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Director of Food Safety – Montvale, NJ


The Director of Food Safety must demonstrate a working knowledge of safety rules and regulations at all levels of government, including federal, state and local. Must show an ability, through demonstrated experience, to accomplish the following: conduct safety audits and inspections to ensure compliance with occupational and environmental health and safety requirements; develop, implement and maintain employee training programs; establish and maintain complete safety and training records; and develop, update and manage workplace safety programs, procedures and policies.  


  • Conducts comprehensive, quantifiable food safety, sanitation, freshness and pest control audits, in all Retail Stores and follow up as needed 
  • Conducts GMP audits distribution centers and Vendor Facilities 
  • Proactively works with Operational Team to teach, mentor and promote Food safety and sanitation skills 
  • Conducts Food safety certification training for management and front line food handlers 
  • Partners as needed with Local food safety and sanitation departments 
  • Act as the focal point to District Manager and Sr. Director on communication of feedback for initiatives and/or specific store issues  


  • Five (5) or more years of regulatory or food related industry experience 
  • Strong Oral, interpersonal, written communication & problem solving skills 
  • Knowledge of Microsoft software applications. 
  • Bachelors of Science degree in food service, microbiology or biology



1.      Situational Leadership: Matches leadership style to the needs of individuals and teams; delegates and provides guidance and coaching accordingly. 

2.      Motivating Others: Connects with and inspires others to perform at their best. Instills the desire to win in others. Establishes a challenging, stimulating, productive, fair work environment that supports both individual and team accomplishment. Recognizes others who take initiative and act with urgency. Makes things happen in the organization.

3.      Performance Management: Sets high performance for her/himself and her/his team members and holds those standards. Clearly communicates roles, responsibilities and expectations. Provides direct, candid performance feedback to her/his team in a balanced, constructive manner. Balances being demanding with being supportive. Rewards excellent performance and moves with deliberate speed to take action with under-performers.

4.      Talent Development: Creates a learning culture by supporting associate training and development, and encouraging associates to be self-directed learners. Demonstrates an accurate understanding of all of her/his team members’ strengths and development needs. Seeks out opportunities to stretch, grow and promote talent.

5.      Two-Way Communication: openly shares information and creates an inclusive work environment by seeking input, listening and demonstrating respect for others. Tailors language and messages to better connect with others’ communication styles. Encourages an active and open exchange of ideas with others, and invites and responds to others’ questions. Uses professional language with others.

 6.      Change Leadership: Leads change efforts through careful attention to stakeholders and the impact on people. Assist people through change; build their understanding, skills and confidence so they can be successful in the new environment. Addresses resistance by clearly communicating the change, explaining that it means to people and engaging them in the change wherever possible. Models flexibility, adaptability and patience in and with ambiguous situations, responding positively to new demands and challenges.

7.      Business Acumen: Demonstrates sound knowledge of "the business," including general business concepts, the grocery industry, and her/his functional area. Appropriately prioritizes business problems. Focuses the organization on what brings the most value to stakeholders. Understands and utilizes a range of levers and options available to achieve success and build shareholder value. Monitors the market place and capitalizes on business or industry trends.

8.      Problem Solving and Decision Making: approaches problem using appropriate facts and information, and makes sounds decisions, taking into account both short- and long-term implications. Thinks nimbly and flexibly, envisioning multiple solutions to business issues. Determines the root causes behind issues and develops process improvements to eliminate or decrease recurring problems.

9.      Drive For Results: Aggressively drives for outcomes that are beneficial to multiple stakeholders (shareholders, customers, associates) to positively EVA. Focuses on the critical factors that drive productivity, revenue growth and bottom line results. Demonstrates a sustained track record of consistent, verifiable results that balance the need for short-term performance with a view towards long-term success. Actively seeks out new or better ways of doing things to achieve results more efficiently and effectively.

10. Total Store Perspective: Address issues and problem with a corporate-wide perspective. Seeks to expand her/his knowledge about the A&P enterprise. Optimizes company performance by consistently and effectively executing company programs. Collaborates with other and readily shares ideas and best practices to help drive overall company success. Competes with external companies, not internal colleagues.



Think Customer First 

Our Customers are the reason we’re in business. So we set priorities based on the question: “How will this serve them?” We owe Customers our very best efforts and do whatever it takes to keep them coming back by really listening to them, anticipating their needs, and by being first to offer them the best. We move on Customer needs and requests with a sense of urgency — at the “speed of retail.”

Dignity and Respect 

We see and value the uniqueness of every individual and believe everyone deserves to be treated with dignity and respect. When we interact with Customers, we make them feel Welcome, Important, and Appreciated. For some of us, the “Customers” are Associates in our stores. We treat fellow Associates with the dignity and respect deserving of any member of the A&P family. When we see our colleagues treating people right, we praise in public. When we see behavior that misses the mark, we counsel in private and with kindness.

Talent Investment 

We believe that when you build the people, they will build the business. So we choose to invest in our people by continually providing opportunities for development. We encourage our Associates to continually seek out fresh ideas and approaches. We are a culture of “responsible learners” who identify our skill gaps and fill them in with self-learning. Building our knowledge base and sharing it with others will help our Company innovate and grow. Whenever possible, we promote from within.


People want to do business with those they can trust. To earn that trust, we are true to our word and keep our promises. We are honest to a fault. We tell the truth, even when it hurts. Because we hold ourselves to the highest ethical standard in our words and deeds, and we welcome scrutiny from our business partners, our shareholders, and the general public. We are committed to being an upstanding corporate citizen in the communities we serve.


Each of us makes a daily contribution to the success of our Company. In that sense, we are all owners. We show our pride in ownership by taking responsibility for all aspects of our work. We follow through completely and measure our results. Each Associate has the responsibility to look, see, and act to make our Company stronger. When we see a problem, we not only fix the problem — we fix the cause. We base our work on data, not feelings. We know our Customers and we know our numbers.


We work as a team, because while any individual idea or effort may be great, collaboration will only make it better. The most important job of any manager is to develop people to be experts and leaders themselves. This is how we will build strong teams. Company leaders keep an “open door” to suggestions and new ideas from Associates. It’s more fun to win. When a job is well done, we celebrate successes and share in the rewards — together.


We are a good neighbor. We make a positive mark on the environment we work in, so it’s a better place for our having been there. We stay connected to the community through charitable giving and service. We especially support programs that make a difference in the lives of children — our most precious resource. Doing good for the communities we serve is good for business. We’re committed to offering products, information, and incentives that help our Customers do the right thing for their families and the environment. Sustainability guides our long-range planning. We make business decisions that are designed to help our company prosper for another 150 years.






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