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Research Scientist III (Food and Drug Sciences) Sacramento, CA
Salary: $5,796.00 - $7,044.00
Posted: 02/18/10

Job Description:
Under the general direction of the Chief, Food Safety Section, the incumbent plans, organizes, and directs scientific research studies of a highly developed scientific scope and complexity; will serve as a team member on public health projects and investigations within the Food Safety Section and act as a technical scientific consultant on a specific phase of a more complex scientific research study; make independent, difficult decisions in the food and drug field using established guidelines and technical scientific procedures and adapt research methods to problems with limited scientific scope, and perform other related work. Work and conclusions are reviewed to ensure it meets an assignment's objectives. Plan, organize, and direct scientific research studies of a highly developed scientific scope and complexity. Independently provide scientific support for the environmental investigation of foodborne outbreaks to identify opportunities for introduction, survival, and growth of foodborne pathogens. Exercise knowledge of foodborne pathogens and food processing systems during environmental investigations; provide scientific advice to management. Exercise knowledge and understanding of pre-harvest and post-harvest food production systems along with knowledge of Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) systems. Prepare and write comprehensive environmental investigation reports. Participate as a member of the California Food Emergency Response Team to investigate outbreaks. May require heavy travel. Develop, implement, and analyze risk assessments of foods, food processing systems, and their ingredients. Develop, implement, and analyze complex scientific studies that may require independent development of creative, original hypotheses and testing of these hypotheses through independent scientific, industrial and other governmental literature search. Evaluate sampling plans and laboratory analyses and techniques. Utilize and organize available laboratory support. Exercise knowledge of food microbiology, food science, food chemistry, food biochemistry, food engineering, food technology and nutrition in complex, scientific studies. Exercise extensive knowledge of risk assessment methods as they are related to the safety of foods. Effectively interpret, translate and communicate results of scientific studies to California Department Public Health (CDPH) managers and supervisors for consideration in statewide health policy decisions. Independently research and develop methods to track food recalls and maintain data derived from recall effectiveness checks. Prepare summary reports on recall activities. Consult with other scientists, evaluate scientific data, and recommend necessary control measures to minimize adverse health outcomes; verify that all scientific data submitted in support of industry claims is accurate and that foods and cosmetics are safe and drugs and medical devices are safe and effective. Independently plan, develop, implement, direct and analyze complex scientific studies or establish protocols to identify and determine the critical points in the manufacturing of foods. Exercise knowledge and experience in assessing and analyzing food matrices. The scientific concepts and parameters may include product design and stability, manufacturing techniques, adequate quality control, labeling, packaging and distribution. Incumbents will seek and analyze all relevant, available scientific, technical, and other information from sources within and outside of CDPH. Effectively translate and communicate study results to CDPH staff and industry. Publish and present findings from scientific research projects to peer groups, and other local, state and federal public health experts for use in development of national and state public health policies. Prepare technical scientific comments on proposed and pending national policies, regulations and standards related to foods. Perform other related work as required.

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Reseach Scientist III (Food and Drug)

580 - 610 - 5596 - 002







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Food and Drug Branch
P.O Box 997435, MS 7602
Sacramento, CA 95899-7435

Dr. Maha Hajmeer


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