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Food Safety and Sanitation Manager - Goshen, NY 10924



Overall Goal

Reduce the number of accidents occurring at the location.

Role and Responsibilities

  • Train Managers on Health Department and Everclean sanitation practices
    • Ensuring all Health Department and Everclean violations are resolved in a timely fashion.
    • Completing the action plan to document all of the violations, ensuring the violations are followed up on and completed.
  • Have a thorough understanding of the OSHA standards and communicate these standards to all LPCs
  • Assist Managers in proper completion of the accident forms (Employee, Accident Safety Guest and the Food Borne Illness Reports) and claims reporting. Ensure that managers complete an accident investigation on every claim. Review each accident investigation and provide feedback as necessary
  • Train Managers on safety practices while out in operation to reduce the number of accidents
  • Train location LPCs on how to properly work on QRE (safety lesson, safety walk through, Health Code Questionnaire and all of the other areas)
  • Train location LPCs on filling out the OSHA logs and ensure they are updated
  • Train location LPCs to send out updates on team members on modified duty to the other Managers
  • Training LPCs to hold staff accountable for making sure they are using cut gloves, tub gloves, slip resistant shoes and making sure they are following proper food and sanitation practices. Assist with training if needed.
  • Training the LPCs to give safety lessons on the OSHA trainings: Bloodborne Pathogens, PPE Equipment, Allergy Training and Sanitation Basic Training. Assist with training if needed.
  • Training the LPCs on creating a safety team at the property to help assist them with proper safety and sanitation practices.
  • Training the LPCs on making sure the proper MSDS sheets are at each location
  • Training the LPCs on making sure chemical inventories are done monthly
  • Training the LPCs at each location that first aid kits are fully stocked and a bloodborne pathogens kit at each first aid kit
  • Training the LPCs to ensure all Managers have a Serv Safe Certificate on file
  • Training the LPCs on ensure cleaning schedules are done nightly. If staff isnít turning in a cleaning check list daily holding that staff member accountable
  • Training the LPCs if a forklift, golf cart or light utility vehicle program is in place and how to do the training.
  • Training the LPCs on ensuring each manager at the location has an CPR, Heimlich Maneuver and AED Training
  • Training the LPCs at each location to have an Emergency Response Plan and a training for the staff members on how to properly evacuate the building
  • Develop an Action Plan for each location on how to reduce accidents. Conduct a monthly meeting with each location to track results and provide counsel.
  • Work directly with the Risk Management Department to provide updates on all Workersí Compensation, Guest and Foodborne Illness claims. Track each claim and follow-up with each locationís Director of Operation and LPC as needed.
  • Conduct a monthly meeting with Regional VP of Operations, Regional Director of Operations and SVP-Risk Management and Sanitation to review all activities conduct during the month.


Levy is an equal opportunity employer. At Levy we are committed to treating all Applicants and Team Members fairly based on their abilities, achievements, and experience without regard to race, national origin, sex, age, disability, veteran status, sexual orientation, gender identity, or any other classification protected by law.


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