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QA Label Specialist - Label Layout
Figi’s Companies, Inc. - Marshfield, WI



This position will be trained in FDA label law and compliance. The Primary purpose of this position is to create label master layouts for all products packaged under the Figi’s brand using the data directly from the ingredients and nutrition database. This position will be the technical contact back to the label development software supplier to resolve any and all questions related to data input, layout, file storage, file retrieval or file exporting. This position assists Figi’s gift designers and merchandisers by creating labels or inserts for individual items as well as proprietary combinations or assortments. Once a label layout is created it is loaded into a unique product file controlled by item number and retained for a minimum of two years past the last date it supported label printing activities. The “Reviewed and Approved” label files will be the system of record for all labels with the Figi’s brand. They will be frozen with “read only” privileges to anyone other than the Label Specialists.


  • Interacts with software supplier technical resources to assure that all required data is obtained without error from the Figi’s ingredient and nutrition database for all food items packaged under the Figi’s brand. (An example of information gathered by a position such as this is attached)
  • Conducts a reasonableness check of product descriptions and ingredient declarations for all food items that are labeled with the Figi’s brand.
  • Works with supplier representatives to resolve questions concerning ingredient and nutritional information formatting.
  • Loads all ingredient, nutritional and allergen information into the label development software.
  • Stays current with all Federal labeling regulations and all software changes and upgrades.
  • Conducts an annual audit of all label records. Highlights any and all records that required changes and reconfirms that the new information provided is reasonable and supports regulatory compliance. Flags unused records for file retention and disposition end dates.
  • Performs the “Review and Approval” function confirming the accuracy of the work completed by the other label specialist positions (Database and Specifications).


  • Uploads product specifications into the appropriate vendor specification into the dedicated file to support the label development process.
  • Uploads ingredient and nutritional data into the database supporting the label development process.

The above listing of essential and periodic functions is not an inclusive listing of all duties that may be required to be performed.


Works in a normal office environment where there is no physical discomfort due to temperature, noise, etc.



Four year degree in Home Economics, Dietetics, Foods and Nutrition, Food Science or similar discipline with some additional training in technical writing and/or legal services would be a plus.

Previous Experience and Skills:

Must demonstrate the ability to fully research, read and understand regulations. Must be a self-starter with critical evaluation skills that is not willing to accept data without conducting a mental evaluation for reasonableness, or if necessary, conducting the literature search required confirming the information provided is adequate. Must want to become a subject expert and willing to accept that responsibility and accountability. Prior experience in technical writing, legal review or proof reading would be helpful.

Training Orientation:

This position requires a minimum of 1 to 3 days of intensive training by an FDA recognized labeling consulting firm. Must complete specified FDA tutorial training modules to demonstrate understanding of label law. Must complete tutorial training modules for the ingredient and nutritional database software and demonstrate proficiency. Must demonstrate a working knowledge of label layout and formatting software plus complete a minimum of 6 months on the job training in the Primary (Label Layout) position.

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