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HACCP Video (from UNL)
This video made by Dr. M. Brashears at UNL.
The site is linked to directly to UNL.
(Click and wait for 20-30 sec.)

Introduction to the Principles of HACCP (English, 15:14)
Beginning: Introduction to HACCP (4:10)
Goal of HACCP and the Seven Principles (0:54)
Principles 1 & 2: Conducting a Hazard Analysis and Identifying Critical Control Points (0:47)
Principle 3: Establishing Critical Limits (0:19)
Principle 4: Establishing Monitoring Procedures (0:36)
Principle 5: Establishing Corrective Action (0:26)
Principle 6: Establishing Record Keeping (0:29)
Principle 7: Verification (0:53)
HACCP Example Plan (5:04)
Summary of HACCP (2:20)


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