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Safety Manager - Preferred Meals - Berkeley, IL



Human Resources / 082105


Berkeley, IL


Job Title:

Safety Manager

Reports to:

Vice President of Human Resources


Heather McDermott



Type of position:



Hours__40____ / week



General Description:

Responsible for the coordination and management of the company’s safety and security programs. The Safety Manager will provide strategic, technical and managerial support to all operations and departments in the area of safety and risk management.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

-      Assist each facility in maintaining an effective safety committee. Personally attend each safety committee meeting on a rotating basis.  Provide education and training to committee members regarding meeting dynamics, hazard assessments and control measures, prioritization of action items and how to generate employee interest and involvement in safety programs.

-      Lead each facility in implementing and improving upon safety policies and programs. Identity and recommend strategic solutions to implementation problems.  Work with Operations/Supply Chain to guide revision efforts. Train local staff to lead future implementation efforts.

-      Perform data analysis to trend losses, to identify basic and casual factors and to quantify where improvements are needed.  Create measures to ensure safety goals are met and/or exceeded.

-      Using a solid foundation of OSHA (federal and state) Regulations and GMPs, monitor and prepare for changes in regulations to maintain compliance. Develop strategic methods of managing internal policy or program changes as required.

-      Work closely with Workman’s Compensation administrator and identify areas of improvement and action plans for implementation.

-      Coordinate reporting of worker compensation claims, accommodations for return to work and interfaces with medical providers and management in providing proper employee injury management.

-      Provide timely and strategic input to all incident investigations, corrective action planning and follow-up activities so the likelihood of repeated incidences is reduced.

-      Develop accident and loss prevention training program facilitate training to all facilities and necessary employees.  Update training program and provide additional training as needed.  Take disciplinary actions against violators of the safety program as appropriate. 

-      Manage all records of accident and injuries and reporting to appropriate parties and audit records periodically.

-      Interact with supervisors and employees to identify and correct an unsafe work conditions or practices.

-      Responds and provides assistance to all emergency situations.

-      Maintain close communication with administration in matters of safety or security requiring senior management action.

-      Assist each facility in contracting with a health care provider for employees who are injured on the job and negotiate fees and terms of contract.


-      Strong knowledge OSHA Regulations and GMPs required. DOT knowledge a plus.

-      Workman’s Compensation practices, loss prevention, accident investigation and documentation.

-      Experience in developing and working with and through others to achieve desired results.

-      Human Resources experience a plus.


-      Bachelor’s Degree in related field; and

-      3 or more years of workman’s compensation, safe work practices, and injury prevention; and

-      Experience in manufacturing environment.


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