Quality Control Specialist - Pelican Bay Ltd - Dunedin FL


Job Description =  Essential Duties and Responsibilities


•             Maintains plans and leads AIB program.

•             Formulates and maintains quality control objectives complementary to

Company policies and goals.

•             Provides inspection activity for product throughout production cycle.

•             Records test data, applying statistical quality control procedures

•             Monitoring allergen labels and assuring that allergens are labeled and

segregated in warehouse.

•             Develops new and improved formulas.

•             Develops the nutritional labels.

•             Test recipes to assure quality of ingredients.

•             Investigates and adjusts customer complaints regarding quality.

•             Plans ,implements safety policies and procedures in compliance with local,

state, and federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) rules

and regulations.

•             Prepares written report of findings and recommendations for correction of

unsafe or unsanitary conditions.

•             Plans and implements programs to train managers and employees in quality

control requirements and in work site safety practices, fire prevention, and

correct handling techniques for chemicals, toxins, equipment, and other

materials, to ensure compliance with regulations.

•             Oversees the administration of workers' compensation program, including

working with the insurance carrier to reduce employee lost time.

•             Inspects machines and equipment for accident prevention devices.

•             Evaluates and handles safety equipment requirements.

•             Inspects specified areas for fire prevention equipment and other safety and

first-aid supplies.

•             Oversees field activities and monitors for health and safety violations.




•             Bachelor’s degree in Management, Business Administration, or A.I.B. or

equivalent education in     Food Technology or three to five or more years of

food safety experience.

•             Product Development experience and capability is a plus.

•             Training in  sanitation and food safety.

•             Training in identification and monitoring of allergens

•             This is a hands on position.


Contact: HR@pelicanbayltd.com





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