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AVMA launches 'Chew on This' podcast series on food safety


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From holiday meals to unpasteurized milk, the AVMA's new podcast series "Chew on This" examines issues relevant to food safety and the nation's food supply.

"America's veterinarians play key roles in food safety, and these podcasts offer us an opportunity to speak directly to consumers—many of whom may not be tuned in to the latest science and research surrounding the food we eat," said Dr. James Cook, AVMA president. "We're going to explore and investigate many of today's burning topics surrounding food—where it comes from, how it gets to our tables, and why it's important to keep our food safe, abundant, and affordable."

"Chew on This" kicked off in late November with a Thanksgiving installment featuring Dr. Dustan Clark, extension poultry veterinarian at the University of Arkansas Division of Agriculture. Dr. Clark answers questions about how to ensure that holiday meals are safe for the family.

Subsequent installments in the series address the pasteurization of dairy products, the safety of food from animal clones, and the intersection of politics and food safety. The podcasts feature Dr. Raymond Sweeney of the University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine; Barbara Glenn, PhD, of the Biotechnology Industry Organization; and Dr. Wayne Allard, who served two terms in the U.S. Senate representing Colorado.

Additional podcasts will explore topics such as organic foods, the identification of food animals and products, and food imports.

The "Chew on This" series is available at www.avma.org under "RSS feeds," through Apple's iTunes, or through the AVMA advocacy site at www.KeepOurFoodSafe.org.




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