Food Safety/Quality Assurance & HACCP Coordinator Salt Lake City, UT


Job Code : 217

Division : Salt Lake City, UT - Distribution

Location : Salt Lake City UT US 84126

Job Type : Full Time

Career Level : Experienced (Non-Manager)

Education : Bachelor's Degree

Category : Manufacturing and Production

Job Description :

The primary responsibility of this position is to ensure that OBS food safety and quality control monitoring programs are effectively implemented, in accordance with Company standards, and consistent with applicable regulatory requirements. This position has parallel responsibilities that require:

A.   Following directions established by Corporate QA Manager, Food Safety & Regulatory Programs that ensure the products we distribute are safe and meet customer satisfaction.

B.   Ensure that the Salt Lake facility addresses regulatory requirements in the areas of Food Safety.

C.   Manage the Salt Lake City Quality & Food Safety Programs and HACCP plans.


1.    Maintain current policies and programs in areas of Food Safety within the Salt Lake City location.

2.    Maintain the facilities Quality & Food Safety Manual.

3.    Required to be available to provide support to the facility staff and management during hours of operation.

4.    Interact with operation staff to effectively maintain proper sanitation procedures, Good Manufacturing Practices and all HACCP monitoring requirements.

5.    Required to assist and support the receiving personnel.

6.    Required to constantly monitor product throughout storage including opening unopened boxes, dating undated product, etc.

7.    Required to maintain HACCP monitoring equipment.

8.    Responsible for the maintenance of documentation and records related in the areas of Food Safety, HACCP, and Sanitation Controls.

9.    Provide basic yet essential training to employees both temporary and full-time in areas of Food Safety, HACCP, Sanitation Controls and Good Manufacturing Practices.

10. Required to provide a weekly report to the Corporate QA Manager, Food Safety & Regulatory Programs.

11. Required to provide constant feedback and effectively communicate to the staff, management and Corporate QA Manager concerns, and/or necessary improvement needs in areas of Food Safety & Sanitation programs.

12. Follow all company policies and procedures.

13. Treat and interact with colleagues, vendors, auditors, inspectors, etc. with respect and professionalism.

14. Must respond to change productively and effectively and efficiently handle other duties required by management.

Job Requirements :

This position requires basic seafood knowledge, some basic knowledge of Seafood HACCP and knowledge of necessary requirements relating to seafood products; must possess excellent interpersonal skills in writing and basic math as well as excellent communication skills.



         Will have a minimum of 2 years experience working with seafood or in a seafood operation.

         Must be computer literate in Microsoft Office programs such as Word and Excel.

         Must possess positive elements of integrity, professionalism, motivation and personal initiative & intuitiveness.

         Must be willing to interact professionally and comfortably with Federal & State regulatory agencies.

         Preferred training in HACCP, Sanitation Controls/Procedures. (Willingness to attend formal training).

         Able to provide, with support from facility management, direction to the staff in areas of Food Safety, Quality, proper sanitation procedures and Good Manufacturing Practices.

         Experience in product sensory.

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