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11/21. Spoiled: California Food Safety Legislation Dies On The Vine

11/21. FAO Summit Touches on Food Safety

11/21. Food Safety Bill Approved by Senate HELP Committee

11/21. Japan, China, S.Korea sign food safety memorandum

11/21. Schools unknowingly serve tainted food in lunches

11/21. Oysters, or not

11/21. Drug misuse on Minnesota dairy cows prompts federal warning

11/21. GMA Statement in Response to Mark-Up of the FDA Food Safety Modernization Act of 2009

11/20. New Holiday Food Safety Site Unveiled

11/20. USDA: Poultry Pathogen Reduction Working

11/20. Settlement Reached in Yet Another E. coli Raw Milk Case

11/20. Cannibalism clue to brain disease

11/20. The Dirt on Shrimp

11/20. Food safety debate sparks food fights

11/20. Health Violations Put Food Distributor Under Microscope

11/20. UK: Butcher fined over hygiene breach

11/20. Jolley: Five Minutes With Jim Hodges, President, American Meat Institute Foundation

11/20. Vietnam: City leaders eye food safety

11/20. Taiwan: No consensus in Legislature on food safety bill

11/20. Food Safety: Another Benefit of Healthy School Lunch Programs?

11/20. Klobuchar's food safety bill headed to Senate floor

11/19. Coalition of Agricultural Trade Associations Opposing PAMTA

11/19. Food Safety Legislation Impacts IT Systems

11/19. Food Safety Bill Clears Senate Committee

11/19. RP lifts ban on US meat, bone meal

11/19. New Guinean Cannibals Evolved Resistance To Mad Cow-Like Disease

11/19. Large, childcare-associated Shigellosis outbreak clues researchers into best treatment, management strategies

11/19. Cholera outbreaks depend on river flow, say scientists

11/19. Protection of Organic Products Taken to Next Level

11/19. Listeria Found in Eggo Waffles Prior To Shortage

11/19. New code to reduce Salmonella in UK animal feed

11/19. Senate panel passes food safety bill tied to Blakely plant

11/19. Trustee: 154 salmonella claims filed

11/19. Senate Bill Would Require E. Coli Testing

11/19. Food-Safety Overhaul Plan Approved by Senate Panel

11/19. Institute calls for traceability modernization

11/19. Canada Mounts Farm Food Safety Campaign

11/19. Unique Food Safety Conference Tomorrow

11/19. Study Shows Food Safety Isn't Simple

11/19. Ireland: Seafood company fined for safety breaches

11/19. Wilton family joins Dodd in calling for overhaul of food safety system

11/19. The five keys to safer food training course

11/18. US dairy industry plea to boost raw milk regulation

11/18. Child food allergies on the rise in the US

11/18. Bill to ban bisphenol A tabled in US

11/18. Losing the Face-to-Face in the Global Food Market

11/18. Help for Organic Farmers Added to S. 510

11/18. Chile in select group of eleven countries with insignificant mad-cow risk

11/18. 1500 Hit by Food Bug at Six First Choice Resorts

11/18. Ag chief vows better food alerts to schools

11/18. New Report Recommends Enhanced Food Tracing Guidelines

11/18. UK: Organic Alliance expands Food Safety Program

11/18. What's packaging's role in food safety?

11/18. Food Safety Bill, OSHA Nominee Approved by Senate Panel

11/18. The FDA's approach to VV and oysters is a glaring example of bureaucratic overkill

11/18. Food poisoning: Source of E. coli illness often can't be found

11/17. Bisphenol A link to male sexual dysfunction challenged

11/17. Raw Milk Sales Could Reinvigorate U.S. Dairy Farms

11/17. Dairy Groups Urge Senators to Include Raw Milk Facilities in Food Safety Regulations

11/17. Second Lawsuit Filed Against Fairbank Farms in E. coli Outbreak

11/17. AMIF: Progress Toward Eliminating O157

11/17. Small Ag Organizes to Amend Senate Bill

11/17. Q&A With 'Meatpacking Maverick' Munsell - Part II

11/17. Food Allergies in Children on the Rise

11/17. High Acrylamide Levels in Espresso

11/17. FDA holds off on oyster ban

11/17. Listeriosis Exposure Can Result in Stillbirth

11/17. New Zealand - Top marks for meat inspection

11/17. U.S. stops 19 Canada canola meal loads from Cargill

11/17. Australia: Hygiene threatens kangaroo meat industry

11/17. Pet owners' help needed to keep crops safe

11/17. Schools in the dark about tainted lunches

11/17. US Sen. Harkin: Help Committee to consider food safety legislation to strengthen public faith in food supply

11/17. NLGMA based on safety and science

11/17. Boyle Heights food vendors try to survive as city crackdown intensifies

11/17. Biotech crops cause big jump in pesticide use: report

11/17. Poll finds state voters support federal enforcement to prevent food poisoning

11/17. Monsanto Pulls GM Corn Amid Serious Food Safety Concerns

11/17. Canada: Scarborough eatery fined $20000 over food safety

11/17. Should 15 People Die Every Year from A Flesh-Eating Oyster Disease?

11/17. Organic Alliance Expands Food Safety Program

11/17. Women sue Lake Stevens Mexican restaurant after E. coli poisoning

11/16. Risk of infant, foetal mortality from Listeria higher than believed

11/16. Concern over canned foods

11/16. Confusion about N-60 Testing

11/16. WHO - Millions Die Needlessdly from Eating Food

11/16. Pistachio Growers Receive $500K Subsidy

11/16. Under Pressure, FDA Puts Oyster Policy On Hold

11/16. Foodborne Illness Impact Study Published

11/16. NAIS: Simpler Technology Fuels Fire

11/16. Bacteria in Formula Poses Risk for Infants

11/16. Q&A With 'Meatpacking Maverick' Munsell

11/16. Brain Injury Caused by Infant Formula

11/16. WHO - a Global Approach to Food Safety

11/15. Schumer introducing allergies act

11/15. Dogs Help Sniff Out Peanut Allergies

11/15. FDA Asks Judge To Close Down Haifa Fish

11/15. UK: Butcher closed as E.coli discovered

11/15. Australia: New food safety supervisor rules pass

11/15. Food safety is increased using irradiation

11/15. Product Tracing in Food Systems Report Released

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