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Our client is a privately owned producer of processed meats. The company has been in operations for more than 25 years and has over $50M in annual sales revenue.




Vice President of Quality and Food Safety

Nearest Metro City: Chicago, IL



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1) Develop, implement, administer and oversee all aspects of the companyís quality control and food safety functions
2) Ensure products meet corporate standards and all applicable government regulations
3) Formulate and maintain quality assurance and food-safety objectives complementary to corporate policies and goals
4) Interpret quality assurance philosophy to key personnel in organization
5) Perform quality-engineering review of design documentation for compliance with stated requirements including vendor quality manuals and company quality records
6) Apply Statistical Process Control (SPC) methods for analyzing data to evaluate the current process and process change
7) Decide whether to accept a product or continue business with a vendor
8) Review all data obtained during all quality assurance activities to ensure consistency with company policies and procedures
9) Develop new approaches to solve problems identified during quality assurance activities
10) Keep management informed of significant issues or developments identified during quality assurance activities and actions being taken to improve the situation
11) Prepare and present technical and program information to the management
12) Direct technical and administrative workers engaged in quality assurance activities
13) Maintain a working knowledge of government as well as industry quality assurance codes and standards
14) Develop and maintain company food safety, quality assurance and regulatory programs
15) Serve as the top management representative for quality systems and facilitate a culture of total quality management
16) Ensure all products manufactured by and for the company meet all regulatory, corporate and customer requirements for quality, safety and efficacy
17) Communicate all quality-related issues with outside customers
18) Cooperate with other Operations Management personnel in formulating and establishing company policies, operating procedures and goals
19) Develop initial and subsequent modifications of the food safety and quality assurance programs to delineate areas of duty, personnel requirements and operational procedures within programs
20) Design and implement quality assurance training programs to key personnel
21) Investigate and adjust customer complaints regarding quality
22) Develop processes and procedures to control product liability claims and expenses
23) Make decisions regarding the issuance of recall notices and coordinate product recall procedures
24) Evaluate contents of reports from the Food Safety and QA Department and confer with top management to formulate budget for food safety and QA program
25) Conduct management meetings with the Food Safety and QA Department to establish, delineate and review program organizational policies
26) Coordinate functions and operations between departments as well as establish duties and procedures for attaining objectives
27) Review technical problems and procedures of departments as well as recommend solutions to problems/change in procedures
28) Visit and confer with representatives of material and component vendors to obtain information related to supply quality, capacity of vendor to meet orders and vendor quality standards
29) Manage the Chicago plantís subordinate supervisors/managers who supervise 14 employees in QA and HAACP
30) Oversee the Owensboro Plant QA Manager who supervises subordinate supervisors (around 17 employees in Quality Assurance and HAACP)
31) Direct, coordinate and evaluate all the units and carry out supervisory tasks as per organization's policies and applicable laws
32) Interview, hire and train employees
33) Plan, assign and direct work
34) Appraise performance as well as reward and discipline employees (including addressing complaints and resolving problems)




1) Degree (4 year)
2) Minimum 10 years of experience in quality management for a multi-plant food company (at corporate level)
3) USDA/meat experience (preferred) and extensive knowledge of HACCP, SSOPs, GMPs, FDA, OHSA and plant sanitation


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