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12/07. Hand-washing cuts food poisoning

12/07. Acrylamide poised for inclusion on EU hazardous chem list

12/07. Consumers Union and the National Chicken Council comment on C.U.'s distressing new pathogens-in-chicken study

12/07. Ten things government can do to help small plants improve food safety

12/07. Meatingplace webinar: Winning the ground (beef) war against E. coli

12/07. Lettuce In Tacos Could Cost $76 Million

12/07. Meat Industry Touts School Lunch Safety

12/07. FDA Advises Consumers Not To Eat Oysters

12/07. It is against the law to have E. coli O157:H7 in hamburger - Period

12/07. The history of raw milk

12/07. Tracking livestock-- We could learn plenty from Australia, Canada

12/07. Canadian doctors hunt tiny killer - misfolded prions

12/07. Many opinions on the best way to prevent E. coli infection from beef

12/07. US: E. coli cattle vaccine tested on large scale at last

12/07. Opinion: Gillibrand's wrong on food safety

12/07. Dancer Paralyzed by E. coli Sues Cargill

12/07. Raw milk all right?

12/07. Florida growers ahead of food safety trends

12/07. UAE to have national law on food safety

12/07. US Senator introduces food safety bill 07 Dec 2009

12/07. FDA announces intent for enforceable produce safety standards

12/07. Campylobacter report published by FSA in Scotland

12/04. Tyson clashes with FDA over 'serious violations'

12/04. BPA Returns to the Consumer Stage

12/04. Vaccine approvals?I guess it is all about priorities

12/04. Cat food recall originated in same plant that sickened dogs, firm says

12/04. Bronson defends oyster stance at delegation hearing

12/04. Research Reveals Evolution of Deadly New Salmonella Strain

12/04. Geographic variations and temporal trends of Salmonella-associated hospitalization in the U.S. elderly

12/04. Schools Get Beef from California Plant Tainted with Salmonella

12/04. UK: Missed inspections trigger worry over potential Flintshire E.coli outbreak

12/04. WSU profs: E. coli is one tough bug

12/04. Ag firms with Salinas ties face E. coli lawsuits

12/04. UF Predicts Where Pathogens Grow

12/04. China: Confusing messages poison public over food safety

12/04. Minnesota woman sues Cargill for $100 million in E. coli case

12/04. Reporting Food Safety Issues

12/04. China: Don't play with food safety

12/04. School District Wins Food Safety Kudos

12/04. Food Safety Means Business Opportunity

12/04. After Delays, Vaccine to Counter Bad Beef Tested

12/03. No restrictions for BPA probe vows budget body

12/03. Plastics industry rejects call for UK bisphenol A ban

12/03. Pass the turkey, hold the arsenic

12/03. What Carcinogens Are in Your Turkey? Rep. Israel Announces New Legislation to Get Arsenic out of Poultry

12/03. Senator Feinstein Introduces Legislation to Protect Consumers from Harmful Food Pathogens

12/03. BPA Returns to the Consumer Stage

12/03. Raw Milk, and the Problem with Unlicensed Dairies

12/03. Raw Milk E. coli Strikes Again - Recent illnesses are reminder of risks from drinking raw milk

12/03. Study Reveals Sushi Fraud, Hazard in NY

12/03. BPA Found in Newborn Umbilical Cords

12/03. E. coli Lawsuit to be filed against food giant Cargill on behalf of Stephanie Smith

12/03. Recalled Beef Still Delivered To Schools

12/03. Germs found in tobacco can cause diseases: study

12/03. The "Kill Step" Consumer

12/03. Canteen: Food safety projects receive funding boost

12/03. Computer model reveals where food pathogens grow

12/02. No bisphenol A decision yet - FDA

12/02. We can get by with a little help from our friends

12/02. FDA Releases Details on Pet Food Recall

12/02. Senator Introduces Bill to Ban E. coli

12/02. Ag Groups Call for Death to NAIS

12/02. Perfectly Healthy to Dead in Twelve Days - Hemolytic Uremic Syndrome

12/02. Schools get beef from tainted plant

12/02. Why a recall of tainted beef didn't include school lunches

12/02. Family's nightmare began with secondary infection

12/02. Taco Bell Blames E. Coli on Suppliers

12/02. E. coli Lawsuit Filed in Lettuce Case

12/02. Ireland: Mice droppings found in food shop

12/02. Texas Sues Halal Group Over Food Safety

12/02. Florida tomato industry demonstrates food safety to FDA

12/02. UK: Guide to buying food when you have an allergy

12/01. Recycling firm in pig feed scare to sue oil supplier

12/01. Fruit extracts offer promise for acrylamide cuts

12/01. UK experts call for bisphenol A ban

12/01. IFT report recommends enhanced food traceability

12/01. Will the Food Safety Bill Make Food Safe?

12/01. Two More E. coli Lawsuits Filed Against Ixtapa

12/01. Food poisoning - don't blame it on the oysters

12/01. Cause of mysterious hog plant illnesses confirmed

12/01. It Takes Two to Tango: How Pathogen Invades

12/01. More E. coli Lawsuits Filed in WA

12/01. Portland looking for better emergency notification system after E. coli scare

12/01. Study pits bacteria against salmonella in tomatoes

12/01. China: Expo food to meet Olympic safety standards

12/01. UPDATE 1-EU clears Syngenta GMO maize for feed, food imports

12/01. Senator Feinstein on Processed Food Safety Act

12/01. Ecolab Partners with National Restaurant Association to Offer ServSafe¢ē Training to the International Restaurant Industry

12/01. Neogen Acquires Gen-Probe's BioKits Food Safety Business

12/01. FDA Warns of Unsafe Conditions at Tyson Foods Soup Plant

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