At least 14 sickened by salmonella in Midlands

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Michael O'Connor, World Herald News Service


A small outbreak of salmonella poisoning has been confirmed in the Omaha area and other parts of southeast Nebraska.

There have been 14 confirmed cases so far, and a state health official expects that there will be more.

Dr. Tom Safranek, Nebraska state epidemiologist, said Thursday that he believes the cases are connected because they were all caused by the same strain of bacteria. He said there probably have been more cases tied to the outbreak that were never confirmed.

The confirmed cases occurred between Feb. 2 and Feb. 13 and involved people ranging in age from their teens to their 40s. Safranek said he does not believe the cases are part of the national salmonella outbreak tied to peanut products because those cases were caused by a different strain.

Nebraska had more than 200 confirmed cases of salmonella each of the past two years and most were unrelated, he said.

The state does get several outbreaks per year and usually those cases can be traced to a restaurant, church potluck or some other common source, Safranek said.

The recent outbreak is different, he said, because health officials so far have not been able to trace the cases to a common source.

Eight of the cases were in Douglas County and the rest were in Sarpy, Cass and Lancaster Counties.

Two of the people were hospitalized but were released and have recovered. None of the 14 cases resulted in serious complications, Safranek said.

Salmonella symptoms typically begin with nausea and vomiting and progress to abdominal pains and diarrhea. Additional signs and symptoms include fever, chills and muscle pains, and they can last from several days to two weeks.



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