Vendor Quality Technologist Heinz North America


Job Description = PURPOSE:


1.  Manage development, implementation, and operation of Supply Chain

Relationship Management platform of Viper and the Supplier Portal for Heinz

North American Food Service and Consumer Product division factories.

   •Agent, Company, and Facility build

   •Status verifications

   •SCRM/Vendor Portal linkage

   •Manage maintenance of approval documentation, i.e. Letter of Guarantee,

Supplier Guiding Principles, Food Security, Food Safety Audits within specific

suppliers’ sites on web-based Viper program.

2.  Manage vendor approvals and improvement activities for both Consumer Products

and Food Service divisions of Heinz North America.

3.  Coordinate all critical issue vendor response events for Heinz North America

(i.e. Industry Recalls)

4.  Review HACCP, FEMA and Environmental Micro Control programs for verification

and validity based upon science.

5.  Manage third party audit program for overall category suppliers, in addition

to managing Supplier Classification program to direct audit requirements,

Spend/Risk criteria.

6.  Manage overall scorecards based upon material and supplier audit performance.

7.  Manage Vendor Portal maintenance and Specification sign off via Vendor


8.  Manage “Vendor Request for Change” program through NPD process.

9.  Serve as primary contact between Consumer Products, Food Service, Packaging

Departments and Global affiliates to obtain and maintain vendor quality systems


10.  Conduct Supplier audits and develop improvement plans based upon those

audits and non compliance incidences for assigned Material Category suppliers.

11.  Conduct both supplier manufacturing site and material risk assessments to

direct actions within scope of assigned Material Category.

12.  Based upon industry/material risk assessments, direct improvements to Heinz

material specification with the L-104 request for change program.

13.  Conduct benchmarking of supplier capabilities across material category.




1.  Collect and review vendor questionnaires to define relational data for entry

into the Supply Chain Relationship Management platform in Viper.

2.  Create Power Point presentations, instructional packets, and other visual

aids to educate personnel on the Supply Chain Relationship Management platform

in Viper.

3.  Sign-off on new ingredient specification approvals.

4.  Serve as Vendor Quality Department representative at Viper technical meetings

as well as at New Product Development meetings.

5.  Supervise direct reportee to assure accurate and timely results of department


6.  Management supplier quality documentation.

7.  Manage SCRM/Vendor Portal.

8.  Develop vendor quality procedures relative to Viper management.

9.  Evaluate Supplier capabilities for improvement through document review and

auditing of their facility.




1.  Bachelor’s Degree Food Science

2.  Two years factory quality or production experience

3.  Software Tools include Microsoft Windows (XP, 2000, NT), Microsoft Office

Suite (including PowerPoint).

4.  Knowledge of web-based data management system.

5.  Strong presentation and training skills, i.e. communication

6.  Auditor and ISO 9000 Quality Systems training.

7.  HACCP training.






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