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Applied Research, Food Technol/Scientists, Project Manager

Job Description

Position Overview:

Participates in planning and conducting projects to develop new and improved products for our customers. Applies scientific and engineering principles in research, development, production technology, quality control, packaging, processing, and utilization of foods by performing the following duties.


Works with independence, exercising ingenuity and judgment in the approach to and accomplishment of tasks. Responsible for the design, carrying out and reporting of experiments of increasing complexity.

Ensures that samples are sent out accurately and on time for customer evaluations.

Coordinates product presentations to management, other departments (e.g., Sales, Marketing) and to customers.

Evaluates new raw materials in product applications.

Maintains good laboratory records.

Keeps up to date on necessary technical skills and knowledge through reading and training.

Communicates internally with other departments to exchange technical information. Communicates externally with customers and suppliers.

Communicates with sales to share technical information and project timing.

Works with other scientists in a cooperative manner.

Follows protocol for entering formulas onto the computer system.

Participates in production trials of new products both internally and with customers.

Trains and mentors junior scientists.

Recommends areas of investigation or exploration for future development of new products or technologies.

Takes a leadership role in organizing and implementing departmental projects.

Manages multiple priorities and timelines and uses strong technical and problem solving skills to approach complex projects.

Develops and maintains sensitive and confidential proprietary customer and company owned information.

Protects and safeguards all confidential proprietary customer and company owned information.

Manages multiple complex projects (internal an external)

Requires strong understanding of client's ingredient and processing requirements to develop appropriate products

Work with customers on scale up or technical/processing issues. Potential to step in for Director of Commercial Team during short absences. May require workload prioritization and project feasibility decision making


Minimum Bachelor's degree (B. A. or B.S.) from four-year college or university. Must be in Food Science or applied science with specific training relevant to the food area, or equivalent.

? Experience: ? -B.S. 8+ years ? -M.S. 5+ years ? -PhD 3+ years


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