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Quality Control Supervisor Curt Maberry Farm, Inc. Lynden, WA



The Quality Control Supervisor is responsible for working under the Quality Assurance Department on managing and dealing with quality and safety related issues and various other job responsibilities as assigned.



  • Commitment to Quality, Food Safety and HACCP compliance programs
  • Ensure that all products meet or exceed established operating parameters and specifications
  • Ensure that food safety and quality parameters are being followed throughout the processing operations
  • Maintain close communication with Production to discuss any quality or safety failures in the process
  • Lab setup and overall organization
  • Regularly inspect, set up and calibrate lab equipment
  • Maintain labs daily (have enough forms, supplies, cleaning, 5S audits, etc.)
  • Fill in for lab techs when needed
  • Assist with the hiring, training and scheduling of lab techs for both season and off season
  • Assist with the collection, analysis and reporting of pertinent quality and food safety data
  • Prepare written reports and forecast trends based on data
  • Make sure all forms, bulletin boards and specifications are updated and current for any production runs - keep enough forms stocked so lab techs do not run out
  • Verify and file daily records for all production runs in IQF, Bulk and Retail operations.
  • Maintain logbooks double check information from lab techs, enter into logbooks/daily totals sheet on computer, double check numbers with Office Manager after she double checks them
  • Perform regular inventories of supplies and equipment and conduct ordering as needed.
  • Ensure 5S is implemented and followed in the labs complete 5S evaluation sheets
  • Environmental swabbing maintain records of when and where to swab in both plants, both during and pre/post harvest
  • Perform water samples quarterly testing of water in plant (March, June, September, December)
  • Input of records (i.e. swabbing, net weights, inspection belt findings)
  • Communicate via email foreign material findings to field and other management personnel
  • Input daily QC notes (weather, production issues, quality notes, etc.)
  • Store and organize microbiological retain product samples
  • Perform facility and good manufacturing practices (GMP) Inspections
  • Environmental swabbing (weekly during season and monthly during offseason)
  • Records inputting for meetings/trending, etc. (if not done during Harvest)
  • Work with Quality Assurance and other departments as needed to update SOPs, forms, etc to prepare for Harvest
  • Continuously work with Quality Assurance to look for opportunities for improvement in the areas of quality and safety
  • Perform any other assigned duties as needed


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