Updated 2/26: Mother sues LaGrange restaurant for food poisoning

Source of Article:  http://www.pioneerlocal.com/lagrange/news/1452261,lagrange-foodpoisoning-022609-s1.article

February 26, 2009

The mother of a 10-year-old boy who became ill after eating at a restaurant in La Grange sued the eatery Thursday, claiming their food gave her son salmonella poisoning.

The suit, filed by Maria Arreaga on behalf of her son, Francisco Rivera, claims her son was served food contaminated with salmonella while eating at one of the Blueberry Hill Breakfast Cafés, located at 49 S. La Grange Rd. in La Grange on Oct. 5.

The lawsuit, filed in Cook County Circuit court, claims Francisco had to be hospitalized after he developed a fever, began vomiting and had blood in his stool.

Arreaga’s lawyer released a statement Thursday claiming Blueberry Hill was cited by the Cook County Department of Health after 13 people reported salmonella poisoning after eating at the restaurant between Oct. 5 and Oct. 11.

The department blamed improper food handling for the contamination, the statement said.

"It’s a shame that a local family restaurant would completely disregard the minimum standards for food safety,” the family’s attorney Bridget Duignan said in a statement.

The lawsuit accuses Blueberry Hill of improper food handling, failing to keep a clean and sanitized food preparation line and failing to keep food at a correct temperature.

Arreaga had to pay for her son’s treatment out-of-pocket, and asks the restaurant to pay her back for Francisco’s medical treatment, along with other damages.

— Sun-Times News Group



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