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R&D Food Technologist - Stillmore, GA


Crider Foods has six decades of poultry expertise. A Canning Plant, and a Cook Plant, all located at one facility, the career opportunities are unique. We are an Equal Opportunity Employer and we provide opportunities for personal growth and job enrichment to every Crider employee.

We appreciate your interest in our Company and we look forward to receiving your resume.



Crider Foods
Human Resources
P.O. Box 398
Stillmore, GA 30464




Relevant Skills and Experience:

*Minimum of a bachelor's degree with a Food Science based background
*Five years' experience in a lab or pilot plant environment
*Clerical experience necessary for computer competency and communicative skills

Essential Skills and Experience:

*It is critical that this person communicate well, both verbally and written, with their supervisor(s) and their peers in a dynamic environment
*Strong analytical skills
*Organized and reliable
*Capable of using computer, certain lab equipment and common computer office programs in order to generate reports and record data
*Math skills with a basic understanding of chemistry, physics and general food safety


Position Summary:
Provide technical assistance and expertise in the development of all new canned and fully cooked products and the optimization of existing Crider products.

General Purpose:
Assist in the R&D Center in every chore related to the development of new products and for process enhancements. Assist the R&D Technicians in their job efficiencies and maintaining the R&D Center in an organized and presentable fashion. Work closely with the Sales Team in meeting their expectations for the development of new products and the shipping of samples.

Position Responsibilities:
*Will assist with the duties and efforts of the R&D Technicians
*Assist with sample preparation, and mailing/shipping of samples
*Assist with drained weight testing and data testing collection
*Manage the specifications for both canning and Cook Plant operations
*Become proficient in the use of all lab related equipment
*Perform Thermal Process data collection for certification
*Assist in product cuttings and sensory evaluations
*Assist with the setup, operation and cleaning of all test equipment
*Run errands for R&D to secure supplies, equipment or ingredients for projects
*Convert verbal and written requests into completed projects with the necessary formulations and process procedures necessary to meet the expectations of the projects originator


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