Darifair Foods, Inc. Job Opening for Corporate QA/QC Supervisor

Jacksonville, FL


Darifair Foods, Inc., is a dynamic organization located in Jacksonville, Florida with a strong basis in dairy applications.   The position will involve daily interaction with food science, culinary, sales and administrative departments.  A successful candidate will be well organized and possess the ability and desire to work on a variety of daily tasks and projects.


Job Description

This position will participate in QA/QC functions associated with producing products at more than 25 manufacturing locations, approving new manufacturing partners and vendors, addressing customer concerns, questions and issues, and contribute to the R&D process with QA/QC considerations as needed. 


This position will work from the Darifair corporate office and will focus on ensuring that Darifair remains current in appropriate and effective QA/QC practices as applicable to the commodity products and value-added items developed by the Darifair R&D team. 


The primary responsibilities of this position include:


1.    Develop/establish/execute/maintain a manufacturing partner approval process to ensure that Darifair products are manufactured by partners that focus on quality and safety.

2.    Develop/maintain vendor approval process to ensure all ingredients purchased and sourced by Darifair Foods and/or its partners come from approved/reputable suppliers.

·         Maintain raw material supplier information (3rd party audits with corrective actions, specification sheets, continuing guarantees, certificate of liability insurance, etc.) to ensure raw material suppliers are in compliance with supplier approval requirements.

3.    Develop/maintain a traceability program; challenge the traceability program by conducting mock recalls and ensuring that all employees stay current with all tasks and responsibilities associated with a recall.

4.    Communicate with customers’ QA and R&D teams to provide necessary information regarding Darifair’s practices and QA capabilities in order to meet their needs.

5.    Develop and maintain a product sampling plan that provides statistically valid data for the value-added products with in-house testing protocols.

6.    Develop and maintain a statistically meaningful sampling program that offers a broad indication of the continuing quality of commodity based products manufactured for Darifair with in-house testing protocols.

7.    Manage shelf life testing and organize tests based on expected shelf life.

8.    Develop and maintain a protocol for handling QA/QC complaints in order to determine the appropriate and necessary steps when QA issues arise.

9.    Develop and maintain product specification sheets for Darifair products with the assistance of the administrative assistant or QA technician.

10. Remain knowledgeable and up-to-date to ensure Darifair is current with labeling/naming regulations.

11. Maintain COA information for raw materials at plants producing value-added products.

12. Maintain COA and production data for finished products.

13. Maintain current raw material information in the nutritional software program utilized by Darifair (currently Genesis).

14. Provide timely and accurate information to meet the requirements of customer’s QA/QC and supply chain inquiries. 


Job Requirements

q  Bachelors or Masters Degree in Food Science or other related field.

q  Minimum of 3 years experience

q  Ability to communicate effectively with R&D, QA/QC, Sales, and Administration

q  Strong math skills

q  Possible travel up to 30% of time.

q  Ability to work both independently and as part of a team.

q  Dedication to seeing a project through to completion and maintaining QA/QC programs on a continual basis.

q  Ability to work with various personalities & adjust priorities on an ongoing basis as the need arises.



Competitive pay, relocation assistance, retirement plan, health insurance and paid vacation. 



Send resume to Daryl Clampitt at dclampitt@darifair.com with subject line in e-mail as “QA-QC Job Opening.”




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