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12/24. FDA Updates Chipotle E. coli O26 Outbreaks
12/23. Largest Multistate Food Poisoning Outbreaks 2015: #10, Blue Bell
12/22. CDC Investigating Another E. coli Outbreak at Chipotle in OK, KS
12/21. Canada Salmonella Outbreak: Poultry Products “Items of Interest”

12/10. Norovirus at Cleveland Circle Chipotle Sickens 141 BC Students
12/09. Boston Chipotle Source of Norovirus Outbreak
12/08. Campylobacter Outbreak Reported at Blair Academy in New Jersey
12/07. About 30 Sickened With Campylobacter at NJ Boarding School
12/07. Celery and Onion Diced Blend Linked to 2 E. coli Outbreaks in 2 Years

12/03. Politicians get involved in NZ hep A in berries outbreak
12/02. Salmonella outbreak linked to JEM Nut Butter Spreads
12/02. Oregon Nut Butter Sickens 11 with Salmonella

11/27. Costco E. coli O157:H7 Chicken Salad Outbreak: It’s the Veggies
11/26. Shigella outbreak traced to imported coriander
11/26. E. Coli Outbreak Traced to Chocolate Dessert Served at Reno Restaurant
11/25. Costco Chicken Salad Sickens 19 in California, Colorado, Missouri, Montana, Utah, Virginia and Washington
11/23. Twisted Fork E. coli Outbreak Linked to Dessert from Reno Provisions
11/23. 21 E. coli O157:H7 Cases Linked to Reno Provisions Dessert

11/18. Vibrio Outbreak in Florida Highest in Years
11/16. McDonalds Hepatitis A: Scare in Waterloo, New York

11/13. Chipotle E. coli Outbreak Sickens 50
11/10. Eight Cases of E. Coli Infection Linked to Now-Closed Nevada Restaurant
11/10. E. coli Outbreak at Twisted Fork Restaurant in Reno, Nevada

11/03. Cryptosporidium Outbreak in Pike County, IL Linked to Apple Cider

10/29. Legionnaires’ Disease Outbreak at St. Joseph’s Hospital in Syracuse, NY
10/26. Mariscos San Juan Shigella Outbreak Sickens 141

10/23. Karoun Cheese Listeria Outbreak Ends After Killing Three
10/22. Raw Milk E. coli and Campylobacter Outbreak in Idaho
10/21. Undercooked Burgers Likely Caused E. Coli Outbreak; Ground Beef So Far Escapes Recall
10/21. Aspen Foods Salmonella Outbreak Ends
10/20. 15 sick with Salmonella from raw frozen chicken thingies
10/19. Salmonella Outbreak Linked to Barber Foods Frozen Chicken Over

10/14. Two Salmonella Outbreaks Linked to Pet Turtles
10/13. Andrew & Williamson Fresh Produce Cucumbers Sicken 732 & Kill 4 with Salmonella
10/12. Church Tells Congregation Not to Talk About Salmonella Outbreak
10/12. Worthy Burger E. coli Outbreak Sickens 11 in 3 States
10/12. Oxford County Fair E. coli Outbreak: Hand Sanitizers Were Empty
10/12. Salmonella in Cucumbers Sickens 40 in Wisconsin

10/08. Fourth Person Dies in Cucumber Salmonella Outbreak
10/07. Salmonella Cucumber Outbreak: 4 Dead, 732 Sick in 35 States – 12 Lawsuits
10/06. Lawsuit Filed Against Fig & Olive Restaurant for Salmonella Illness
10/05. One Dead in Morris Park, NY Legionnaires’ Disease Outbreak
10/05. San Quentin Legionnaires’ Outbreak Traced to Cooling Towers

10/02. Vibrio Outbreak Closes Massachusetts Oyster Beds
10/01. Worthy Burger E. coli Outbreak Grows to Nine Patients
09/30. Salmonella Outbreak Linked to Aspen Chicken Grows
09/30. Update: Six Vermont E. Coli Cases Being Linked to Undercooked Ground Beef
09/29. CDC Update: 3 Deaths, 671 Salmonella Cases in 34 States Linked to Cucumbers
09/29. Salmonella Thompson in North Dakota
09/28. Pink Burgers Again; Vermont Worthy Burger E. coli Outbreak

09/25. German Egg Farmer Arrested in Fatal UK Salmonella Outbreak
09/23. Cucumber Salmonella Outbreak Sickens 558
09/22. Revisiting the Peanut Corporation of American Salmonella Outbreak
09/22. Listeria sickens 24 and kills one in outbreak with soft cheese link
09/21. CDC: Cyclospora Outbreak Linked to Mexican Cilantro Sickened 546 People
09/21. Fatality, Miscarriage in Listeria Outbreak Linked to Soft Cheeses

09/15. Salmonella Cucumber Outbreak Spreads to 31 States, 418 Sick
09/15. Salmonella Cucumber Outbreak Numbers Rise

09/10. MN Firm Investigating Salmonella Outbreak at Chipotle Restaurants
09/09. More Sick in Quincy Veterans’ Home Legionnaries’ Outbreak

09/03. Seven Have Died in Quincy IL Veterans Home Legionnaires’ Outbreak
09/03. A Taste of 20 Years of Washington E. coli Outbreaks
09/02. Seattle E. coli Outbreak Linked to Los Chilangos Food Truck
09/02. Seven Have Died in Quincy IL Veterans Home Legionnaires’ Outbreak
09/01. Legionnaires’ Outbreak at San Quentin State Prison
08/31. Antibiotic Resistant Salmonella in Kapowsin Pork Sickens 152

08/28. Blue Bell Ice Cream Listeria Outbreak Timeline
08/27. Details on South Bronx Legionnaires’ Outbreak Investigation
08/26. Washington Pork Outbreak Continues
08/26. At Least 60 People Sickened After Eating at Southern CA Chipotle Restaurant
08/26. CDC Updates Cyclospora Numbers Likely Linked to Mexican Cilantro
08/25. Unlicensed Michigan Canner is Botulism Risk
08/25. Timeline of Bronx Opera House Hotel Legionnaires’ Outbreak
08/24. E. coli Hits Canada – Source Unknown

08/19. Cyclospora Sickens 476 in 29 States
08/18. New York Updates South Bronx Legionnaires’ Outbreak
08/18. Mayor’s Office Identifies South Bronx Legionnaires’ Disease Sites
08/18. Kapowsin Meats Tied to 134 Pork Salmonella Cases
08/17. Boy, 8, Among 134 Sickened in Washington Salmonella Outbreak
08/17. Vibrio Outbreak Sickens 67 in Canada
08/17. Legionnaires Disease the Source of Most Waterborne Outbreaks

08/15. NYC’s Largest-Ever Legionnaires’ Outbreak Sickens 124
08/14. Indiana E. coli Outbreak in Fulton, Wabash and Marshall Counties
08/13. WA Salmonella Cases Now at 134 in 10 Counties, Outbreak Strain Found at WA Slaughterhouse
08/13. Washington Pork Salmonella Outbreak Hits 134
08/12. Cyclospora Sickens 457 in 29 States
08/11. Texas Has 237 Cases of Cyclospora; Possible Link to Cilantro
08/10. Rapid Response on Ohio’s Church Potluck Botulism Outbreak
08/10. Texas Tallies Cyclospora Illnesses
08/09. Boise Co-op Violates Safety Regulations after Salmonella Outbreak
08/09. Cyclospora Outbreak Spreads to Canada

08/07. New York Legionnaires Outbreak: 100 Sick, 10 Dead
08/07. Blue Bell Builds Inventory for Return After Listeria Outbreak
08/07. Ohio Church Potluck Botulism Outbreak Nation’s Largest in 40 Years
08/06. Norovirus Outbreak at Bali Hai in San Diego
08/05. CDC Ups Cyclospora Count to 384 – Cilanto Suspected
08/05. Seven People Now Dead in New York Legionnaires’ Outbreak
08/04. Norovirus Suspected in Illnesses Following San Diego Awards Banquet
08/03. CDC: 358 Cyclospora Cases in 26 States Linked to Cilantro
08/03. In Atlanta, Cyclospora at Buckhead, Chastain Park Restaurants Sickens Dozens
08/03. Salmonella Pork Outbreak in Snohomish, King, Pierce, Yakima, Clark, Thurston, Mason, Kitsap and Grays Harbor Counties

07/31. Washington Salmonella Outbreak Linked to Whole Roasted Pigs
07/30. 70 Sickened in May WI Salmonella Outbreak Linked to Pork Carnitas
07/29. Cilantro Tainted by Human Waste Sickens Eight in Wisconsin
07/29. Barber Foods Salmonella Stuffed Chicken Entrees Sicken Nine
07/28. Cilantro Tainted by Human Waste Sickens Eight in Wisconsin
07/27. Salmonella Outbreak Confirmed by Mohawk Council of Akwesasne
07/27. 100 sick: Spaghetti linked to Salmonella poisoning in Czech Republic

07/24. Salmonella Raw Tuna Outbreak Sickens 62 in 11 States
07/23. Salmonella illness outbreak appears to be linked to pork :
07/23. Cryptosporidiosis Outbreak Associated with Raw Milk in TN
07/23. E. coli Outbreaks at Fairs Are Fairly Common
07/23. Salmonella Sushi Outbreak Update: 62 Sick in 11 States
07/22. North Dakota E. coli Outbreak at Red River Valley Fair
07/22. Frozen Yellow Fin Tuna Chunk Meat Recalled After Minnesota Salmonella Outbreak
07/21. Red River Valley Fair Possible Link in E. coli Outbreak
07/20. Imported Tuna in Sushi Sickens Two in Minnesota with Salmonella
07/20. Cyclospora Strikes Texas for Third Straight Year
07/20. Texas Cyclospora Numbers Numbers Hit 182

07/17. Outbreaks Linked to Frozen Foods
07/17. Portland Open Source Bridge Conference Source Of Salmonella Outbreak
07/15. Settlements Reached in 2014 E. coli O121 Sprout Outbreak
07/14. Minnesota Now Linked to Nationwide Salmonella Sushi Outbreak
07/13. Cyclospora Sickens 151 in Texas this Year
07/13. Chicks with Salmonella Sicken 181 in 40 States

07/10. Cyclospora Sickens 151 in Texas
07/08. More Than 180 Children Sickened by Foodborne Illness in Pakistan
07/08. Texas Cyclospora Outbreak Increases to 121
07/08. Update: 1 Death, 262 Illnesses From Tarheel Q Salmonella Outbreak
07/06. Salmonella Sunday – Update on Outbreaks: Tarheel Q, Boise Co-op and Supermercado Los Corrales
07/06. Kenosha Supermercado Los Corrales Salmonella Outbreak Information
07/06. Chicken Kiev Linked to Salmonella Outbreak Sold at Sam's Club
07/06. Two Salmonella Outbreaks in Minnesota Linked to Frozen Raw Breaded Poultry Products

07/03. Salmonella from Live Poultry Linked to Four Outbreaks
07/03. Alabama Links Staph Outbreak at Sunnyside Daycare to Food
07/02. Minnesota Breaks Another Chicken Salmonella Outbreak
07/01. Cyclospora Outbreak in Texas Sickens 84 People
06/30. Salmonella Outbreak in Canada Linked to Raw Chicken
06/29. Tarheel Q Salmonella Outbreak Nears 200
06/29. May & June have been Salmonella Months in Wisconsin, Idaho and North Carolina

06/26. Texas Issues Cyclospora Health Advisory; 54 Sick
06/26. Teen Doing Mission Work Among Those Sickened in Tarheel Salmonella Outbreak
06/25. 280 with Salmonella Linked to Boise Co-op Deli
06/24. 100 with Salmonella in Davidson and Davie County from Tarheel Restaurant
06/24. Over 100 With Salmonella in North Carolina
06/22. With 250 Ill, Boise Co-Op Salmonella Outbreak is one of Idaho's Largest

06/18. Boise Co-op Salmonella Outbreak Hits 100
06/17. South Carolina Daycare Reopens After E. Coli Outbreak
06/16. Update: 18 Illnesses, 2 Deaths Reported During Ohio Salmonella Outbreak
06/16. Raw Turkey Likely Cause of Boise Co-op Salmonella Deli Outbreak
06/15. Shirks Meats Recalls Andouille Sausage for Possible Listeria
06/15. Boise Co-op Associated with Salmonella Outbreak in Idaho
06/15. Now 11 Sick with E. coli At The Learning Vine Daycare in SC

06/10. Legionnaires' Outbreak at Altamonte Springs Springhill Suites by Marriott
06/09. South Carolina Learning Vine Daycare Linked to E. coli Outbreak
06/09. Greenwood County Daycare E. coli Investigation: 8 Sick with 1 Death
06/08. Staphylococcus aureus Cause of Salt Lake City Homeless Shelter Outbreak

06/05. Whatcom County E. coli O157:H7 Outbreak Final Summary
06/05. E. coli HUS Takes Life of Myles Mayfield, 2, of Greenwood SC
06/05. Supermercado Los Corrales Lawsuit is 2nd Filed against Kenosha Restaurant
06/04. 70 Sick from Pork Carnitas at Los Corrales in Kenosha
06/04. Legal implications of zoonotic-disease outbreaks
06/04. Second Lawsuit Filed Against Kenosha Supermarket that Sickened 70 with Salmonella
06/03. Breakers Hotel, CA Restaurant Shut Down for Norovirus
06/02. Two Year Old Dies Of E. coli in South Carolina
06/01. Listeria Patient Who Sued Blue Bell Barely Escaped Death
06/01. Food Poisoning Outbreak at Salt Lake City Homeless Shelter

05/25. Blue Bell Lawsuit Refers to Via Christi Hospital Outbreak

05/22. The Last Salmonella Tuna Outbreak Sickened 425
05/21. ConAgra Agrees to Pay $11.2 Million for Salmonella Outbreak
05/20. 20 Sickened in WI Salmonella Outbreak Possibly Linked to Meat
05/19. Kenosha Los Corrales Possible Link in Wisconsin Salmonella Outbreak
05/19. Nine State Salmonella Paratyphi B variant L(+) tartrate(+) Outbreak Sickens 50
05/18. Listeria Outbreak Forces Blue Bell Lay Offs, Furloughs

05/15. 6 New Mexico Salmonella Cases Possibly Linked to Sushi

05/07. Whatcom County WA Updates Milk Makers Fest E. coli Outbreak
05/06. Washington's Milk Makers Fest E. coli Outbreak Numbers Rise
05/05. 41 Sickened and 7 Hospitalized with E. coli After Attending Milk Makers Fest
05/04. Yelp to the Rescue in Los Angeles Salmonella Outbreak

05/01. Update: 18 Lab-Confirmed E. Coli Cases, 5 Hospitalized in Washington State
04/30. More Details on Whatcom County, WA E. coli Outbreak
04/29. Six Kids in Lynden, Washington Sickened with E. coli
04/27. Home Canned Potatoes Caused Ohio Church Botulism Outbreak
04/27. Ohio Butulism Cases Rise to 31 from Church Potluck

04/24. Blue Bell Ice Cream Listeria Outbreak – Illnesses Began in 2010
04/23. Update on Cross Pointe Free Will Baptist Church Botulism Outbreak
04/22. Salmonella Sushi Sickens 25
04/22. Ohio Potluck Deadly with Botulism
04/21. 1 dead, 18 Sick After Eating At Church Supper In Ohio
04/20. Blue Bell Ice Cream Back in Some Stores After Listeria Outbreak

04/16. Windmill Winery AZ Salmonella Outbreak: 38 Sick
04/15. Focus of Blue Bell Listeria Outbreak Shifts to Texas
04/15. 12 Sickened in Canada From E. Coli Possibly Linked to Leafy Greens

04/09. Officials Suspend License of Idaho Restaurant Linked to Salmonella Outbreak
04/07. Salmonella Outbreak at Pho Tam in Boise Sickens 5
04/06. Salmonella Outbreak at Windmill Winery in Florence, Arizona
04/06. Feds Sue Wholesome Soy in Wake of Deadly Listeria Outbreak

04/03. Possible E. coli Outbreak at Silliman School in Louisiana
04/02. Salmonella Outbreak Linked to Idaho Restaurant
04/01. Hospital Listeriosis Outbreaks Deadly and Difficult to Detect
03/31. Third Minnesota Turkey Farm Hit with H5N2 Bird Flu
03/29. E. coli on Jimmy John's Cucumbers Sickened 9 in 2013

03/27. Nearly 100 People Sickened After Attending Philadelphia Banquet
03/25. Claravale Raw Milk May be Associated with Campylobacter Outbreak
03/24. School Outbreak in Maine Sickened 22 Children Last Week
03/23. Hepatitis A Exposure at Casa di Pizza in Buffalo, NY
03/23. Claravale Farm Link in 2012 Campylobacter Outbreak that Sickened 22

03/18. Listeria and Cheese and a Deadly Result
03/17. A Milk Listeria Outbreak with Tragic Consequences
03/16. Listeria Outbreak Prompts Kroger to Pull Blue Bell Products
03/16. Blue Bell Ice Cream Listeria Outbreak – The Epidemiological, Labratory and Environmental Facts
03/16. Cantaloupe Listeria Outbreak Settled – Finally

03/12. Salmonella From Live Poultry Sickened 363 in 2014
03/12. Texas Salmonella Outbreak Grows to 78 Cases
03/10. Two Year Salmonella Outbreak Linked to Chicken
03/09. Salmonella Outbreak Linked to Wonton Foods Sprouts Sickened 115
03/09. 2014 Georgia High School Sports Team Banquet Salmonella Outbreak
03/09. Salmonella Outbreak at GA Centennial High School in 2014 Sickened 150
03/09. Avian Influenza Discovered in Minnesota Turkey Flock

03/05. Foodborne Illness in Australia Sickens 250, Hospitalizes 24
03/04. Kentucky E. coli Outbreak Associated with Raw Milk in 2014
03/02. E.coli, Listeria and Salmonella in Sprouts: 8 Outbreaks, 7 Strains, 6 Years
03/02. Pulled Pork Cause of North Carolina Salmonella Outbreak

02/27. Salmonella Outbreak at TN Prison Linked to Tyson Chicken
02/25. Toledo Was a Hub in the 2014 Wolverine Beef E. coli Outbreak
02/24. Candy Smoked Salmon Recalled for Listeria in Canada
02/23. Dalhart's Ten in Texas Link in Salmonella Outbreak
02/23. Caramel Apple Listeria Outbreak Struck 12th State, CO, Before Ending

02/20. Salmonella in Dalhart, Bushland TX Sickens 42
02/19. Secret Cucumber Salmonella Outbreak Sickened 275 in 2014
02/19. Campylobacter Causes the Most Raw Milk Outbreaks
02/18. Salmonella at X10 Woodfire Steakhouse Sickens 30 in Dalhart Texas
02/18. X-10 Woodfire Steakhouse Link in Texas Salmonella Outbreak
02/17. Hepatitis A at Dogwood Southern Table in Charlotte, NC
02/17. Hepatitis A in Berries in Australia Similar to 2013 U.S. Outbreak
02/16. Cyclospora Outbreak Sickened Scores of People in Iowa, Nebraska

02/12. Arizona Shares Pain of Listeria Outbreak Linked to Caramel Apples
02/11. Oasis Cheese Listeria Outbreak Sickened Five in 2014
02/10. NC Holiday Inn Bordeaux Source of 2013 Salmonella Outbreak
02/09. Farm Rich Frozen Snacks Carried E. coli O121 Across Country

02/05. Salmonella Outbreak Linked to Nut Butters in 2014
02/05. Shigella Outbreak in Columbia/Boone County, Missouri
02/05. E. coli at West Valley Federico's Restaurant Harmed 94 People
02/03. E. coli O157:H7 Outbreak Linked to Trader Joe Glass Onion Salads
02/02. Salmonella Tuna Scrape Sickened 425 in 2012
02/02. 43 Sick in 5 State Salmonella Pine Nut Outbreak in 2011
02/02. 2014 Salsarita Shigella Outbreak in Arkansas

01/28. FDA: Listeria in Wholesome Soy Sprouts Killed 3
01/27. Foster Farms Turkey Farm Has Bird Flu Outbreak
01/27. Hepatitis A Warning for Marj's Village Kitchen in Ontario
01/27. Wholesome Soy Listeria Outbreak Ends With 5 Sick, 2 Dead
01/26. Ontario Restaurant Closes After Hepatitis A Scare

01/23. Queseria Bendita Cheese Listeria Outbreak Highlights Past Recalls
01/22. Latest Update on Listeria Apple Outbreak and Recall
01/21. 2007 Post-Pasteurization Listeria Contamination in Milk Caused 5 Illnesses with 1 Death in Massachusetts
01/21. Jim-N-Jo's Katering Link to Minnesota E. coli Outbreak at Fond du Lac
01/20. Reason Number #356 to Avoid Rare Burgers: E. coli Outbreak
01/19. Chia Seed Powder Salmonella Outbreak Sickened Nearly 100
01/19. Listeria Outbreak: 4 Queseria Bendita Cheeses Recalled After 1 Death and 2 Illnesses
01/19. 1 Death Reported in WA Listeria Outbreak Linked to Soft Cheese

01/15. Listeria in Caramel Apples Sickens Four in Arizona
01/12. 7 Deaths, 1 Fetal Loss Tied to Bidart Apples Listeria Outbreak
01/12. Apple Listeria Outbreak Timeline – From Production to Illness
01/12. Thirty Sickened After Eating Rosca de Reyes Bread

01/09. CDC: Listeria Cases Linked to Caramel Apples Hold Steady at 32 in US and 2 in Canada
01/09. Norovirus at Chuck E Cheese in Woodbury
01/08. Minnesota Chuck E. Cheese Link in Norovirus Outbreak
01/08. CA Bakery Closed After Holiday Bread Reportedly Sickens At Least 30 People
01/05. Chia Seeds in 2014: top Google Search, Salmonella Outbreak Source
01/05. Two Rosa's Restaurant Customers Suffer Hepatitis A
01/05. Massachusetts Department of Public Health Identifies Cluster of Salmonella Illnesses at Churrascaria Aveirense Restaurant
01/05. Most Caramel Apple Listeria Ill in Arizona, Minnesota, Missouri, New Mexico and Texas
01/05. New Caramel Apple Listeria Illnesses in California, New Mexico and Nevada

01/02. Churrascaria Aveirense Restaurant Shuttered After Salmonella Outbreak

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