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Vietnam: Salad suspected in wedding guest hospital dash

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Twenty-five wedding guests in Ho Chi Minh City were hospitalized with food poisoning on Monday, a health agency said Tuesday.



The guests ate a wedding banquet at Huong Pho Restaurant in District 7 that included steamed shrimp, beef, seafood hot pot and goi tom thit (a traditional shrimp, pork and vegetable salad).

Immediately after eating, the guests suffered diarrhea, vomiting and stomachaches. All guests have since recovered.

Nguyen Huu Hung, head of District 7ís Health Preventive Department, said it had collected food samples for testing and the goi tom thit was suspected to be the cause of the food poisoning.

In a spot check Tuesday, HCMC health inspectors discovered Go Vap District Dai Long Bakery broke some hygiene and safety regulations including using an additive that did not have a label or expiry date which inspectors destroyed at the scene, workers were also not wearing gloves.

Immediate tests showed bologna included in a dumpling contained a banned additive.

On Monday, inspectors also found candied and dried tamarind maker Tan Loc Trade and Production Enterprise in Tan Phu District had made some mistakes in processing and preserving food.






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