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Phoenix, Arizona


Assistant Laboratory Manager

The Assistant Laboratory Manager is responsible for assisting in the supervision of laboratory operations with emphasis on microbiological and chemical techniques, including processes, quality control, reporting, and interpretation of results.  


Primary Responsibilities:

  • Supervise laboratory operations to maintain quality and efficiency
  • Ensure that aseptic/microbiological and sound chemical techniques are applied to the daily workload
  • Ensure the technical accuracy and quality, of laboratory results and final report generation
  • Participate in laboratory personnel training, reviews, and goal setting/personal growth
  • Placement of laboratory personnel in appropriate laboratory areas to ensure efficiency and staff success
  • Report concerns of equipment failures and non-compliance of supplies and reagents
  • Participate directly in quality control procedures and documentation to support compliance timeliness and compliance with ISO 17025 guidelines
  • Participate as an interface for the laboratory client base, particularly related to communication of results
  • Participate in the process of final report summary for shelf-life evaluations and food borne illness reports
  • Provide guidance to Area Supervisors to ensure that laboratory processes are managed with the highest quality and efficiency
  • Provide recommendations of staff schedules in collaboration with the Area Supervisors
  • Periodically review and visually audit laboratory staff to ensure compliance with methods
  • Isolate needs for any retests of client samples based on quality control concerns or abnormal results
  • Authority to approve final analytical reports and stop delivery of results based on abnormal values

Minimum Qualifications:

  • BS degree in Microbiology, Food Technology, or related field
  • Post Graduate degree or graduate level courses in Microbiology,  Food Technology, or related field preferred
  • Experience in a microbiological testing environment
  • Three years experience in a commercial food-testing laboratory
  • Or equivalent combination of education and experience

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