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Quality Assurance Mgr.

Location Bellmawr, NJ
Category Quality Assurance

Responsibility / Objectives:

Responsible for the quality check on raw materials, packaging-materials and the standards of the respective finished out going products (ready for shipping). Also ensures compliance of the product according to law. Assures that the requirements international Food Safety management and Quality Management standards (GMA, BRC, ISO...), optimizes this management- system and reacts in cases of non- conformities. Wherever non- conformities on the IMS occur, independent from other responsibilities, QA verifies the non-conformity.


Managing the department (applicable only to management positions)

Leadership topics:

Planning and implementation of the corresponding division. Planning employee requirements.
Employees selection, supervision, valuation, and development of the corresponding division (determination of the training requirements, teachings, and performance appraisal ). Development of job descriptions.
Process optimization and cost optimization inside the division and on their interfaces (plant overlapping).
Current actualization (generation and examining) of the QM documentation.
Checks security guidelines and application of in the facilities, monitors employees and reminds in cases of violation.

Individual tasks

Generation and release of finished product specifications.
Incoming goods control on raw material, packaging material, and releasing these items on Navision.
Laboratory analysis of raw materials and packaging and workflow approval (on Navision).
Release blocked materials through Navision.
Managing measuring devices / instrumentation (documentation, calibration).
Assurance and optimization of the production run (resolving problems), product quality and monitoring and deliberation of final products. Maintain and report product conformance to engineering and customer specifications.
Monitoring the retained samples and performing shelf life tests on products.
Recipe management.
Customer complaint management and statistical analysis.
Performing an error analysis in case of deviations introducing decisive measures to determinate faulty products (ensure product traceability) FMEA-team manager USA.
Planning and implementation of audits. Performing raw material and packaging supplier audits, generation and checking audit-documentations, checking the effectivity of the measures taken and archiving.
Development, implementation and monitoring of the HACCP, GMP and Recall programs. Execute dummy recalls

Quality management:

Surveillance, implementation and monitoring (internal audits) of the HACCP, international Food Safety management and Quality Management standards(GMA, BRC, ISO...). Generation and upkeep of all corresponding documentation.
Generation, monitoring and annual verification of the raw material documentation (specifications, supplier-information, allergen-supplier-information) and packaging-documentation (specifications, supplier-info).
Develop and train the internal auditors team.
Establish the KOVO-system.


Internal auditor and Quality-/ HACCP- and FMEA-team manager for USA. Participation at Corporate QA-meetings
Generation and actualization of cleaning, hygiene and pest control on production site, also training employees
Generating valuations and reports for CQA, plant manager USA and COO USA.

Liaison for government agencies ensuring compliance, certifying companies, client audits and employees. Visit suppliers to review quality concerns and issues. Complete quality surveys from current or potential customers.

Project cooperation.
The job holder might be assigned to other tasks and duties is necessary and needed.

Contact: Howard L. Clark

Title: Quality Assurance Manager

Salary: $65K - $85K

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