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12/21. Plastic pallet company defiant in face of DecaBDE phase-out pact

12/21. Before you consider drinking raw milk, PLEASE read this and watch these videos

12/21. Please Pass the Bacteria

12/21. Salmonella Science Unsettled

12/21. Wyoming Ag department warns of raw milk

12/21. Raw Milk Facts in Short Supply At Wisconsin Rally, says Bill Marler

12/21. Test results on Enterobacter sakazakii in powdered infant formula

12/21. Is FDA's Reportable Food Registry Working?

12/21. New rules prompt debate over food licensing

12/21. Honolulu County has just 9 food inspectors

12/21. Pierce County budget cuts close food safety program

12/21. Assembly panel looks at state's ability to ensure safety of food

12/21. Health Department wants new food safety laws

12/21. Greenhouse growers push food safety message

12/21. UK: Report of specified risk material and other BSE control breaches for November 2009

12/18. A.M.I. defends safety standards of school lunch program

12/18. Food safety top food story of 2009: Survey

12/18. Recall leads to permanent closing of Big Boy facility in Mich.

12/18. NZ, China Complete Food Safety Exchange

12/18. Fish Company In Compliance With FDA

12/18. Local Epidemiology Capacity Decreasing

12/18. FDA Unhappy with Seafood Processor

12/18. Antibiotic Resistance Explored on Hill

12/18. More people could have 'mad cow disease' than previously thought

12/18. Kills 99.9% of Germs -- Sometimes

12/18. Australia: Hepatitis scare for Afghani community

12/18. Breakthrough in the battle against campylobacter in poultry

12/18. Egg Processing Plant Carts Can Harbor Bacteria

12/18. Senator seeks 'strict testing' for meat sent to US schools

12/18. HZI Researchers Redefine The Invasion Mechanism Of Salmonella

12/17. Can Meta-analysis Help Biosafety Research?

12/17. Food safety, child obesity make top food stories of the year, decade

12/17. Bill Introduced to Increase Fruits, Veggies at School

12/17. FDA Attempts to Corral Raw Milk Producer

12/17. County Reaches Agreement With Dairy After Raw Milk Outbreak

12/17. 88 More Jobless In Michigan After Recall

12/17. 26500 school cafeterias lack required inspections

12/17. Study explains Salmonella's infection strategy

12/17. FBD: Whole Foods been sued over spoiled milk in Connecticut

12/17. School Lunch Laws Are Unenforceable, Says USDA

12/17. Handing Out Food To Homeless Could Be Illegal

12/17. "Mad" Honey Sends Virility-Seeking Men to the ER

12/16. AMI Foundation Releases Backgrounder on Role of N-60 Sampling Program in Ground Beef Safety

12/16. New fears surface over bisphenol A

12/16. Food safety tops consumer food-stories list: survey

12/16. ND Food Poisoning Victims (and the Public) Do Deserve Better

12/16. For this Young Mother any Raw Milk Benefits were not Worth the Risks

12/16. 2008 Raw Goat Milk E. coli O157:H7 Outbreak linked to Dairy and Retail

12/16. Mycotoxin occurrence analysed by multi-mycotoxin test

12/16. Raw milk threatens health of population

12/16. Salmonella Finds "Niche" Inside Almond Plant

12/16. Scott County (MO) Health Department warns of possible salmonella contamination from head cheese

12/16. Connecticut Families Sue Dairy, Grocer Over Spoiled Milk

12/16. Washington Raw Milk Illnesses a Reminder to Beware Risks

12/16. Schools lax in preventing food illnesses

12/16. In New York, a model for how to improve a school cafeteria

12/16. Korea: Tighter Steps for Imported Seafood Safety Proposed

12/16. USDA Called On to Improve School Meat Safety

12/16. School cafeterias around the country get low grades for food safety

12/16. Book Review: The Raw Milk Revolution

12/16. Foodborne E. Coli Suspected in Urinary Tract Infections

12/16. New Tests Confirm Wood Pallets Harbor Deadly Food Poisoning Bacteria

12/15. Canada bans four U.S. meat plants (UPDATE)

12/15. School Food Safety Programs

12/15. Blame-Game: How Cargill Pointed the Finger

12/15. Gaps Found in FDA Food Facility Registry

12/15. Ongoing research to reduce aflatoxin contamination in corn

12/15. Senator seeks 'strict testing' for meat sent to schools

View Sen. Gillibrandí»s letter to the USDA

12/15. FDA Expands Presence Outside U.S. With Opening of Mexico City Post

View FDA News Release

12/15. More than 10 products found with pesticides, celery tops list

12/15. Canada: Fines for Food Safety Violations

12/15. India Launches Pilot Food Safety Project

12/15. New Zealand, China work on food safety

12/15. School Food Safety Programs

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