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Food Safety Manager I

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Watsonville CA USA



PURPOSE: To ensure the integrity, safety, and quality of Driscollís product

JOB SUMMARY: Overall responsibility for the day to day management and support of the regional execution of the current Driscollís Food Safety Program. Provide support to National Food Safety Operations Manager. Maintain open two way communication channels between regional food safety representatives and the national food safety team. Responsible for evaluation and direction of regional food safety staff assigned to program projects and to implement procedures and general company policies.

QUALIFICATION: Bachelor of Science degree in an Agricultural related field with emphasis on microbiology plus five yearsí experience in agriculture with an emphasis in microbiology. Excellent verbal and written communication skills, self-starter, computer skills, organizational skills, some management skills would be preferred. Bilingual English/Spanish is required. Maintains a valid driverís license. Requires extensive travel.


Procedures: Work with regional representation to implement Driscollís Food Safety Manuals on all ranches and in all facilities. In addition, work with regional food safety representation to ensure the understanding and implementation of all internal Driscollís food safety procedures and processes.
Program Management: Working with the National Food Safety Operations Manager, regional food safety representatives, growers, production, and cooler personnel manage and support regional day to day execution of Driscollís food safety program. Develop new and existing staff in the departments to attain Driscollís strategic goals.
Production Area Audits and Visits: Visit all areas of production on a regular basis to provide support to regional representatives and to monitor the food safety program, processes, and personnel. Work with regional staff to execute both internal and 3rd party audits on all ranches and facilities.
Advisor: Remain current on all Driscollís Food Safety policies (both internal and external) as well as compliance criteria for all 3rd party audits. Provide continuing daily support of regional food safety personnel. Assist in the development and execution of Driscollís food safety educational programs.
General: Ensures the security of Driscollís proprietary and confidential information and material. Follows Company policies and practices while representing Driscollís in an ethical and business-like manner in all interactions with employees, government agencies, growers, customers, etc. Perform other duties as assigned by the supervisor.

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