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Lockheed Martin Corporation - Hattiesburg, VA 39401

Lockheed Martin Corporation - Hattiesburg, VA 39401

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Lockheed Martin is seeking a food inspector in the Hattiesburg, MS area. The Food Inspector will perform quality assurance inspections on all subsistence upon receipt and during storage for wholesomeness; all sanitation and packaging requirements; acceptable remaining self-life; to assure all products are from approved sources; detect deterioration, contamination, adulteration, physical damage, mislabeling, short weights; rodent and pest infestation, and compliance with all other contractual and reporting requirements. Methods used must include, but are not limited to, the following: statistical sampling procedures, sensory evaluations, physical examination, weight and measurement checks, vacuum measurements, temperature readings, basic chemical tests, and similar techniques. Performs surveillance/quality control inspection of perishable foods, produce, water foods, meat products, operational rations, fresh fruits and vegetables, and dairy products. Conducts destination (receipt) inspections for quality, temperature, packaging, marking, strapping, and other contract requirements. Performs destination inspections of ships, rail cars, trucks, or other transportation conveyances for sanitary conditions, temperature requirements, proper loading procedures, etc. Performs inspections of salvage items to determine the proper disposition of the damaged or abused food products. Conducts pre-shipment inspection of food products for condition, suitability for issue, etc. Performs product evaluations after refrigeration and other storage breakdowns to determine the proper disposition of salvaged food products.
Food inspection service will be provided at, but not limited to, supply points, posts, camps, stations, commissaries, central meat-cutting plants, cold storage facilities, clubs, dining facilities, warehouses, civilian and contractor establishments. Services shall be provided in accordance with all the established principles, practices, and standards of safe, sanitary food handling procedures. The Contractor and QAS shall abide by TB-MEDs, VETCOM regulations and guidelines, Code of Federal Regulations, the FDA Food Code, and applicable federal and Department of Army Regulations. The QAS shall function as food safety referral sources and advisors for services relating to contract requirements, government quality control systems and requirements, and inspection equipment requirements. The QAS shall attend any subsistence related meetings, such as the Menu Board. The QAS shall develop training programs to ensure all personnel follow personal hygiene, proper food handling and storage methods and procedures, sanitation methods and procedures. This training will be in accordance the requirements of the Code of Federal Regulations, the FDA Food Code, VETCOM Memos/Directives, District Veterinary Command directives, guidelines, and SOPS, and applicable federal regulations.

The Food Inspector shall have a high school diploma or equivalent and five years progressive experience in food related work. If the QAS has an associate’s degree, then four years of progressive experience in food related work is acceptable. At least one of these years of progressive experience must be within the last five years.

must be able to provide proof of U. S. Citizenship. A National Agency Check and Inquiry (NACI) or Personal Security Investigation is required.

shall have a Certified Professional Food Manager Certification or the Serving Safe Food certification.

Must have experience that demonstrates a working practical knowledge in various monitoring and quality control inspections of subsistence; methods of maintaining quality of food products; food item verification to ensure proper wholesomeness, identity, quality and quantity of subsistence and the proper reporting of any unacceptable products, unfavorable conditions and/or trends. QAS must have knowledge of statistical reporting methods and tests to detect deterioration, contamination, and other noncompliance with various government and civilian specifications, standards, and standards. Required to have knowledge of contract requirements, governmental quality control systems and requirements, and inspection and equipment requirements.

Must be able to make use of outside technical help (VETCOM personnel) with prior approval of the District Veterinary Command personnel and the COR.

Must be computer literate. The QAS shall possess the basic computer skills to enable them to enter and retrieve data from a variety of sources. Must be able to utilize Microsoft Office programs (Microsoft Word, Excel, Power Point, and Access) as well as Lotus Notes, VETCOM databases, and various other software programs. Must be able to compose reports, correspondence, spreadsheets, and report workload efficiently and accurately.
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