 Oct 2009

10/19. US stops more canola meal with salmonella

10/19. Tackling Typhoid: First High-throughput Analysis Of Every Salmonella Typhi Gene

10/19. Finland: Salmonella Cleanup Costlier Than Expected

10/19. Safer airplane water on the way

10/19. Health Education Focuses on Food Safety

10/19. Danisco and DuPont Qualicon Strengthen Natural Food Safety

10/19. Legislation proposed to address food safety

10/19. Study calls on retailers to improve food safety in Asia

10/19. DM forms committee to organize Dubai International Food Safety Conference

10/19. GAO Finds Gaps in Import Safety

10/19. India: FSSAI likely to establish food safety special courts soon

10/19. Food safety programs alter farming

10/19. Red Tide Puts Puget Sound Shellfish Off

10/19. FDA Enacting Stricter Oyster Regulations

10/19. Raw Milk Risks and Benefits Explained

10/16. Mandatory E.coli tests no magic bullet, says US meat body

10/16. AMI Responds to E. coli Bill

10/16. FSIS Remains Leaderless

10/16. $90K food-safety fine for South SF tofu maker

10/16. Pork Industry Still Reeling From Swine Flu

10/16. Debate grows over raw milk

10/15. US meat industry says beef safer than ever

10/15. BPA review waste of money and delaying tactic - Scientists

10/15. OMB Watch Say "USDA Budget Leaves Food Safety Agency Wanting"

10/15. CDC Recommends Increased Testing and Surveilance of all Shiga toxin E. coli

10/15. Hardy New Aflatoxin-Resistant Corn Lines Released

10/15. Why youngsters are more prone to human form of mad cow disease

10/15. PanThera Biopharma wins $1.6 million contract for botulism antidote research

10/15. DeLauro Says 'Next Year' on S. 510

10/15. The Food-Safety Muddle

10/15. New England Journal of Medicine: Bacterial Diarrhea

10/15. Selling Raw Milk Has Risks

10/15. Protecting America's Food Supply Takes Backseat With Obama

10/15. HACCP: Food safety and regulatory compliance

10/15. Food safety comes from market

10/15. USDA Budget Leaves Food Safety Agency Wanting

10/15. Pennsylvania Food Safety Director: "Think Hard" Before Selling Raw-Milk

10/15. China, a lab for countries to learn food safety: WFP's deputy executive director

10/15. EU and Greenpeace row over safety of GM food

10/15. 2.2m Die Of Food Poison In Africa

10/15. Our view on food safety: Bacteria in ground beef takes an intolerable toll

10/15. Bug Barcode Readers Hold Out Promise Of Universal Vaccines

10/15. UK: Advice for caterers on handling eggs safely

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