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Corporate Team Leader Sanitation




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Are you looking for a career with exciting opportunities, diverse challenges, great people to work with and a chance to make a difference? If so, Schreiber Foods may be the perfect fit for you.

We're the world's largest supplier of customer-brand dairy products. If you've had a burger, sandwich, salad or anything else with cheese on it at a restaurant lately, there's a good chance it was Schreiber cheese.

If you join our team, we'll provide you with the opportunity to:

  • Be a valued leader. As a leader in our world-class organization, you'll help keep things running smoothly. You'll have people valuing your opinions and decisions.

  • Make an impact. You'll initiate new ideas, solve problems and build relationships. The decisions you make will drive improvements and grow our $3.5+ billion company.

  • Enjoy rewards. When you meet your individual, team and/or company goals, you can earn a quarterly incentive. That could be extra cash in your pocket every 90 days.




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In this role you will operate as the company's global sanitation expert and leader as well as a "hands-on" implementation expediter.  Lead development and maintenance of standards, procedures, training, metrics as well as implementing best practices for global sanitation processes across the organization.  Work with Operations, Technologies, contractors, venders and industry peers to ensure Schreiber is poised to maintain equipment, plant environment and processes which are suitably designed, cleaned and maintained to ensure product safety and quality.  Monitor compliance and coordinate trouble shooting efforts.




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Duties of the role include:

  • Apply sanitation knowledge, expertise and  background to develop, standardize, promptly execute, enhance and optimize global sanitation processes.
  • Develop, refine and proactively utilize expertise to develop processes and metrics in order to prevent situations that could affect product safety or quality and enhance existing processes.
  • Work with Operations, Technologies and other functions supporting global sanitation to ensure tools and processes are appropriately aligned and executed.
  • Develop and deploy training processes and measurements for sanitarians, plant personnel and supporting functions to ensure sanitation expertise consistent with overall company objectives and programs is positioned throughout the organization.
  • Work closely with Engineering, equipment venders and other parties to assure that new or modified equipment meets sanitary design criteria and regulatory requirements prior to purchase and installation.  Validate that equipment (new or modified) can be effectively cleaned and sanitized to a microbial level.
  • Bridge technical background and expertise with representatives from chemical suppliers, contractors, venders and industry peers to maximize technical expertise and drive results while being cost effective. Evaluate existing and evolving technologies to identify and install  improvements into processes and methodologies.
  • Coordinate/provide technical assistance to equipment/ facility start-ups or modifications incorporating design review, installations and validation.
  • Coordinate and conduct internal sanitation audits.  Identify gaps and work with appropriate partners to proactively address and resolve deficiencies.
  • Coordinate investigations into sanitation issues which may result in product contamination, reduced shelf life, product rejection or customer complaints.  Assist in the identification of root cause, corrective actions and preventive  measures.
  • Together with other members of the leadership team, ensures compliance with Food Safety and Food Quality Plans in addition to customer requirements. Interprets and communicates customer requirements to plant production and/or support department teams. Establishes and Audits PCPs, CCPs and Standard Operating Procedures to define and monitor processes to ensure customer requirements are met. Reviews incidents during which the procedures are not met, and determines appropriate corrective action for partners failing to follow standard procedures.




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We're looking for leaders who thrive in fast-paced environments. The successful candidate will have:

  • A Bachelor's degree in Dairy Science, Food Science, or related field
  • Minimum 15 years of experience in sanitation, food safety, quality assurance or a related area
  • Food manufacturing experience required
  • Midlevel understanding of Microbiology
  • Technical expertise in cleaning methodologies, CIP, sanitary design and auditing
  • Experience with process excellence tools
  • Excellent written and oral communication tools
  • Proven leadership experience
  • Desire to grow and take on new challenges and opportunities


We're looking for leaders with the following attributes:

Personal Character - High level skill displayed cross functionally

  • Inspiring - Generates a following
  • Caring - Treats others with mutual respect and dignity
  • Integrity - Holds self and others to high ethical standards
  • Energy - Enthusiastically engaged

People Leadership - Demonstrated understanding and skill set

  • Fosters Ownership - Able to define how a partner impacts results
  • Emotional Maturity - Focuses attention on the relevant
  • Builds High Performing Teams - Hires, develops, promotes and retains the best talent
  • Communicates with Candor - Seeks the truth and tells the truth in a professional manner

Process Leadership - High skill level displayed cross functionally

  • Technical/Functional Knowledge - Understands the What, How and Why
  • Disciplined Approach - Consistent, Standardized, Measured, Sustained
  • Customer Focused - Committed to the "Voice of the Customer"
  • Continuous Improvement - Change Agent.  Seeks a better way.

Business Leadership - Demonstrated understanding and skill set

  • Industry Knowledge - Understands dairy fundamentals and our business environment
  • Company Knowledge - Culture, financial acumen, food and personal safety
  • Results Orientation - Company-wide results focused.  Increase Shareholder value.
  • Strategic Orientation - Discerning in judgment and decisions.  Future focused. 




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Exciting opportunities. New challenges every day. A chance to make a difference -- and work with great people. That's life at Schreiber Foods.


Take the next step in your career by applying your knowledge and skills at Schreiber... where you'll experience more opportunities, more rewards, more teamwork... much more.


To learn more about Schreiber Foods, please visit our Web site at




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If you're interested in joining a growing, team-oriented organization of more than 5,000 partners, please apply today through the links provided on this site or by visiting the Schreiber Foods careers site at

Schreiber Foods is an equal opportunity/affirmative action employer.






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